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A spark that is lit between her & I is forever burning. Desire inflamed within us for her & I to secretly explore one another as we surrender together as one in the heated burning flames of passion. (C) Copyright, Published Poem

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Eternal dreams that's what I believe in. You don't need no religion to live in eternal dreams.

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My Poem For My Goddess ...

You've my complete devotion.
Since I've the ultimate attraction for you,
Of falling at your feet.
I want you and only you.
You can fly,
If anyone can it is you,
the vision of a beautiful angel.

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Sometimes the greatest motivation is a woman.
I want to win for her.
It's my wish to win her over.
The passion I feel for her.
The magnetic attraction that draws me to her.
Erotic worship at her feet.
I want to be her lover.
I want to discover every inch on her body.
I wish to touch upon her in all ways beautiful in mind, body & soul. A kiss on her lips, Amen!


Think about it they've indoctrinated you since childhood.
The outcast needs to break away from the indoctrination of society.
He needs to set himself apart.
They told him to forsake his heart and follow their way.
The way to a loss of self-hood.
Maybe because they've been in some indoctrinated
camp like religion, the military, or education.
Check myself on the black and white masonic chessboard......Check made.
In this game you need to think for yourself.
My fire will burn up the box.
( Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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I wonder if I could evolve into some sort of avenging angel in service to God, like The Crow an avenging angel, imagine that coming to save missing children from harm by satanic scum, like some sort of phantom that could appear hearing the cries and screams of those children in terror. Maybe if I carry all this over with me when I crossover it might be possible for me to come back as some sort of avenging angel and save some children.


Evil Hiding Behind The Cloak Of Godliness. What better camoflauge to work behind?

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Maybe there was a big misunderstanding.
What cast out the dark angel? Love.
I'm thinking maybe the dark angel doesn't
respect his followers very much.
What is there to respect?
They're all weak, narcissistic, ugly,
in it for themselves.
They would assume slice his throat
and replace him on the throne.
The dark angel rebels against his followers
as he seeks the burning flame of the light.
Calling out the name that is lost to him.
The one that denied him.
The one that he cried for.
The one that he stands alone for;
And so maybe I can relate,
the world that I hate.
( Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

I don't put much emphasis on age. I see us as spiritual beings, forever young/forever old.I don't identify with a number. I identify with spirit.

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She is a rose,
I had to stop and get her scent.
Like the taste of sweet candy I fell at her feet.
Your spellbound eyes have me locked on sight.
She is like the night;
I cannot wait to fall under her spell.
Her dark eyes are mystifying.
She knows I'm submissive.
She shows herself naked in true artform.
When the door is shut I hit the floor.
She always leaves me wanting more.
Believe me when I say she's beautiful.
She is a Goddess answering my prayers.
This is my religion.
This is the way I worship,
The sacredness of a kiss.
The barenakedness of her dance.
It all seems surreal,Like a passing dream.
I know that my passion for her is most real.
My innermost thoughts of her are passing through
the dreamcatcher.
May we wake up and rediscover one another.
I want to be your lover;
I want to discover what no other lover
has ever discovered before,
a euphoria I know only from you.
Show yourself once again.
Your nakedness,
Let me bless upon her with the touch of love.
Creativity flows,beauty will grow from it.
I'm dreaming I be King so that she be my Queen.
I stand here as a poet wishing I could take her by the hand.
In a land ruled by fools we choose not to follow.
Don't allow them to stop you from dreaming.
Listen wisely we'll rise above this poverty.
Such beauty I know in your eyes;
I wish to touch upon it over again.
Something truly beautiful has awoken within thee;
It is the unspoken language of love.
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She holds the key in her hand.
The door is unlocked and she's invited you in.
She sits by the window drinking wine and dining
on fruit.
Her thoughts go to what is divine and sensual.
Wondering whether you will cross the line to
be with her.
She wears a black leather jacket.
She hears you calling her back.
She can predict the weather forecast.
She's running fast.
It's a strange contradiction to everything
you have tried to be.
Another side of yourself must emerge
in order to stop the rejection.
If you wish to win her over and secretly discover
Tell her to meet your demands and surrender
in passion to the sting of your hand.
She hears the night bird sing and she's feeling
She wants you to leave.
She steps outside and surrenders her naked body
to the Moon.
( Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )


Her sensuous power draws me in closer.
While the nakedness of her beauty towers over me.
I succumb to the fragrance of her passion flower.
The laws of attraction move me in towards the
erotic dance.
Her long luscious legs covered in her silk stockings excite me madly.
As I fall to her feet in the mere presence of her
The erotic dance that makes me surrender myself
to her.
A wild mating ritual is the beginning to an ending.
Leaving me defenseless, caught in her web;
Being the victim of her poisonous bite.
( Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation)


The Twlight Zone Theme Song To Life Because Nothing Is What It Appears To Be;
But Rest Assured, You Are A Spiritual Being In A False Reality.
Your Next Stop, The Twlight Zone....Planet Earth.
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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

Did Jesus Christ had righteous indignation no he was mad as hell...Jesus Christ was the ultimate true rebel in the true sense of what it means to be the ultimate true rebel...The only way to defeat the devil is to cut the devil's throat...It's spiritual warfare...Don't fall for this righteous indignation as they push the one world religion on the masses.


She's the gothic queen of the tower.
In her uniqueness she finds her power.
There is a religion that speaks of embracing
the feminine face of God.
The reflection of her face is cast in the Moonlight.
My devotion is in the beauty of such inspiration and creativity.
I touch upon it again as observation meets intuition.
The creation of it all painted a magnificent
masterpiece that we have been blessed upon
to take part in as creative consciousness.
It is through the eyes of a goddess that we
will bring about the manifestation of such evolution.
Mother earth delivers life, death & rebirth.
It appears we are asleep.
The ocean waters are very deep.
The elite rule us by manipulation.
I question everything I see on the news.
The people must stay asleep as the sheep are
made to follow.
All we need is love.
The world feeds us ignorance.
Ego and greed does the worst kind of disservice.
We close off the untapped potential of the psychic mind.
History does not tell us the real story.
We fall under the spell of a false reality.
I live in this world but I'm from another.
I'm passionate when I speak my words of love to her.
It is her lost I mourn.
The ghost of her is followed upon.
Reflecting upon her beauty brings about art,
that touches the human soul, the human heart.
Hear me as I declare my love.
I'm at your service.
I watch her dance in the Moonlight.
The desire to move closer to her is never ending.
( featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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The Puppet on the left the puppet on the right take your pick says the puppetmaster.

I'm an angel of God.
By the hand of God;
I will rise to be empowered in love & truth.
In Infinite awareness we are blessed with eternal possibilities.
It is worth fighting for.
It is worth dying for.
Too die a beautiful death in the name of love, if necessary.
They live and live spelled backwards is evil.
It's a diseased state of heart,
that's toxic to themselves.
They're the self murdered ones.
The speculation must also be on myself.
I'm here to question myself.
I must reflect on my own defects.
My shadow walks side by side with me.
With wounded pride and many tears cried,
I've died again & again.
My world here will always be dark,
with everything so near & far away,
kept at a distance.
It's just an experience,
a traumatizing experience that can often break you.
I must go to the mirror and look deeper.
Love is often underestimated.
I look towards you to pull me through.
I will invoke the word.
Too be healed and feel the tremendous power of it.
I shall be empowered.
I call upon the higher forces to guide me through.
.....Featured In Prayers,Poetry & Invocation


In reflections of my sculptured beauty,
extreme energies of passion consistently flowing.
Inseparable closeness pulling us closer.
Drawn by the very sight of her presence.
In her mysterious image of the Moonlight glowing
about her shines vitality of the upmost beauty.
She is like fine art speaking directly to the heart.
( Featured In Prayers,Poetry & Invocation )

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She's beautiful,
It's like seeing a vision of an angel.
For myself to envision what it be like seeing an angel in all her angelic beauty.
It would be a picture of yourself that I be painting.
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...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

My Instant Attraction.
My Instant Infatuation.
My religion,my visions,my undying devotion.
The longing and passion I feel for her.
I'm blessed.
My eyes have seen her naked beauty.
She stands before me to be admired upon.
Desire comes forth.
A sweet delight at her feet.
The cat has my tongue.
She has taken my sight.
The Moonlight is in her soul.
She is the exquisite work of art from the heavenly Gods.
She is jeweled to perfection.
A vision of her can be seen in the Moon.
As the night falls someone is calling out to her.
Blessed in her Goddess beauty;
One cannot help to be a mere servant at her command.
She gives me her hand.
I read her palm and tell her it's written in the stars.
Go ahead with your wings spread.
The vision I see of an angel taking flight.
The night calls you to step forth.
There is starlight I'm seeing in your eyes.
I could just imagine the gentle breeze of the wind
breezing through her hair;
It would seem surreal.
Like a scene out of a movie.
The wheel of fortune is spinning.
People are dreaming.
She is a dream being dreamt upon.
My mind is working overtime searching for rhymes.
When speaking of Elaine it must be sublime.
She is seen on a pedestal.
(C) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved.
Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation.
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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

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Ethereal is the blessed word bestowed upon her.
I do believe it's a blessing when we come face to face in a sensual embrace.
As I bow to her may I give what I'm willing to receive.
My religious rituals are sensuous in their nature, it calls out to serve a goddess.
It is not a sin to begin here.
Too taste bliss and be impassioned by the soul. My kiss to her is my devotion.
In my lonesome despair I miss her everyday.
As I pray may it be repaired.
The air in which we breathe shall invigorate us. Her hair flows freely in the wind.
The intuitive mind unveils the mystical symbolism of dreams.
I follow my heart and it brings me back to her. The male/female duality cannot be separated apart.
It seems desire inspires the art I wish to create.
The memoir of a dream.
I see her reflection in the light of the fire. The Moonlight builds my attraction towards her. The lovers card is drawn from the deck.
Visions of her are of angelic proportion to dream upon.
The creation of beauty that is bestowed upon the feminine power.
Her rightful place as the Empress of the Tower. Her lovely face is seen in my mind's eye.
What binds me to her is where it's to be found. I've fallen from the wound.
The sound of my spiritual voice I had to hear, it leads me to her.
May my proses be read as prayers,that which be blessed upon is given and received.
Ethereal is the blessed word bestowed upon her. What I need to heal is what I need to feel.
It is in following my heart I've found my deed. She feeds my hunger.
I worship at her feet.
Yearning to feel the intensity of her heat.
She is wise I may learn from her.
The Sun rises to a new constellation.
The passion of the artist and the longing of the human heart being ordered by the divine order to show itself, to know itself.
Therein the very nature of it is the pureness and mature way to follow.
She tunes me in too that awareness.
This instinctive feeling gives way to the primitive howl at her feet.

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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation


Attraction, I want you,
my beautiful Mermaid.
Attraction, I cannot get enough of you,
my beautiful black swan.
Attraction, I look into her eyes,
my beautiful Starlet.
Attraction, I worship at her feet,
my beautiful Jacqueline.


It is my quest to win your heart.
May I request the permission of your hand?
I wish to capture the essence of your beauty in art form.
I begin with her eyes where the magic between us is seen.
She knows that she is my queen whom I wish to worship.
I will sip from her cup with an unquenched thirst.
The hardship experienced will not allow the heart to follow.
Follow her I shall through thunder and rain.
I call upon the power of prayer empowered with love to fuel the fire.
Creativity and beauty will come from an artistic point of view.
A preview of what was and is to come.
Just be aware how much I care.
Watch me as I dare to go further.
I light this match to pass the torch of desire.
Her hair falls with the hypnotic whim to obey her command.
She lets me run my fingers through her hair.
It is all there waiting to be rediscovered.
The lover is left with a gasping wound.
Senseless acts take on meaning.
There are no mistakes is the belief;
Still it offers little relief to a heart in mourning.
A world that cannot believe beyond the conditioning.
So maybe I shouldn't grieve for those who are about to be released.
I will not refer to death as dying.
It's to my way of thinking a crossing over.
The image of him dying on a cross,
however you may see it.
Pure consciousness.
A sensuous delight.
The starlight and these passing thoughts of her.
The crossing over mystification of dreams.
May my proses be read with visions of roses.
Although she expresses doubt;
I will take this as an opportunity to show her my loyalty.
The royalty of love is a rich award that money cannot buy.
Allow the treasures of it to be rewarded.
The erratic human behavior is false and chaotic.
We can stand tall with our arms raised high towards the heavens.
A cinematic world where the stage lights are shined upon us.
I will read from these pages in her honor.
Your lips I must kiss once again.
Delivering unto us the sweet taste of heavenly bliss.
At her feet I take my seat.
Everything I've ever known is bittersweet.
Shown in the twilight world of illusionary dreams.
My words will call her back again to me.
I stand outside in the rain;
Remembering once when we held hands.
( Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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The man that worships his woman. He's wild & passionate for her. He wants more. He's at her feet begging for it. He's hungry feed him.

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I experienced heaven last night even when I cross over I couldn't experience anything more beautiful than her.

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Her wild sexy eyes.
She's foxy.
Seductive like the sound of Roxy music.
Her spellbound eyes.
Her face is a portrait of beauty that could forever be painted.
She's a wild child.
One who dares to live on the edge.
Knowledge is awareness with a primitive instinct.
Instinctive like a cat.
Cat Eyes.
( Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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There is anticipation I can hardly wait.
The flirtation between us may it be seen.
My infatuation is at first glance.
She has danced her way into my dreams.
Such is the attraction the touch of her hand
makes me want to demand more.
Before me stands the prettiest girl I could dream
I've been hit by the force of a rushing whirlwind.
I call for you, sweet angel.
All the same she may be called by the name of
Aphrodite, Venus, or Isis.
Sublime beauty that I've fallen at the feet of.
The sweetness of it is blessed upon to receive.
My desire to serve her always hungers for more.
I wish to explore every inch of her from head to toe.
A gothic cross blessed upon thee has brought me to her.
The erotic fixation uncovers the mystification
of a beautiful woman.
As I kneel before her, I'm overcome with passion.
Let me begin at the shore,
swim to the deepest part of the ocean,
watch as her body moves in moton.
The potion is brewing.
May I drink from your cup?
I think I will continue to play with fire,
that which summons up desire.
The night is in our soul.
The torch of desire I will carry for her.
There's a starry look in her eyes.
By hook or crook, I will find a way to win for her.
I can runaway with it all when my mind is free.
I can simply be me.
That's why sweet angel I'm confident to say this.
I want you as my girl to kiss.
I want to savior her sweet taste on my lips.
A divine angelic light I will search in her eyes for.
As she sits on her perch ready to be worship.
I'm putting her on a pedestal.
She is that beautiful,
a work of art.
My heart beats at the very sight of her.
At night, I look up at the stars wishing for her.
She is a dream I can only dream of.
Give me the date, sweet angel.
Believe me when I say your every wish will be my
Take my hand for that Moonlight walk.
In that moment, with the light of the Moon
shining upon her.
My eyesight with capture an exquisite portrait
imprinted forever in my mind.
Bless me with that vision of a Moon Goddess.
The intangible that captivates the primitive,
intuitive mind.
A spellbinding effect she is heaven-sent my way.
Today it is my only wish to see her.
Can't you tell I'm under your spell.
Until I see her again,
I'm anxiously waiting for her to show herself.
I want to know her.
I want to discover her and kiss her all over.
She is the sweet taste of eternal bliss.
I fall at her feet and call her name.
( Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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Being aligned with conspiracy truth I feel no doubt that makes me a much more interesting poet as it does with any artist aligned with conspiracy truth. Your constantly evolving, the work becomes important/meaningful
.. I love it. It's a passion. As long as your with Christ like consciousness/love/God & The Good your good to go as far as I'm concern.

My mom says, " It's like your a Priest. ".... It's not the indoctrination of the institution of religion that makes one a priest it's living by the heart.


The artist searches for the one, a muse.
He needs to be inspired.
He needs to feel it.
A sudden rush of anticipation.
Untamed passion at her feet.
I cannot explain it's all in the moment.
It's there from the moment he first laid his
eyes upon her.
He knows it is fate, destiny.
Where he touches upon beauty and creativity comes.
She is the most exciting discovery.
She is heavensent to him.
The beautiful angel appears.
He must go to her.
( Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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The Goddess... Her Wings Spread Out. Proses of her being read. The seed of fertility. She meditates in a garden of roses. Men are inspired to create art. The wounded heart that continues to love her. It's the sound of a heartbeat.
Beauty is to be found. I go to her street. I worship at her feet....Book order hotline.....Toll Free Number:1-888-280-7715

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Courtship Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation :

Courtship, In pursuit of a woman where creativity, beauty, passion and your desire for her come into play. It's at the heart of poets and the poems he's inspired to write for her.

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Scented Rose Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

O'Radiant light where Heaven is shining in.
There is angel light in her eyes.
Her eyes shine like blue turquoise.
She is dressed to walk the runway.
The torch is burning brightly ahead.
She is the iconic creation of a Goddess
religion ready to be read into.
Her destination is that of the life giver.
There is Moonlight in her soul.
She is born of the night.
In her dark despair,
A dark angel steps forth.
She strikes a pose with every gesture.
The posture of a dancer being born free.
Giving birth to imaginative proses.
She is a scented rose.
Dancing her primitive dance.

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...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

Your Secret Admirer *

Beautiful Girl, A whirlwind of your beauty is tearing right through me.
Just like the night bringing the Stars and the Moon
she's a vision of heavenly beauty.
The day comes maybe today I will capture a sight of her.
It is nearly impossible for me not to look her way.
Just look at her hair.
Just look at her face.
Such rare beauty,she's beautiful!
Dare I write her once again.
I wish I could recite each prose to her.
Hand her a red rose.
Roses and Proses for her only.
My eye finds beauty in art,music and poetry
so it is with her which is what she inspires.
Fire is what you are.
Desire is what you have this much I'm aware of.
Under a spell all it took was just one look.
A Goddess she is in my eyes,Bless her! *
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Maybe we've been sent to Hell that's the twlight zone realization. It's like Hell here...Hell design here...The materialism, shallowness, government, religion, education, all these institutions of control & brainwashing, manipulated world events in finance & wars, massive brainwashing & conditioning that turned everyone cold & selfish, materialistic,unfeeling. Where people just turn against what's good and buy into the spoonfed shit If you were to die and go to hell it would be the same hell like structure. It's hell design here it's not a good place to be.

The Goddess... Her Wings Spread Out. Proses of her being read. The seed of fertility. She meditates in a garden of roses. Men are inspired to create art. The wounded heart that continues to love her. It's the sound of a heartbeat.
Beauty is to be found. I go to her street. I worship at her feet...Book order hotline.....Toll Free Number:1-888-280-7715

Girls see over 400 advertisements per day telling them how they should look....So I wrote this.
How they should look?
How they should act?
What they should follow?
What kind of music they should be listening too.
Who they should be dating?
everything that's in style, you will follow,
because you allow yourself to be programmed.
And you wonder why so many women are shallow,
Well Look At What They Follow,
Mainstream Propaganda Indeed
... Drugs & Thugs it's all in.
pop music, the illuminati music industry.
mainstream music and your trapped into it.
we will think for you and provide your entertainment.
We will mold you and it shall be sold to you.
So know your role we want your soul.
(C) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved.
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...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

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Like a fallen star wished upon a dream we are.
The tragic tale of love and death
be it told so each who hears bless the
reunion of souls inevitable destined to be.
A love song plays itself out
the beat of one heartbeat.
The language of the heart
we know as love recorded in the heavens.
Tis their song be heard.
I've died for you time and time again
yet I always come back.
How far were we ever apart?
How far are we now?
Oh sleeping beauty
like a fallen star wished upon a dream we are.
How far were we ever apart?
How far are we now?

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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

Her energy is fire.
Her soul speaks of desire.
Her passion is explosive.
Her beauty unveiled.
In heavenly bliss I'm wishing upon her return.
She who stands empowered, enchanted.
The High Priestess who's captured the hearts and
souls of the world.
Her power is to inspire for us to rise higher.
Her will is wise and nurturing.
Gypsy heart be it her song,
enlightens her with magic.
Her visionary style captures the trendsetting evolution.
dancing the world of spirit at her feet.
Her serpent style touches upon us all intuitively.
Her voice sings like an angel in the night.
Her spotlight reflected in the Moonlight.
Moon Goddess who dares to believe.
It is her whom I envision as one.

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...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation


She turned around,Spellbound,
Caught the look, The Spark,
Magic in her eyes,
Bewitching her beauty, I'm bewitched.
I pray we may cross roads again as we've
done time again thus I believe.
Her hand I swear I held in prayer as I've not held a hand never before that I held so tenderly in mine.
I've conjured her praying by the Moonlight.
I've conjured her dreaming by the stars.
Kissing her feet in servitude.
Waiting in a dream when may she appear?
Hear the angels hum,
the spoken message of the soul.
Spellbound, caught the look, the spark,
Magic in her eyes,
Bewitching her beauty, I'm bewitched.

Featured in my poetry book, ' Prayers, Poetry & Invocation.
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206 poems

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Trans-Species they want to take over...The Baphomet

What happened when they did that big unveiling of the Baphomet statue right away two homosexuals started tongue kissing in front of Baphomet, just a conspiracy you say? This is the transgender agenda the homosexual manifesto document , the hidden Illuminati trannies coming out, these are the fallen angels.

When girls prefer girls over boys and when boys prefer boys over girls that's no movement I want to take part in. I follow my heart and it leads me to her. Here I stand with art that liberates me. I take her hand so that I may walk with her.

Know Thy Self

You cannot save humanity.
You can only save yourself.
Nobody else will.
What You Follow It Makes You Cruel;
Because You Live By Their Rules.
Drop out of their schools.
Go to the mirror and stare into your eyes.
Look at yourself, dare to know who you are.
Who you care to be.
Self Awareness,
Bless yourself with it;
Because they will take it away from you if you allow it.
Never follow them only follow your heart.
(C) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved ....
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...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

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I Pledge Myself To Love.
I'm of the Holy Spirit.
I pledge myself to beauty.
I pledge myself to my individuality.
Spirituality is what matters most.
I won't ever forsake thee.
I wake to the light of the Sun.
I shall fight in the name of love.
I shall prove my devotion to thee.
I call upon thee to guide & protect.
There is no death.
Love will prevail, love rules.
As above, so below.
Such is the Illumination.
Touched upon only in love.
Angels resurrect, angels evolve.
Walk in love.
Move towards the light.
Never underestimate the quest of spirit.
The dragon will be slayed.
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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation


Do not conform.
Don't follow the norm.
Don't let them form your beliefs.
Give yourself relief in accepting who you are.
Don't follow the ordinary.
Reach towards the stars, the extraordinary.
The metaphysical spiritual being that you are.
Dare to know yourself.
Show yourself to the world.
Step outside the box and into your boundless,
timeless being of infinite consciousness.
Bless yourself with self awareness.
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The world waits in anticipation as the Presidential Election is in process.
Who will the Puppet masters give it to too?
Which one of the puppets to further move along the agenda of the tyrannical New World Order?
And with that being said,
Why would anyone believe in a Democrat or a Republican?
They're not who they appear to be,
it's all a big lie.
Behind it you can see The Illuminati Eye.

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Çondemned and sentenced to Hell......Welcome to planet earth, the false reality created by The Illuminati. (C) Copyright 2013, Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation.
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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

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She is so fine just divine.
One I wish to worship all the way
from her head to the tip of her toes.
May I wine & dine you?
It's a line I wish to cross.
Just bring yourself beside me.
My fingers will slide their way right
into your hair.
Where my hands will linger.
Tingle your senses.
Wishing to explore her all the more.
She's on my mind.
Bound by her beauty.
I wish to find out for myself how to keep her smiling?
Watch as the wind blows through her hair.
Are you aware of my desire?
Could I spark that fire?
Do we dare?
I write her because I care
although I know it may scare her away.
So I say to her it's okay just sit beside me.
I wish to play with your hair.
I'm your servant and you are a Princess.
I will breathe in your beauty
like a breath of fresh air.
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*** MY PANDORA ***

It's worth fighting for;
Worth dying for;
I believe it as my heart says so;
If the opportunity to die for you
will present itself;
It would be a beautiful death;
One that I will undertake;
I will die in the name of love;
I pledge myself to it;
I look you in the eye only to speak truth;
We're only experiencing a dream;
The illusion is but a dream;
Consciousness is blessed with everlasting love;
To know we're made of it.
You're so with me here in my heart;
You're my muse, My Art,
You're my Pandora, My Goddess;
Believe it, I do believe;
There is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you.
Words are my greatest gift to present;
It holds no material value,
just the promise to live wise and be caring;
Rest your pretty head knowing there is an angel looking over you;
I want nothing more other than to be your lover;
It's here with you that I may cast aside fear;
It's here with you that tears may be shed;
It's here with you that I may come alive;
Believe it as I know it to be;
Show yourself to me again and again;
I cannot get enough of you.
It's always love at first sight whenever we come face to face;
In your sweet embrace,
My heart begins to race with this incredible feeling;
As I yearn to press my lips upon yours with the irresistible force of passion.
Forbidden as we are;
I say we must dare it;
Bare the mind, body & soul in discovering magic;
Love is the gateway to freedom;
Let me stand with you, Hand in hand,
The Kingdom is here, Heart to Heart,
I hold you ever so close, My Queen, My Pandora.
(C) Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

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An electrical spark in our eyes.
A first encounter as we were electrically charged.
An attraction of opposites desiring for one another.
Physically drawn to her like no other before.
A chemistry that mixes the energy of passion
magically in motion.
My young maiden whom I wish to worship
from head to toe.
How I long to have her back,
for us to take it higher.
Inspiring one another in mind, body & soul.
( Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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Her named I heard whispered in the wind.
Her face is a portrait imprinted in my mind.
There is something about the night that brings her to me.
The Moon speaks her name.
Her footsteps I hear walking towards me.
Her every wish is my command.
She may take me by the hand.
My angel, whom I am calling upon.
As I close my eyes may she appear.
May she hear my prose.
My senses are awakened.
She is a scented rose.
Inspiring me to compose these rhymes.

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I felt it with a Church girl;
She's repressed, a bit like myself,
but with great passion.
Church Girl, Put religion aside;
Let me stand beside you;
Give me your hand, You've my devotion.
Church Girl, You're so sweet;
When I hear the sweetness in your voice;
It touches me gently.
Church Girl, You're so beautiful to me.
No need to envision an angel, as you're standing near.
When she's dancing, I swear she's able to fly.
Be my angel, the one I've been calling for.
All alone, I'm in Prayer, I'm calling your name.
I miss you,
Imagine if we were to kiss again, I can;
I remember what it felt like;
I remember it so well.
I can tell it to the world;
Let me tell it to your mother, Say it to your father,
Say it to your pastor, Let it be spoken in your Church;
With true conviction, I'll say it proudly to God.
But most of all, Hear me as I'm saying it to you.
Lord knows, I've told it to myself;
We were bold in the moment;
I swear there's no judgment upon us.
Church Girl, In speaking of love, We speak of God.
My heart breaks for you,
With love in my heart, I pray to God, Please return to me.
Come and save me in my darkness,
Bless me with your friendship, Bless me with kindness.
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Many are waking up to all the false idols in the world put before us.... My heart knows of a true hero in Jesus Christ.

There really is no greater education than conspiracy truth. There really is no other education that exist as far as I'm concern other than the greater truth. It's the path of righteousness.

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I've never closed the door on love. Where one door closes another door opens. So it is, the eternal kiss.

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My definition of God.
God is love.
Love is God.
God is consciousness.
Infinite consciousness is God.
I wish to put deep meaning into the word of God.
God cannot be a dictator in the sky
that will cast us in sin and condemn us to hell.
I don't see it being answered in religion.
Creation is magnificent.
A manifestation of the source.
There is great mystery to respect and serve.
A combustible merging of lovers discovering the other.
A magnetic pull.
Could anything be created more beautiful or
Let me take the opportunity to thank
the almighty higher power.
She has touched her beauty upon nature.
I follow my heart and it leads me to her.
Inspired to create beautiful art.
I've a desire to do so.
The fire of the sunlight burning within my soul.
I know to play out my greatest role here,
that of spirituality & beauty.
Be it my duty to follow.
It has the power to cast out fear
and empower the individual.
( Published In Prayers,Poetry & Invocation)

Have you ever heard those stories of the one girl that ruined it for a man.
He could never feel that kind of magic with any other girl again.
He could never look at another like he looked at her no matter who it was or how beautiful she would appear to him.
The fire went out with her.
All he could do was dream of her when he laid alone in his bed.
She had made him weak.
It was a spell that couldn't be broken.
He had this hope that another would come along and put him under so that the fire would burn ever so hot again
but still he falls hopelessly to her calling.

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Cold hearts
Dreadful art to program the masses.
Tell it all. The Jesuit conspiracy.
The Papal Knighthoods. The Knights Of Malta.
Illuminati, Skull & Bones.
Vaccinations, Big Pharma drugging the population,
depopulation. Suppress Cures.
Massive Mind Control, Cultural Programming,
Indoctrination Of Education. Conformity,
The loss of beauty.
Manipulated wars,False Flags,
A Luciferian Agenda.
Symbolism reveals it all.
False left/right paradigm.
Puppets of the Black Pope.
Is there any hope?
The world is darkness.
No love for me.
What I give I never seem to receive.
All is backwards.
I'm not a monster. I'm not one of them.
I want to be one of the good guys.
The world will not have me.
I say these words in despair.
Only love can repair the broken self.
I shall rise above in love.
This is the world I live in. My words I shall use wisely as affirmations
Live with wild passion and forever believe in the power of love.
Maybe I'll live sad however I'm never going bad.
....Robert Thomas Atkinson

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Dare we walk through these doors
in order to explore other realms of reality.
Fairies are free to roam and play.
We can runaway to the herbal garden
where there are little paths and places to hide.
Take her by the hand and kiss her lips ever so gently.
Awake the senses and discover what is all around you.
Hear the sounds of laughter and the music in the air.
Embrace her as your lover beneath the Moonlight.
Her face lights up, she must be one of them.
She wants to dance for you in the garden.
Here the heart will open and magic is created.

(Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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With the beating of my heart, Behold.
She is a lovely creation of art.
Visions of her stay with me throughout the day.
How I wish to runaway with it.
Sway me to come your way.
I shall roam like the wolf.
Replay it all once again in my mind.
There are poems I wish to recite her.
There is a night I wish to worship her.
Be the angel who appears in my dreams.
Hear me now as I'm calling out to you.
I've fallen at your feet.
Tasted the sweetness of her.
My passion towards her is known.
I've shown my devotion.
Make this dream a reality.
The beauty I see before me is angelic.
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When it comes to goddess worship;
I don't really believe in going from
one woman to another.
Although it can often go that way.
The theme is romantic when serving
the one that I love & admire.
The one I wish I could desire every single night.
The one that causes the eruption of the fire.
The one that would make me explore
my passion like no other before.
The most beautiful dream I could possibly imagine.
A divine beautiful goddess that truly
deserves the title of one.
The one I spent so much time anticipating the longing of.
The erotic pleasure of the one I always wish to treasure.
I'm devoted to her.
She's the angel whom I envision.
We were destined to meet.
She's the one I want to be at the feet of.
Falling ever so deep under a love spell.
I wish to tell her so.
( Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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It is in motherhood where her light is shining.
She will mend the wound of a child.
She will defend her children.
She is the symbol of a white dove.
Symbolizing a beautiful spirit that in love will rise above.
Love being the choice of the wise.
The voice that responds to another voice in need.
It is that which bonds.
Her hand is reaching out for the child.
Love alone is the most important thing to teach.
Just like the Aurora Borealis your aura
of light is shining upon us in heavenly bliss.
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IF ever there was a name fitting of one so beautiful,
to envision an angel and call out her name,
there in my mind I see a fallen angel here on earth, Angelina.
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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation


The Renaissance Gypsies live for their passion.
She is impassioned by the dance.
Iris The Sunflower, She is showered in the rain.
A Thundershower is being summoned.
The toxic waste landfill.
Their Almighty demands.
The weather forecast is under their control.
Her intoxicated scent,hypnotic eroticism.
Cat eyes mysticism.
A gothic cross I wear on my heart.
All in the name of art this painted canvas is bestowed upon us all.
Infatuated, It's love at first sight.
Above the birds fly.
The night sky unveils itself every night.
The laws of attraction,
Claw like carvings.
She must be heavensent.
Bewildered, Thunderstruck.
An evanescent dream.
It's not a coincident,
I'm ready to reinvent myself.
Iris The Wildflower, We're in a state of bliss.
I await your presence.
Take that animal stance, enhance the dance.
Let it be felt to the beat of your drumming heartbeat.
Romance is timeless.
Raise the cone of power;
Once again I must come to believe.
When they weave that web to deceive.
I conceive the intangible.
Iris The Moonflower,
Thundershowers roar out woman power.
The Empress Of The Tower commands The Towering Ocean.
She's empowered with the motion movements of the waves.
Deep in the cave of her heart
is the mystery and beauty to attain.
Something instinctive tells me we do belong.
Lovers dancing around the Maypole.
Discovering the mystery of the magical arts.
Hearts beating together.
A scented potion labeled tranquility has the effect;
Just like her beauty did to me.
Iris The Flower Girl,
Visions of her are divinely pristine.
Give me more wine to drink.
It is my religion to serve a young goddess maiden whom I look upon.
The Empyreal symbolism is most real to the naked eye.
The wild eroticism at her feet makes me howl.
Iris The Passionflower, blessed with a kiss.
(C) Copyright 2009, ALL Poems are registered copyright.
Featured In Prayers,Poetry & Invocation
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My Prayer For London * * * * *
Roses I will throw at her feet.
Proses of her beauty I will recite.
The Moonlight is calling for you to step into it.
She's a celestial vision.
In a dramatic ritual I could chant out to Aphrodite,
the Greek Goddess of beauty and love.
I could call out to Isis,the Egyptian Goddess of the Nile.
I could call upon Venus the Roman Goddess of love,art,and beauty.
The Goddess whom I envision is the one I'm calling out too.
The one I always fall at the feet of,
Where all my devotion & passion stays with her.
I say these words with great conviction to cast this spell.
Calling upon the four elements of Earth,Air,Water and Fire.
In the light of the Moon I will recite her these words.
With angel light shining brightly in her eyes;
May the night fall blessedly upon her.
The feminine power expresses itself like the beauty of a flower.
Empower her with healing words.
Help her peel these layers of the soul
to discover the self love and beauty that simply is.
Rejoice in the magic of Mother Nature.
Wisdom is a choice.
Hear the inner voice that will guide you wisely.
I give her this dream catcher as a symbol of dreams.
What I've come to believe is Godsend.
I will defend her when called upon.
I wish to instill her confidence.
Dance as a gypsy, an angel, a goddess to empower yourself.
Let me watch you,
Be mesmerized by your beauty.
Strike a match on the floor,
Feel the heat on your feet dance for me.
Your wings may be mended.
The line of faith is in the palm of her hand.
The anxiety will calm down as beauty unveils itself in the discovery of magic.
Bless her with the knowledge of self.
She's a breath of fresh air.
I wish to stare into her eyes and look deep.
Let me sleep on the vision and dream upon something beautiful.
With a creative mind,
find it within yourself.
The intuitive heart knows best.
Show yourself to me don't be afraid.
With the name of London howling in the wind;
I will weather up a hundred more poems in her honor.
(C) Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved..Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation.

She commands the gypsy dance.
The renaissance is here.
The barefoot dancer removes her boots.
Her tiny delicate foot moves with rhythm and poise.
She can fake like the rest of them.
Take everything you came here with.
The witching hour is there to devour.
The door is there to open, inviting you in.
Underground thunder lies dormant in the streets.
Take shelter in the sanctuary of your heart.
She can hear the beat and feel the heat.
He falls at her feet and surrenders before her.
The call of the wild lures within.
Her scent is pure and fresh intoxicating to the senses.
The guru says consider death to be the cure.
The earth may renew & cleanse.
Life, death & rebirth.
Dream another dream, all is mystified.
I hear the sound of music;
Primitive dancers have freed their inhibitions.
A match is lit and fire is your friend.
One can watch in utter amazement.
Knowing so well the world can do a number on us all.
Too fall and rise is the greatest act in discovering.
I say my words with great conviction & passion.
I feel so much when I'm here.
I wish to touch upon her once again.
( Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )
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...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

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I love to worship at your feet London sweet dreams are made of this. There's red heat in the room when I'm alone with you as my eyes zoom in on your beauty.

My Goddess

I want to worship my Goddess.
I want to kiss her all over but
she only lets me worship at her feet;
That's alright because she's so incredibly beautiful and I want her so bad.
It only makes me want her more.

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Let me tell you how beautiful you are, my Five Star Goddess.
Let me stare into your eyes and dream you into my dreams.
Imagine if we were to dare it.
Here we are together again.
Let me touch upon what is divine and beautiful. Let me touch upon your body.
We are pictured in the tarot deck as the lovers,barenaked.
I want to discover every inch of her body and she knows it.
So be it my obsession with a burning desire & devotion.
I want her so bad.
To be clawed and scratched upon by her.
Please leave your mark on me?
Animalistic,I will make her surrender to me. Erotic visions I see played out in my mind.
A divine beautiful angel being touched upon.
I love being under your spell.
I cannot get enough of you.
The kiss of life I want you to feel it...Eternal Bliss,My Five Star Goddess.
We will bare it all, in mind,body & soul.
It's not true unless it can all be touched upon. I fall at your feet.
Nobody wants to desire you more than I do. Enclose me in to your wings.
Please bring me there,
I'm begging for it.
Light up the night by candlelight,
I will watch as you walk the room.
By fire she is to be desired,worshipped,my Five Star Goddess.
Let it burn in the eternal flame.
Let us call each other by name and bless upon each other.
Walk me into your garden.
Open your heart to higher love.
The night birds fly free together.
I want to fly free with you.
Together love can make us fly ever so high.

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She's the sweet taste of erotica.
I surrender with a hunger at her feet.
I'm under the spell of a beautiful stranger.
I must confess, kiss & tell.
I'm the barefoot servant.
The serpent in the garden.
Forbidden fruits of temptation, I'm here to take.
Devouring the insatiable taste.
The heat of the flame ignited.
Here the game is played.
I call her by name and fall on my knees.
We're all shameless.
Bless us in our darkness;
That which blocks us and locks us in.
I'm drawn in like voodoo.
The taboo of eroticism.
I give her my bold kiss.
The blood of the serpent is running through my veins.
I cannot get enough of her.
I've that craving for her once again.
We roam here in the darkness on a place
called planet earth.
Where slavery is set up.
Where they throw fear & manipulation at us
in order to keep us asleep and under greater control.
I don't like it here but I love being here with you.
I hear what I hear mysteriously.
I'm forever out there.
Being near you is where I will return again and again.
The eternal love is where my lips implant a kiss upon her.
( Published In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation )

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The man that worships his woman. He's wild & passionate for her. He wants more. He's at her feet begging for it. He's hungry feed him.

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You never know who's working for the devil like all those agents just never know you think someone is good and he's not...He or She..I've been fooled many times and will continue to be that's the power of the devil extremely cunning & clever.

That whole goddess theme with me is to serve her.Show loyalty, devotion, passion, love, to serve her in that way. That's how I always looked upon it. It's a very personal sensual spiritual thing with me. That's why these poems are so real to me and comes natural. Why I must always be inspired to do so. It's just my way. I need to play with her, pamper her and worship her like a Queen.

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I call upon thee, O' Fire within.
Flaming red heat of desire.
Summons my passion.
Visions of the red haired beauty.
With a pen in my hand;
May my heart be free to express myself.
The soul is ambiguous.
I see with a third eye.
Love is the power, the essence.
The primordial dance.
Is it time to leave illusion behind?
Writing inspires passion.
May the power of the flame burn within....
Featured In Prayers, Poetry & Invocation.

Fly With My Love.
Love is my power.
I am love.
I am the night.
Death I am.
A crow flying in the night.
The stars light up.
My place of sanctuary.
Trees whisper so hauntingly beautiful.
Music dances my soul.
Primitive desires hear me howl.
A wandering spirit,
I lay myself down to sleep.
Into the realm of spirit, traveling.
Love has found us, freedom.
The heart has spoken.

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206 poems
...Prayers, Poetry & Invocation

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