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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
60 years old
Fort Worth, Texas
United States
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Horror movies are my favorite! I also, enjoy love stories, murder/detective type movies, and the true stories of a persons life.

Mainly, lite rock and some country music.

Don't read books much!

I spend a lot of time on my computer. I spend a good part of my time on, "Facebook" and "Twitter." : )

I am a 58 year old mother of two, their ages are 23 and 25, my daughter, lives at home with me. I am quiet natured and very easy going, and I do not smoke or take drugs, and I am a "very" light drinker. Summer, is my least favorite time of year, I don't like to get hot and sweat! I am presently employed as a Security Officer.

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I love to be around genuine people that are caring and generous towards others. I am the type of person that if I see someone in need, and if I am capable of it, I will help that person any way that I can. Someone once helped me in a time that I needed it most, but, I never knew who that person was because they helped me anonymously and did not feel the need to leave their name, now, that is what I mean when I say that I love "genuine" people.

I hate people that try to act like they are so cool, but, they aren't, and they just make themselves look totally silly by their actions! I don't like a hypocrite, selfish natured people, or people that like to constantly bum off of me. I believe in helping anyone that I see are at least "trying" to help themselves.

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