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Passion of The Christ

The Bible

I also read mystery, suspense, and Stephan King!

Crocheting, reading, and walking.

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Sigh.....I'll never be able to fulfill. A trip to the Holy Land.

I'm very happily married, I have 3 children, 4 Special Children (No Step in my vocabulary)Grandmother and Great Grandmother

Too many to list here.

Sin of any and all kinds. What's not a sin to you, may be a sin to me, but....That's how life is.

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Have a sparkling day my sweet friend, God bless you. 


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have a nice Wednesday ..hugs xo 



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See the source image

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hope your day is happy...hugs

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Have a wonderfull Wednesday smiles love &peace my dear fried a Big Hugs 

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I just LOVE, your comments to me!

I thought you might like this!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

This week’s Snapshot in Prose captures Cladrite Radio Sweetheart Annette
Hanshaw at the height of her fame. The year is 1935, and she’s already
sold more than 4,000,000 records, has declined stage and screen offers,
and claims to be mulling over the marketing of her personal method for
reading music without any training. Alas, just two or three years later,
she’ll give up recording and performing altogether, opting instead for a
sedate married life with her husband, Pathé Records executive Herman
“Wally” Rose.

And just FYI, Hanshaw’s nephew, one Frank W. Hanshaw III, says that
her birth certificate says she was entered the world not in 1910, as the
story below claims, but in 1901. Oh Annette, you deceitful minx!

It's an Art

DO YOU KNOW that the best known and highest paid artists on the air
never studied music in their lives and wouldn’t know a cadenza from a
condenser? ‘S a fact! If you studied the lives of Bing Crosby, Kate
Smith and Annette Hanshaw with a microscope, you’d find that their music
educations have been sadly neglected.

Do you think they worry over the fact that their technical knowledge
of music is so limited? No, and you wouldn’t either if you had their
incomes. Their stories only go to prove that you don’t have to have
special privileges to get places in radio, singing, music. And the same
thing is probably true in every other field of endeavor.

Let’s take the career of Annette Hanshaw, for instance. She was born
in New York City in 1910. Her father instilled in her a natural love of
music and she believes she could sing before she could speak. Anyhow,
she was able to sing the choruses of 16 popular ditties of the day
before she was 16 months old, and she’s added at least a song a month to
her repertoire ever since.

Annette liked to sing always. Most of us are the same way. She
surely had a natural flair for singing but since it was so effortless
for her she never dreamed that some day it would pay substantial

She thought a career necessarily meant hard work, so she ploughed
through school and took various courses, specializing in portrait
painting. She aspired to be a commercial artist. She entered the
National Academy of Design in New York and showed remarkable promise.

She went to parties often during the days when she was a popular
young debutante and it was at one of these gatherings that an executive
for a record company heard her warbling in her own, carefree way. He
listened while she sang song after song to rounds of applause and many
encores. At the end of the evening he handed her his card and suggested
that she call at his office.

More as a lark than anything else she made a voice test at the
recording executive’s request. She was having loads of fun and enjoyed
it immensely when they put her in front of an orchestra while the wax
disc whirled. She had had such a good time that she was almost ashamed
to accept the check they handed her.

All of this took place less than seven years ago and since then her
phonograph recordings have sold more than 4,000,000 copies, and she has
managed to lose all hesitancy about accepting checks.

Throughout this entire procedure—and even today—she never read a
note of music. She couldn’t. What she could and did do, though, was
thoroughly memorize and cue every song she sang.

Although she has had many stage and screen offers, Annette has
consistently refused to accept any of them because she wants to
concentrate on her radio broadcasting and phonograph recording. She once
even refused an offer from the great Florenz Ziegfeld, himself.

She rehearses in the evening, drinks lots of water before and during
broadcasts, dictates all replies to her fan mail herself and
scrupulously autographs all pictures herself.

Someday she may patent her method of reading music. Annette says it
is really very simple and anyone ought to be able to learn the system in
ten easy lessons.


The HUGE Annette Hanshaw list........

Daddy won't You please come Home? (from "Thunderbolt") 5-31-1929

Ain't cha 11-27-1929

Ain't he sweet 1-28-1927

Big city blues (From the Fox "Movietone Follies of 1929") 4-5-1929

Black bottom 9-12-1926

Medley: Blue evening-You heavenly thing-what's the reason I'm not pleasin' you (very poor quality) unissued private acetate 1936

Body and soul (from "Three's A Crowd") 10-7-1930

Calling me home 10-20-1926

Carolina moon 1-11-1929

Cherie, I love you 10-20-1926

Chiquita 8-31-1928

Do, do, do 11-26-1926

You know I know ev'rything's made for Love 11-26-1926

Fit as a Fiddle 12-2-1932

For Old Times' Sake 6-12-1928

Forget-Me-Not 8-20-1929

That's just my way of forgetting You 9-13-1928

her first recording - 1925 Audition medley (What can I say Dear
after I say I'm sorry/Bye Bye Blackbird/The day that I met You/Don't
want Nobody but You?/I wonder what's become of Joe?/Has anybody seen My

Here or There 2-2-1927

Here We Are 7-24-1929

He's the Last Word 1-28-1927

Ho Hum 5-9-1931

I cover the Waterfront 6-3-1933

I get the Blues when it Rains 4-30-1929

I like what You Like 6-1927 w/ Joe Venuti

I love a Ukelele 4-17-1930

I think You'll like It 10-28-1929

I want to be Bad (from "Follow Thru") 3-14-1929

If I'd only believed in You 10-22-1926

If You Can't Tell The World She's A Good Little Girl Just Say Nothing At All 11-1926

If You See Sally 2-26-1927

I'm a Dreamer (but aren't we all) (from "Sunny Side Up) 12-4-1929

I'm All Alone in a Palace of Stone (The "Peaches" and Browning song) 11-1926

I'm Following You (from "It's a Great Life") 2-11-1930

(I'm Cryin' 'Cause I Know) I'm Losin' You 1-1928

I'm Somebody's Somebody Now 6-1927

In a Great Big Way (from "Hello Daddy") 1-17-1929

In The Sing-Song Sycamore Tree 1-1928

I've got a Feeling I'm Falling 5-9-1929

I've got it (but it don't do Me no Good) 5-5-1930

My inspiration is You 11-8-1928

Have you ever seen a Dream Walking?

Ain't that a Grand and Glorious Feeling 6-1927

All I do is Dream of You

Aw, Gee! don't be that Way, Now 4-1-1927

You must have been a Beautiful Baby (private acetate)

My Bill-(excerpt from Maxwell House "Showboat" Radio Program 6-12-33)

Blue Moon (just piano/voice...private acetate, later recording '30s)

Button up your Overcoat (from "Follow Thru") 3-14-1929

Can't help loving that Man of Mine (excerpt from Maxwell House "Showboat" 6-12-33)

Ever since time Began 2-20-1931

Get Out And Get Under The Moon 5-1928 OR 8-10-1928

Give me Liberty or give Me love (From "Broadway Singer") 11-22-1933

Goodnight my Love

He's funny that Way

How about You

If I had a Boy like You 6-16-1930

If I had a talking picture of you (from "Sunny Side Up") 12-4-1929

If you want the rainbow (you must have the rain) 10-19-1928

I Gotta' Get Myself Somebody To Love 12-20-1931

It's the Talk of the Town 9-1-1933

I Wanna Be Loved By You (from "Good Boy") 11-22-1928

I have to have You 11-27-1929 w/ the Ben Selvin Orch.

Happy days are here again (from "Chasing Rainbows") 2-11-1930

Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love 2-25-1930 w/ the Sam Lanin Orch.

A Precious Little Thing Called Love (From "The Shopworn Angel") 2-20-1929

Mine all Mine 11-23-1927

It All Depends On You 1-28-1927

It Was Only A Sun Shower 9-8-1927

Just Like A Butterfly 4-29-1927

Kiss Your Little Baby Goodnight 11-26-1926

Lay Me Down To Sleep In Caroline 9-13-1926

Lazy Lou'siana Moon 3-10-1930

Lets fall in Love (From the Film) 2-3-1934

Little White Lies 7-21-1930

Lonely Nights in Hawaii 8-10-1928

Love Me Tonight 8-18-1932

Lover come back to Me (from "The New Moon") 3-15-1929

Maui chimes 1-11-1929

Maui girl 8-31-1928

Mean to me 2-20-1929

Miss Anabelle Lee 8-1927

Moanin' low (From the "Little Show") 8-29-1929

Moon song 1-25-1933

My baby knows How 10-22-1926

My Bill (excerpt from Maxwell House "Showboat" radio program 6-12-33 ** see note above)

My idea of Heaven 4-1-1927

My Sin 4-30-1929

Nothin' 4-14-1927

One sweet letter from You 11-26-1926

Pale Blue Waters 3-10-1930

Rosy Cheeks 4-29-1927

Say it isn't So 9-12-1932

Six feet of Papa 9-12-1926

So Blue 4-1-1927

Sweet Lei Lahua 11-8-1928

That's why I love You 9-13-1926

That's you Baby 4-5-1929

The One in the World 5-9-1929

The right kinda Man (From Motion Picture "Frozen Justice") 10-19-1929

The Way I Feel Today 7-21-1930

There must be Somebody Else 11-23-1927

Thinking of You 11-23-1927

Tiptoe through the Tulips with Me (from "The Gold Diggers Of Broadway") 9-20-1929

True Blue Lou (from "The Dance Of Life") 7-24-1929

Ua like no a Like 6-4-1929

Walkin' my Baby back Home 2-20-1931

Was it a Dream 6-12-1928

What do I care what Somebody Said? 4-14-1927

When the world is at Rest 1-17-1929

Who's that Knocking at my Door? 9-8-1927

Wistful and Blue 4-14-1927

Would you like to take a Walk? 1-20-1931

You're the Cream in My Coffee (from "Hold Everything!") 11-8-1928

You're the One I Care For 12-20-1931

You wouldn't fool me, would You (from "Follow Thru") 3-15-1929

The song is Ended 11-23-1927

Who'oo You-oo Thats Who! 6-1927

Loveable and Sweet (From Motion Picture - "Street Girl") 8-29-1929

Under the Moon 6-1927

Are you Happy 10-1927

It was so Beautiful 8-16-1932

Manhattan Serenade (another later private recording)

Say it isn't so 9-12-1932

My future just Passed (from "Safety In Numbers") 6-16-1930

My Man

Nobody cares if I'm Blue (from "Bright Lights") 7-21-1930

Sing a little low down Tune 6-22-1933

Sonny Boy (from "The Singing Fool") 11-8-1928

So this is Love

Sweetheart Darlin' 6-3-1933

Telling it to the Daisies (but it never gets back to you) 5-5-1930

There Ought to be a Moonlight Savings Time 5-9-1931

What I wouldn't do for that Man (From "Applause") 9-16-1929

When I'm Housekeeping for You (from "The Battle Of Paris") 12-4-1929 OR 12-13-1929

You're just to sweet for words, Honey O' Mine 2-20-1931

And Many More!

09/18/2018 22:13:03


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