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"If you can't forget the past~How can you expect a future"

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57 years old
United States
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I like Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Romance and some Mystery

I occasionally like listening to Country but also like Christian and Mellow rock.

Lori Wick is my favorite author...have read most of her books.

Reading, Scrap Booking,Sunning, Boating, Camping, Traveling, Spending time with family above all...

I am a mother of 3 grown kids (2 girls and a boy) , girls are married with wonderful husbands...I also have 4 grandkids... The youngest of which we recently lost May 9, 2012 due to CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia)...He fought a hard fight but his heart and lungs just couldn't handle the stress.
So at 3 months 6 days he went to be with the Lord.
He is missed terribly but is in a much better place and is happy and healthy now.
On March 29, 2013 , just a few months after my grandson passed away, I lost my youngest sister.
She fought a hard fight but lost the battle to Cirrhosis of the liver related to her diabetes.
I was married 15 years but it ended in 94....A match that wasn't meant to be.
I am a loving, caring, giving person...very easy going.
Very much a behind the scene girl!
I don't like being front center but love helping in whatever I can...when I can.
I would like to say I'm perfect but unfortunately I am not...I have made a few mistakes in my time but I am so thankful that I serve a Gracious and Forgiving God!
I can't imagine what life would actually be like not knowing the Lord at all.
I like traveling and have done a bit over the last year.
Love getting up early in the morning to sit on the porch/deck and watch the sunrise on warm days...like walking (although don't get much in), camping, boating, reading, or just simply watching a good movie and spending time with my family...
I also like to hold hands, walk arm in arm and love hugs....and kissing....but please...no slobbering!
I am not into dancing, clubs or bars...been into bars...and found they are too dark, gloomy, depressing and loud.
I don't like the rackety bang music you can't understand what they are saying and sound like they are screaming...and I don't like rap.
I do however like country, christian and oldies (yep...guess i'm showing my age now...lol)
I like spending the day at the zoo or park...or maybe hit up a flea market or similar once in awhile.
I have to say also...I think it's very appealing when I see a clean cut guy with a goatee....just something about that goatee...that is well maintained that is.

Someone who cares about their appearance, clean shaven, respectful, loves family time ...the list could go on...

Snoring,Foul language,Drinking, and Drugs
I'm not a fan of the "F" word...I think it's very inappropriate to use.
I have a glass of wine occasionally...What I mean by drinking is drinking until you're drunk...and drinking everyday (6 plus a day until you can't walk straight)...
Drugs in not an option...I don't tolerate at all.

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"Nici nu mai ştiu de câtă vreme, Din gândul meu n-ai mai ieşit,

Te-am luat pe braţele-mi flămânde, Si te-am purtat prin galaxii,

Acolo unde-a mea iubire, Te aştepta demult să vii.

Ce este-n sufletu-mi sălbatic, Nici n-am ştiut până mai ieri,

Aş vrea să cred că-ţi este bine, Iubirea mea-i stângace, ştiu,

Dar lasă-ţi inima să bată, In pieptul meu, la ceas târziu ...

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