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somewhere, South Carolina
United States
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05/23/2019 20:07:07

My aid is at your service, dears
With little price of love
I need the warmth of your smile
To lift me high above..Love & Hugs~Richard

With Love by Alephunky





05/22/2019 18:24:40

How many times I've listened to you
Watched you from across the room
Or how many times I've feared
That you'd realize it
And you can never find out
That my eyes have never seen someone
The way they see you
That my heart has never soared so high..Love & Hugs~Richard

Love.. by Monique-du-Bois





05/21/2019 10:57:34

It was the world and us
It was us against the world
But in your arms I could take it
Anything the world dished out
And with your kisses I was strong again.

Love & Hugs~Richard

Love by meglar





05/19/2019 14:37:44

Once upon a time, there was a boy. The boy is gone now, and has been replaced by the strong, faithful, hopeful man he had always dreamed of becoming. 

That Man is me..Love & Hugs~Richard

I will see you again by kokecit





05/17/2019 20:00:42

Through beauty, I see soul's reflection
Through art, I find my spirit
I mix emotions with my passion
And have my ideas lit..Love & Hugs~Richard

Memories by Ioneek





05/16/2019 11:30:57

Declaration of Love by kuschelirmel

Love is like a flower,
Delicate, but strong.
Love is a power,
That can't be used wrong.
Love is what we wish,
and what we dream.
Love is that first true kiss,
It's everything we need.
Love is true,
A beautiful sight.
Love is you,
You are my light.Love & Hugs~Richard





05/15/2019 19:46:58

Feel the power of this past year,
For it is a year of growth and power!
We have all come this way,
Not to turn around, but to move forward!..Love & Hugs~Richard

Catacombs by Phatpuppyart-Studios





05/11/2019 21:38:32

Like a garden that Blossoms 
so does your Love for us.
We can only go forward with our Dreams 
Because we have the Power of Our Mothers behind us.
When the fogs rolls in and we become Lost
You will always be there with the Light that finds us
No Matter What..Happy Mothers Day To All...Love & Hugs~Richard

Mother and Child by mudri





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