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Just un-complicated.

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83 years old
United Kingdom
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Too many to name. Maybe come back to that.
I do like old Western films.



Music, I have a fairly wide taste in Music.
Prefer older stuff, Jo Stafford,in particular.
Some of my favourites are Tennessee Ernie Ford, Guy Mitchell.
Russell Watson. Oh and many others.

Get Your Own Free Hypster.com Playlist.

I like thrillers, Ian Rankin and Patricia Cornwell.
And also biographies.


I like all sports, in particular, cycling, football (uk) Walking. Working with wood. Painting.

Well... I regard myself as an easy going person.
I am married, and have a Son and Daughter and
two Grand Children.
I like making new friends. But also "cherish" my
old Friends. Mainly because I am interested in people and the various places where they live and their diferrent environments and cultures.

I admire any one who is very competent
at his or her chosen sport, or walk in life.

I really don't like lies. I will never tell lies.
So don't expect to have lies told to me.

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07/18/2018 03:04:04

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Have a heart that never hardens
And a temper that never tires and a
Touch that never hurts.
Charles Dickens
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Wednesday morning
and it looks good here.
Warm, but good.
I sort of goofed and forgot
to call our vet.
Now they are booked up
and cannot board our little
dogs tomorrow.
Will be trying again
to see if they have a
This is a bummer.
Oh the week went way to
fast for old people.
Hugs and thanks
for the friendship.

07/17/2018 22:14:30

Have a joyful day!

07/17/2018 19:12:28



07/17/2018 17:10:39


Teething Toy

Well now, you've probably heard it rumored that here in Deadwood we
have such a tough neighborhood that our babies teeth on guns. And the
fact of the matter is, this is the very truth. I happen to know
the lady who was responsible for the start of this rumor. Nice woman,
married with a baby. One afternoon, she saw a drifter approaching her
house. She knew he would bother her something fierce for food and take
advantage of her. So she took out her husband's gun. To her dismay, she
found that it weren't loaded. Jest then, that drifter walked right in
the door without knocking or nothing. So the woman dropped the empty gun
into the crib and tried to fend him off. The drifter was all set
to take every bite of food the little lady had prepared for her
husband's dinner, and give her a hard time to boot. But he happened to
glance into the crib, and saw the woman's little feller jest gumming
away at the handle of the gun. Well that drifter turned pale and
high-tailed it out of there. Left Deadwood as far behind as he could. He
didn't cotton to the idea of stayin' in a place where the babies teeth
on guns.




Just stoppin' by to say howdy friend...


07/17/2018 14:51:08
Enjoy Your Tuesday Afternoon Love XXS OOS Arleen!Related image

07/17/2018 14:40:08




Hi James my special friend Tuesday wishes being sent your way take care luv and hugs Caz xx

07/17/2018 03:47:29

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I know I got a lot of exercise
The last few years,......
Just getting over the hill.
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Good Tuesday to you, and I hope you are doing well. Yes, we did have a few fires in the surrounding area. Most were caused by the electric storms and we did have another mild storm last night. more lightning in the mountains. Just have a good day whatever you do. Hugs and thanks for the visit. Thel.

07/16/2018 23:02:15

Have a nice Tuesday!

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