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Hi !

Thank You for visiting my page. Im Lasse, 46 years old. I live in Denmark. If some of You dont know Denmark, its a small country in southern part of Scandinavia / Europe. The last Years I have been disabled from working, due to some health-issues. Unfortunately it looks like Im not going to work again. So I spend alot of my time in my garden, especially in spring and summertime. Nature is just my world. I love being in the free air.

I would describe myself as an openminded and nice person, who gets along with almost anyone. My friends on this site means a real lot to me, so I want to thank everyone for having me as a friend. For anyone else, feel free to add me, if You like !

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08/22/2017 11:14:35
Million dollar question...What would they do with out us:)...Just let me throw a few out there....
...Kiss kiss Tude!  

Somebody’s gotta wear pretty skirts, somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt

"Somebody's gotta mak'em get dressed up..somebody's gotta give 'em a reason to wash that truck...Somebody gotta teach'em how to danc so....God made girls...:)

08/22/2017 09:00:54

...Yes Yes,It's Tackle me Tude'sDay ...
..Enjoy your beautiful  Tude'sday Sweet One...
..Kiss Kiss Tude..  

08/21/2017 22:36:37

..Came by to wish  you a soapy night sweet one..
..Kiss Kiss Tude..  


08/21/2017 20:13:44

Hope  you  had  a  great  Monday,  and  you  watch  the eclipse .,  weather  was  very  humid  here and  tomorrow  the  same.   Made  homemade  pizza  for  dinner.,  and  some  pasta  fagioli

have  a  wonderful  night  my  friend

08/21/2017 20:09:30
.Good Evening Darling..

Imagen de couple, love, and kiss:   

A happy and lovely relationships is about three things..
..Memories of togetherness...
Forgiven of Mistakes and a
 Promise to Never Give Up on Each Other...
...Kiss Kiss Tude...

08/21/2017 17:37:03

Hope you're having an amazing start to your week !

08/21/2017 12:41:47

Sharing with You the Wonderful Creations of  hoanglap 

to Bring Magic & Harmony on Your New Week my Sweetie ;)

Flowered Kisses & Friendly Hugs,


The Last Twilight by hoanglap

The Twin Moths by hoanglap

Deep Sea Sorrow by hoanglap

Pisces by hoanglap

Mareida by hoanglap

Enlivening Daphne by hoanglap

Leonora by hoanglap

Commission - Palutena and Pit by ChubyMi

Dark elf bride by hoanglap

Hathor by hoanglap

Lustrate Sarastra, lotus divinity by hoanglap

Arona timid merbeauty by hoanglap

Sarastra, lotus divinity by hoanglap

Moonlight Harpist Celvice by hoanglap

Mystic Vendor by hoanglap

(Extract) Moonlight Harpist Celvice by hoanglap

Daphne the cultivator by hoanglap

Lux - Fire Element by ChubyMi

08/21/2017 10:22:11

Wishing you  a great week,HUGS LV B.XXOO

 photo c6f8e608-a27a-4937-87f8-d462cc7e63c6_zpsjmoxvshm.jpg

08/21/2017 09:39:24

Have A Nice Day

08/21/2017 06:33:45

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