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58 years old
United States
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Jesus of Nazareth

Gone With The Wind

Anything with Bette Davis in it

A lot of the old musicals which they don't seem to make anymore.

Jazz and the blues...

Many I love to read and write.

Dance. Music. Piano. Art.

To live a happy life with good friends around me. Travel. A good time.

I am pretty much "ME" I like the simple things t of life, love animals and nice people.

I am a strong conservative but accept all views with civility Do not agree with a lot of policies on the left if any really.

I am a devout Christian.

I love ice cream and anything sweet....yes! Chocolate.

This is about it.

Postitive people. People who can discuss topics without getting hostile.Loyal friends. Honesty,compassion, sense of humor.

Drama on the set. Those who put people down just because they disagree with your point of view.Arrogance. Gossip.

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06/27/2017 01:56:04
Life have you stressed & frazzled, maybe it's time for a relaxing walk on the Beach.
Click the Crab & Enjoy the sand between your toes
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06/26/2017 22:49:18

  Have a lovely Tuesday light love & peace my dear friend a Big Hugs :)ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !

06/26/2017 14:40:11

Wishing you a magical new week that is full of happiness my friend,take care and stay safe,you are loved...Hugs


06/26/2017 11:09:16


06/26/2017 10:15:02

Meet my precious Annie Em...

 photo onpaper.jpg

 photo 003 3.jpg

 photo AMpaw.jpg

 photo Annie M 2.jpg

 photo AW.jpg

 photo AW2.jpg

 photo b.jpg

 photo IMG_0601.jpg

06/26/2017 10:14:00

have a happy monday...hugs

06/26/2017 04:10:02

...G'Morning sweet one...
When it comes to Monday's it gonna take
 more than coffee to get my azz
outta bed Just say..lol..
..Kiss Kiss Tude...
Oh by the way I don't drink coffeee..*winkz*

06/26/2017 03:39:02

Hello. It's a Monday alright. I feel it in every tired bone of my body. Just look at me. I can't possibly be the only one who feels like an alien invaded their body after the week-end. You, too, perhaps? LOL Have to say, though, that the week-end was SWEET. Keep smiling and let's try to have a fun new week. ~ Marcia

06/25/2017 23:02:11

 HI my dear friend I wishing you a fantastc New Week love and peace a Big Hugs;)ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !

06/25/2017 20:46:47

 photo db33034c3c90dcafd8e9d239c419deaa_zpsggaedidl.jpg

Happy Monday!

Been extremely busy both at home and at work. No time for me, other than the pool. Mom and Bro coming for a visit here on Tuesday. I get to play “Vegas Vacation” as seen thru the eyes from someone who has never been here.

Time to figure out where to take these tourists. It will be fun. First non-working vacation for me and I don’t have to vacation in Detroit!!!!!! Cue the balloons. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

 photo 2016091495155750_zpsxartl66n.jpg

Enjoy your week ahead!



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