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12/18/2018 18:20:50

Have a goodnight friend and God bless

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12/18/2018 18:07:15

Good Night Friend, 

Blessings :)

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12/18/2018 18:07:08

12/18/2018 18:01:40

Have a wonderful Tuesday sweet friend.Hugs Belle xo

12/18/2018 17:28:48

12/18/2018 17:25:40
For those who are unfamiliar with the story of the "Alamo",
this might not be too interesting.
The Massacre of a small garrison of Texans & volunteers from many walks of life by the Mexican Army commanded by General Santa Anna.
They held on for 13 days against a vastly superior & well-trained force, finally succumbing to an enemy who out-manned them 5 to 1. There was No quarter given & the defenders were slaughtered without mercy in a final Battle that lasted barely over an hour!
Congressman & pioneer Davy Crockett as well as Gambler & re-known knife-fighter James Bowie were but 2 of those who lost their lives that day in one of the major battles for Texan Independence!
The words "Remember the Alamo" would forever be the rallying cry for those faced with insurmountable odds.
The Alamo, what's left of it, is quiet now, but it's walls retain within them those bloody events of a cold Winter in 1836!
The chapel, where some of the heaviest & bloodiest fighting occurred is a Shrine to those who believed in American ideals & were willing to sacrifice their futures for what they believed in.
Tour now in 360 degrees panoramic mode the places where it all happened.
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12/18/2018 17:11:03

12/18/2018 16:35:54

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