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We were married in the merry merry month of May 2001 and had a five day road-trip honeymoon through the Ozark Moutains of Missouri; going on down into Arkansas our last night. We were going to just go through Eureka Springs, as it was on our route to Beaver Lake and Mount Ida. Then when we entered Eureaka Springs, it was like a fantasy world of Victorian homes and businesses. Homes so adorable and well landscaped in old Victorian styles. We turned somewhere and the road kept going up and up ~and UP. The road ended at the parking lot of Crescent Hotel. We were marveled by the Victorian/gothic looking building. Since this was an outdoor camping trip honeymoon, except our first night, we still had money to spare and i saw dogs going in and out! we had my Sydney with us, back then, and she liked to camp too and a quiet dog in a hotel (good hotel dog!) lol. So, we stayed at the hotel instead and made plans to go on to where we were going to camp that night, the next day for a nice swim and hike before we started home. So, we checked in to Crescent Hotel. Had a wonderful day! Had a ride on a brick red shiny covered coach. The lady at the reins was so nice to us and (an hour ride for only $20) so I tipped her $20 as I never got a coach ride for more than 15 minutes, plus she took off in a trot when I told her I had never trotted in a coach lol. we were bouncing all over the coach seat (from the horse trotting ;). The driver laughed at all of our giggles and guffaws and trotted even faster for quite a while. We had the best meal and dining I had ever had (dining out) in the old Ball Room at the hotel made into an elegant dining room. We also had before, during and after dinner cocktails so I was feeling tingly and good, full and in a mood to take a walk, dance, talk about the wedding and just be silly :). we first went up to the HUGE mezzanine we heard about and looked south at a huge statue that lit up like the moon 30 miles south called "Passion of The Christ." That balcony was made of huge local stone and had those old telescopes they used to have like at The Grand Canyon. You can see the balcony on 4th floor of very last picture on this side of the page where I have a hand arrow pointing to our 3rd floor corner room; the same floor "The Lady In White" that didn't deserve a name had lived when Crescent was a Catholic girls school. Makes me wonder if they gave her a decent burial. On other side of this page is a video and i made a note of what minutes of the video they talk about "The Lady In White".

So then, innocently as we began, we headed down the back of the hotel on a late evening walk and hopefully a little flirting, fun and laughter; to appease my curiosity as to what was down under that terracotta roof in the courtyard. We had no idea what we were in for!

We crossed the road at the bottom of the long path and entered what looked like a bell tower but it was ground level and had a statue of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in it that I thought was Mother Mary at the time. We saw the largest pointed window but it was too dark to see any stained glass designs. [i do notice that in the daytime photos, you cannot see what color the windows are, though so NOT ornate in design (just red!) but blacked out from the outside of the building as if they don't want anyone to see the stained glass~ very very odd.] Suddenly an unworldly light came on inside the church and blazed out at us...

This first picture depicts the unworldly bright light that came on inside the church. But I think it is the testimony that counts more on my Halloween page for everybody (this year anyway ;).

We started seeing the "Ghost Tour" signs in the hotel earlier in the day after we checked in and went to our room and didn't think much of it; just happy to have a room for the dog. Oddly, worth mentioning, the player piano was playing when we went in and registered but never played the rest of the day. The next morning, though, the player piano was silent changing the ambiance. i guess we got lucky on that because front desk told me so. He said they rarely play it and sometimes it plays by itself. i asked if it was and this guy said he wasn't sure; saying he was too busy to notice if it was turned on or not. That was an odd answer and I said to front desk "alrighty then," and he laughed and kept right on working his desk. This first photo I found on google is where it all began.

Around 10PM and feeling good, I asked my groom to walk me down through the gardens and away we went, not in the least looking for ghosts, just wanting a nice late evening walk to wear off those yummy drinks we had a little.

As we went down the antique rot-iron railed stair-step trail down the steep hill behind the hotel; we entered a garden area where the staircase turned into natural stone stairsteps. So pretty, all the Victorian gardens all along the way; even in the dark. When we crossed the road at the bottom, passed through the St. Elizabeth of Hungary entryway, and went down the sidewalk; right when we got in front of the big window, the whole place lit up like the sun. More like bright, intense white light flowing out onto the church lawn from every crack and crevice in the church. We were amazed and a little stunned, a little puzzled; but curious and not afraid. I even said mirthfully "i don't think this is the night cleaning crew that turned on the lights," and the groom agreed it was way to bright of light. Keep in mind it is dark and these pictures are day pictures, so you have to use a little imagination to imagine what it looked like in pitch black other than one steet lamp behind us up by the road we crossed. Here is the illustration:

 photo HHONEYMOON1_zpsh2f9wz0t.jpg

another angle:

 photo 92bf50da-a39f-4adc-867a-0e7f4fbeb398_zpsy5x9wkqh.jpg

Then, through the light i could see a gray shadow shaped like a comet but bouncing off the walls so fast, at first, i was not real sure its shape. Asking groom if he was seeing all this, he said yes. It was mesmerizing, the speed it was flying around. Thought i made out an Acolyte robe so maybe it was a ghost member of the vestry. Years later, ever since I saw the portrait of the famed "Lady of The Mist" a/k/a "Lady in White" ghost in recent years of searching for all I can on the internet about this hotel's past, that has been in historical archives there many years supposedly (and of course i knew nothing of this at the time), I suspect that this ghost may have been her ~deep eyes, long thin nose and thin tiny mouth match the portrait and the first time I saw that portrait, it took away my breath; the striking resemblance. When the bright unworldly light came on shining out all the windows in the church, we just stood there staring and I began to see the gray apparition flying around, up and down and really fast. This second picture illustrates the shadow comet-like shape that darted all around and up and down inside the big window for a couple of minutes and i asked and thankfully he said he could see it too. We had seen the ghost tour signs but didn't think much of it as i said earlier.

But what happened to us was behind and way down a steep hill with gardens at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church. In comparison to all I have read and seen, it was different and more intense visually ~perhaps less intense as to feeling like we were in harms way of a vengeful ghost, not at all. Here is my illustration of something flying around in that big window:

 photo dd4fc1d9-1e0b-4522-8178-1164ee289623_zpspykg0uud.jpg

We stand there on the sidewalk and watch this gray figure flying around and it looks like it has an Acolytes gown or a white gown that only people who are members of the Vestry wear. The room we stayed in was on the 3rd floor and overlooked the terracotta roof below of the church. that was what made me want to take a walk down there at night, mostly; because i knew it was an archetype of catholic churches to have a running water bird bath fountain and benches behind them and I wanted to go sit and listen to the fountain after our festive evening of beautiful Victorian antique dining and that awesome covered coach, beautiful horse, carriage ride. Anyway suddenly while we are watching this crazy gray shadow darting around like a fierce game of raquet ball (later i see in pictures this place is round inside, no wonder it looked like it was ZoOMING AROUND! Then it came up to the window, this shadow, and became a very clearly etched moving face with hands around the face up against the window as if she were looking out trying to see us. 'Her' eyes were large and deep set; but thought that was maybe the eyes looked sunken in; because of like a 'ghostly thing,' as I had never really seen a ghost. She had a very thin nose, mouth and chin; kinda long and very thin.

Years later i read the story of "The Lady In White" a/k/a "Lady in the Mist" (no town records even kept her name (maybe they didn't have a Newspaper back then!) ~could it be her i saw down in the church trying to see us?" Anyway,she looked both ways and seemed to press her face even harder, blinking and looking back and forth and all around as if she couldn't see us but we could sure see her. She never made eye contact but seemed to be searching for whatever was outside (us). I could see a lot of thoughts running through her head behind those eyes; I couldn't make them out but they showed a lot of concern, or fear. Below is a depiction of her with her hands around her face looking out for us from inside that window:

 photo f7ee647e-3fa7-4887-afc7-c743f9fe8224_zpsrwx8r7jj.jpg

So, i am saying stuff like "Are you seeing what i'm seeing?" to my groom, as you can well imagine! We certainly speculated that there may be wires and light censors but we both came up with there was no way you can fake this (especially after the lady's face got in the window desperately trying to see out, poor thing! She looked frightened. We even thought about holograms as an explanation for some candles that appeared later. She was trying to see us but never made eye contact, we sure saw her. This goes on a few minutes and if things couldn't get any weirder, they did. POOF the lights go out along with view of the lady in window trying to see us. We adjusted our eyes back to darkness from that blinding light and what took it's place was tiny candles, bigger up close to the window but in layers all the way across the inside of that pitch-dark church and floating up and down like on a peaceful lake; seeming to take up every square inch inside the church; floating with soft peaceful candle light, it seemed. We stood there in awe admiring the peaceful scene and I exclaimed "wow that is really beautiful! They continued to sway up and down inside the dark church then suddenly, they too; POOF went out. Below is the illustration of floating candles in that window:

 photo bed5197f-e6cb-4eee-8e15-c7ec4ebcc6ff_zpsgk0jfqvl.jpg

We did go behind and find the babbling fountain and typical benches behind/beside catholic chuches; and sat a while talking about what happened and smoked and drank a little all alone back there (or were we?). But when we went back up to the back doors of hotel, to retire for the evening, they were locked! Then i realize i left my purse on the bench behind the church("oh no!" lol) and we had to walk all the way back down and back up again. I heard what sounded like a sprinkler system when we got to bottom of stairway behind hotel and crossed the street. It sounded like it was in the yard of the church. We looked and looked for sprinkles coming up from the grass through the street lamp light and then as we kept walking while we looked, toward my purse on the bench behind the church; David spotted it. He said "Robin, look under the eve of the church right by the corner on this side but where the front door of the church is. he kinda pointed my head up a little and i saw it! ~this, seemingly solid, ball of mist. I stared as it hovered and thought it was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen (even up to that point!). That is the only way to explain it. It was as big as a soccer ball and spraying thick mist off of every inch of its circlular "orb" shape in all directions. The other funny thing i said (besides about the night crew) was after we stared at the mist ball for a while in amazement, we decided to move past it and get my purse, it never did move but seemed to be hovering in one place. no kind of rope or hose was around it, this thing was strange. As i walked by it; i got misted and said "Wow, hope its holy water, i really felt that did you?" and he did.

Here is the illustration of where the 'mist ball' (or 'orb') was hovering, under the eve of the church. Here is where it was located and it doesn't look 10 to 12 feet up; as the photo is taken from above, but that is about how high it was and about two feet out from that eve:

 photo 8cdbbd47-2a47-49f6-9ec3-3b994d021e49_zpsqyhdbuaf.jpg

This lady's portrait and the story of how she lived on the 3rd floor of the hotel when it was a Catholic Girls School and fell off the back balcony to her death and was found to have been with child, really freaked me out. Because look at the deep set eyes, thin nose and mouth! It does make me think it was her. The ghost/apparition in the window; although it looked almost formless and pale like gray as it pressed its face against the window in that unworldly light; became so vivid it almost seemed like an etching on the glass, but a moving one, like computerized animated art or an old tin photo, but moving. It was just really, really strange and i am glad i had someone with me to witness it.

 photo 22c51e77-2696-4b4a-b080-2a92ae544fea_zpsa7kk9css.jpg

It has been a little over 16 years. There are many useless and some so-so videos on you tube of this hotel. However, articles seem to be better. Crescent Hotel has been on almost all the popular 'haunted places' shows. They show orbs and barely visible shadows and noises with their ghost buster equipment, which I am skeptical of for faking, maybe sometimes ~often not. One video was nothing but one guy, among three other friends, going on and on how the back of his neck felt really cold. His friends felt his neck and agreed it was cold ...many videos like this.

Looking back, if that lady in the window had come through the window and flown toward us or if the 'Mist Orb" had zoomed around ~YES! ~i would have gone into the fight/flight mode. Also, it made me think 'she was a ghost and wanted to see us ~why didn't she just fly through the window at us anyway? A ghost that can't fly through walls/windows? But the whole presentation the spirit/spirits put forth to us was stunning and strange, but beautiful. Maybe ghosts just like some people ~who knows!

The next morning, it was beautiful outside and bright and shiny in the lobby. I was sitting in front of the fire place and adjacent player piano when my groom put the hotel's copy of local paper down in front of me. He said, pointing to an article, "read this." I read about how a woman, the same age as me, exactly one week before we spent the night there; was found sitting in her car, straight up at the steering wheel; lifeless. It also said she was from the same town we were from 300 miles north. It said that she appeared to have died of natural causes. Now, this did give me goose bumps, really. This, after all that the night before, was what gave me the creeps!

We went on down to Beaver Lake that morning and took Sydney for a long walk. Trip to Mt. Ida would have to wait for another trip; we were tired and so was the dog so we headed on back up north to our newly bonded lives. :)

Just one more thing, this is the most vivid thing more vivid than any ghostly apparition. I ever saw on You Tube or other media for this hotel by a long shot! It was big, brilliant, bright; and very real. It's hard to believe in ghosts and unexplainable orbs until one presents itself to you (and hopefully at least one other person is with you witnessing it too because I think that would have been really scarey if i had been alone!). The first time I saw this portrait and the story of a girl who went to the Catholic girls school had fell or jumped from the 3rd floor and was found to be with child (that is where our room was and overlooked the terracotta roof of the church way below the church); I drew in deep a breath of shock ~her facial features fit the ghostly apparition's features so perfect (deep-set eyes, nose and mouth so thin and narrow chin. Could it have been "The Lady of the Mist" a/k/a The Lady In White" who was a devoted member of the Vestry in the church below the Crescent, guarding the area? Or was she already in there trapped somehow? In her ghostly eyes, searching the grounds outside the church, shown my second theory. she looked like she wanted out of there with her hands around her face trying so hard to see us. She never did; but we sure saw her. We will never know but we would like to help her maybe someday if we go back to "GO TO THE LIGHT! now that we know her tragic life (and if that is, indeed, "Lady in the Mist" we saw). She seemed like a friendly ghost, what with putting on the floating candle display; or was that not her doing that part? We will never know if the three strange apparitions were even related, but they seemed to be within their sequence.

I found this image years ago after honeymoon. I heard all this talk about ghosts appearing as orbs. it was a smaller pic but I enlarged it a bit so you can see what looks like an orb (soap bubble almost) on top of the church on a block that looks like a fire place stack but it is just the top of the church. I put it up as a screen saver one day when i discovered the bubble (orb) and it did raise my eyebrows a little, in awe. here it is:

 photo 5e14549c-8735-479c-abdc-3436efbf800f_zpsq19x9ckw.jpg

Thus, boys and girls, ends "Haunted Honeymoon" adventure of foggy robin and bullydad, boomer members' honeymoon at The Crescent Hotel (and St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, actually) on the last night of our honeymoon. We hope you enjoyed. I am closing on a lighter note with this beautiful Autumn picture I found of St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church (where we got the haint!) ~not where we slept in the hotel ~nary a bump in the night; and we slept so well after such a surprising and fun filled day. We did notice that Sydney seemed "a little sheepish" when we returned to our room from the long, romantic (and awesome as it did turn out!!!) honeymoon walk.

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"foggy_robin" is my social page! this page was left here from a halloween contest. maybe i should make it as a blog but i would want my descriptive pictures made with graphics i don't know. so, i did the best i could here to tell a true story about a ghost on our honeymoon in 2001. enjoy the story but i don't socialize here. you will find me "engaged" with you on the "foggy_robin" page where i send a lot of my photography mixed with art, etc., comments and comments from you are visible.

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These pictures of the inside of this church during the day (we were only there at night and, on the outside perimeters), especially this one of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus of these life-size porcelain or china sculptures, is quite frankly, real creepy. Note the eyes of both have no detail that eyes would have although everything else on the sculpture is in great detail; but their eyes look blacked out. Also, plain RED stained glass (the blood of the lamb perhaps?) ~this creeps me out. Some Sunday, we are going to have to see if we can attend a service and check the ambiance inside the church for ourselves. i don't like these statues! Total creepiness don't you think?

 photo HAUNTEDHM3_zpsmejgvr3d.jpg

 photo HAUNTEDHONEYM5_zpsmom9nye9.jpg

From 6:00 to 7:16 the curator talks about "The Lady In the Mist" and it adds up with us taking our walk down the back gardens, at 10:00PM as it was determined she fell at 10:30PM. This is when we took the walk, not knowing any of this history.

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