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07/20/2018 19:54:23



Do you like rainbows?

Take my hand and we shall find it together!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Annette Hanshaw sings "If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain),"
recorded in New York City on October 19, 1928. Released on Columbia
Records' labels Diva 2766G and Harmony 966H.
For a beautiful version of this song brilliantly set to a cartoon movie
by Nina Paley, See "Sita Sings The Blues"-If You Want the Rainbow by Nina Paley.
Amazing how Annete Hanshaw's songs show that the story of the Ramayana
transcends time, place and culture. And more amazing how Nina Paley
found it out. "Sita Sings the Blues" is based on the Hindu epic "The Ramayana". Sita
is a goddess separated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. Nina
Paley is an animator whose husband moves to India, then dumps her by
email. Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both ancient tragedy and
modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the
Ramayana. Set to the 1920's jazz vocals of torch singer Annette Hanshaw,
Sita Sings the Blues earns its tagline as "the Greatest Break-Up Story
Ever Told." It is written, directed, produced and animated by American
artist Nina Paley.

From Sita Sings The Blues, "If You Want The Rainbow You Must Have The Rain" by Annette Hanshaw



07/20/2018 19:49:18

Evening,  am  tired  I  go  from  doing  nothing.,  to  doing to  many  errands  ., nice  weather  today, watching  the  Red Sox.,  and yes  its  Friday  yeah  hope  you  have  great  plans  for  the  weekend  enjoy  your  night,  hugs


07/20/2018 19:34:01

Sweet dreams and good night my sweet friend i hope you have a lovely evening hugs love and kisses

07/20/2018 19:33:56

Smile of the day

Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:
* 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
* 7 have been arrested for fraud
* 19 have been accused of writing bad checks
* 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
* 3 have done time for assault
* 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
* 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
* 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
* 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
* 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year
* 1 one ran a stop sign and killed a man on a motorcycle
Can you guess which organization this is?
Give up yet? It's the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group of idiots elected by us that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.


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Just stoppin' by to say howdy friend...

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