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James Dean was the star of some of 50’s major hits like East of Eden, Rebel without a Cause, and Giant. He is ranked at #18 in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Stars list and is a prominent cult icon in the movie industry. He was only 24 years old when he passed away from a car accident.

04/04/15 What is your favourite tv show?

Just a little about me. I am a registered nurse. I am a very simple person love being at home doing what I like not that I don't like the outdoors but I always have something to do that peaks my interest at home. My hobbies are photography, computers, history, physical education and health education to name a few I also play the piano when I can get around to it. I pretty much like to dip my hands in everything and try to do it well. Love meeting people and making new friends which is why I am here on this site. Though my schedule does not always permit me to be here a lot of times I embrace all my friends and you all are in my thoughts. God Bless.

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Elizabeth Taylor
visited the Sun City at least once before her marriage to Conrad "Nicky"
Hilton Jr., and likely lived in Downtown El Paso during their marriage.

Taylor gave an El Paso Times reporter an exclusive interview during her
visit to El Paso on March 29, 1950, five weeks before her wedding to
Hilton. The reporter, Ruby Stearns, interviewed Taylor, then 17, with
Taylor's future mother-in-law, Mrs. Mack Saxon, and her mother Francis
Taylor. During the interview, Hilton was playing golf at the El Paso
Country Club. Elizabeth Taylor, her mother and Saxon planned on spending
the afternoon shopping in Juárez while Hilton was out golfing. Taylor
also gave Stearns details about her wedding, which was being planned for
May 6, 1950 in Beverly Hills. Elizabeth Taylor and her husband lived
for a time in the Plaza Hotel, which had been erected in 1929-30 by the
firm Trost & Trost. Their marriage lasted only seven months.


29 MAR 1950 - BRIDE-ELECT OF EL PASOAN - Miss Elizabeth Taylor, left,
is shown with Mrs. Mack Saxon (center), mother of Miss Taylor's fiance,
Conrad N. Hilton, Jr., of El Paso and her mother, Mrs. Francis Taylor.
They are pictured in Miss Taylor's suite in the Hilton hotel here, as
they chatted about the couple's wedding plans.

Her lovely
violet-blue eyes sparkled as Miss Elizabeth Taylor, “Liz” to her
friends, chatted about plans for her wedding to Conrad N. (Nick) Hilton,
Jr., in her Hilton Hotel suite Tuesday morning.

The youthful
movie star is here visiting Mrs. Mack Saxon, mother of her future
husband. Mrs. Saxon, Miss Taylor and the latter’s mother, Mrs. Francis
Taylor, herself a glamorous-looking, charming person, were planning an
afternoon shopping trip to Juarez, while “Nick” enjoyed a round of golf
at El Paso Country Club.

The couple will be married at 5 p.m. on
May 6 in the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, with the
Right Rev. James Concannon officiating.

Miss Taylor told me the
names of her attendants and other wedding plans, but would not describe
her wedding dress, in keeping with the bridal tradition that it must
remain a secret from the bridegroom until the wedding day.

dress, however, is being designed by Helen Rose of MGM Studios, as are
the gowns of all the bride’s attendants, and will be presented to the
bride and her attendants as gifts from the studios.

After their
marriage, the couple will sail on the Queen Mary for a three-month
honeymoon trip to Europe. Upon returning they will live in Hollywood,
“probably in an apartment for about a year, before we build a home,”
Miss Taylor said.

Miss Taylor was wearing a smoke blue silk print
frock with gold earrings and gold charm bracelet. A small
diamond-encrusted antique brooch was fastened at the V-neckline of the

Miss Ann Westmore will be maid of honor of the wedding.
Barron Hilton will attend his brother as best man, and his wife, Mrs.
Barron Hilton, will be one of the bride’s attendants.

attendants of the bride will include Miss Jane Powell, Miss Betty
Sullivan, Miss Marjorie Dillon, Miss Mara Regan and Mrs. Marshall

The wedding reception will be held in the Bel Air Country Club following the ceremony.

SOURCES: Text adapted from http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_17677881?source=pkg

. Original newspaper report from http://elpasotimes.typepad.com/…/2011/03/miss-elizabeth.html

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"Krause Kasa" at 906 N. Stanton, early 1900s. Identity of the woman with the bicycle is unknown.

In an article in the Spring 1971 issue of the El Paso County Historical Society's Password, Harriet Howze Jones told the story of the home:

Salem, Massachusetts, still has its House of the Seven Gables,
immortalized by Hawthorne. El Paso's "House of the Seven Gables," alas,
was taken down in the fall of 1969 but will be remembered by thousands
as a quaint relic of the Victorian era. With its passing, one of last
structures in El Paso made of wood has "gone with the wind." The Krause
house was one of the first houses in El Paso not made of adobe and the
first "residence" built north of the tracks.

Ernest William
Ulrich Krause was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1847. He came to this area
in 1881. El Paso was a small adobe village with a population of 500
before the railroads came, but in the next few months it doubled in
size. One of the first trains from California brought a load of redwood,
and Mr. Krause bought enough lumber to build a two story house. The
lots he bought were in the desert, now the corner of Stanton Street and
Montana Avenue. Mr. Krause designed the house and directed the building
of it with Mexican labor. His German heritage may account for the
elaborate carved wood designs on gables, cornices and window frames. It
always reminded me of the gingerbread house in Hansel und Gretel.

To this charming house Mr. Krause brought his bride in 1882. She was
Flora Beach of Gonzales, Texas. The Krauses had three daughters who were
born in the house and grew up there: Leona, who married Earl E.
Sidebottom and moved to California, Mabel who married Charles Montfort,
and Kate who married Preston Ball. Kate Ball is a well known artist
noted especially for her exquisite illuminated Biblical scrolls. She and
her daughter Flora still live in El Paso.

Mabel Krause Montfort
and her husband moved into the house with Mrs. Krause in 1945. Mr.
Krause had died in 1932. Mrs. Montfort lived there until she sold it,
just before her death in 1969, to the R.B. Price estate.

It was
hoped by many that the Krause house could be preserved as a fine example
of the period, but it had to be moved, and that presented too many
difficulties -- streets were too narrow, overhead wires would have to be
taken down along any route to a new site, and the cost would be
prohibitive. Finally, there was no one who would guarantee to do it. But
thanks to Mrs. Jack Curlin (nee Barbara Price), parts of the house are
being preserved, a bay window and a gable having been incorporated in La
Villita, a shopping compound which has saved parts of several historic
buildings and built around them, thus creating the effect of an old
town. The wainscotting from several rooms and the curving staircase from
the Krause house are in storage awaiting some use in the future.

This, then, is the requiem of a charming house. It is too bad that it
had to be taken down but those who knew it will never forget it.

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