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Im Memory of my Mom and Dad......

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In memory of my father who passed away April 21, 2016. "Together again" with my mom, Rest in Peace....It's been a year already. Be ready for anything anytime. Life is full of surprises.....None more than 2017! Friendships are fragile in this space....once you hit that delete button, well you know things change right away...why do some find it so easy to do that....I will always wonder... remember to be kind....It's all we got... I'm part time anymore and I know some will not stay friends but for those that do I embrace, I love posting pretty graphics with a hello, love my friends, thanks to DesigningGirl and LadyInPurple_Designs for their beautiful themes.. "A simple twist of fate.".....Blessed be....



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04/30/2017 18:28:12

Happy Sunday Dear....

04/30/2017 18:05:59

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04/30/2017 17:37:47

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If I'm honest, how anyone can say 'happy' in association with the dread "Monday" I'll never know.. but so it is!  We send out yards of 'happy new week' and 'happy monday'... every week!  Wishful thinking is human nature LOL!  Alright it's that time mate.... can you bear it?!  "Happy New Week AND MONDAY TOO! LOL

04/30/2017 17:22:38

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Does anyone remember Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox?  A tall tale but he lives just up North from me!  That middle picture is for real!  Anyway...have a great night!  Well, next weekend my daughter has Prom so I'll probably be busy so I'll try to make an appearence sometime?  hugs, Waylon  :) 

04/30/2017 14:56:22

Hello. We had a stormy night with episodes of rain and pea-size hail. Today is perfectly lovely, though. Warm and sunny. And that is how we will say good-bye to April and Hello to Beautiful May. Hopefully, it will be a good month for all of us. Now, I'm off to make a few preparations for the celebration of my eldest son's Birthday. Whatever you have planned...enjoy this blessed Sunday. ~ Marcia


04/30/2017 14:52:17

04/30/2017 14:39:32



04/30/2017 14:15:18

Good afternoon my sweet Greg. Thanks for all your sweet comments. Hoping your Sunday is a lovely one with a great start to your new Week bud. Much love and light always from me to you hun. 

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Image result for beautiful sunday graphics

04/30/2017 13:23:52

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Here's to having a Fun Sunday!!

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04/30/2017 12:52:24

Have a wonderful Sunday.... Angel Blessings and Love.....

  Sunrise Image
“ Animals don't lie. Animals don't criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do. ”
~Betty White


“Don’t be afraid of showing affection.
Be warm and tender,
thoughtful and affectionate.
Men are more helped by sympathy
than by service.
Love is more than money,
and a kind word
will give more pleasure
than a present.”

~ John Lubbock
John LubbockJohn Lubbock (April 30 1834 – May 28 1913) Known

You can disdain gravity all you want, call out its unfairness, seek to have it banned. But that's not going to help you build an airplane. May you be blessed with visionary thinking that takes you to new heights. Gravity holds you down when you want to soar, but God gives you wings to fly.


Life Support System -- helping you build the life you want. 

There’s Power in Together
The poet Rupert Brooke set out to travel by boat from England to America. Everyone on deck had someone there to see him or her off – everyone except him. Rupert Brooke felt lonely, terribly lonely. Watching the hugging and kissing and good-byes, he wished he had someone to miss him.
The poet saw a youngster and asked his name. “William,” the boy answered.

“William,” he asked, “would you like to earn a few shillings?”

“Sure I would! What do I have to do?”

“Just wave to me as I leave,” the lonely man instructed.

It is said that money can’t buy love, but for six shillings young William waved to Rupert Brooke as the boat pulled out. The poet writes, “Some people smiled and some cried, some waved white handkerchiefs and some waved straw hats. And I? I had William, who waved at me with his red bandana for six shillings and kept me from feeling completely alone.”

We are all lonely at times. But here was a man who was strong enough to admit his loneliness. One psychotherapist says that a necessary first step toward coping with loneliness is for people to feel free simply admitting they are lonely. For once we recognize it, then we can do something about it.

What can we do? Reach out to friends and family. Too many people are lonely because they have been building walls instead of bridges.

We can also find others who may be lonely and help fill their emptiness. The world is full of them. Mother Teresa used to describe loneliness as “the biggest disease” of our time. And the loneliest do not all reside in nursing homes, nor do they all live by themselves.

Finally, we can recognize that, spiritually, we are not alone. This is a time for us to dig deep into our spiritual being.

Lily Tomlin quipped, “We’re all in this alone.” But, of course, that isn’t true. And great joy comes from discovering the power in the word “together.”

-- Steve Goodier


Dance In Happiness

The easy way to remain happy is to remain constantly light. Pure thoughts are light and waste thoughts are heavy. Therefore, keep your intellect busy with pure thoughts and you will become light and continue to dance in happiness.
We only have to make sure that we continue to give happiness to others without any expectations. For this we have to increase our own treasure of happiness by continuing to be happy under all circumstances.


 All birds find shelter during a rain . But Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common ,but attitude make the difference .

Detached Observer

It is far better to observe than to absorb every word, feeling and attitude, to get over-involved, or react too much.
Observing gives us the patience and clarity to think act appropriately.
Observing creates an inner focus that allows us to see reality.

Forgive yourself first. Release the need to replay a negative situation over and over again in your mind. Don’t become a hostage to your past by always reviewing and reliving your mistakes. Don’t remind yourself of what should have, could have or would have been. Release it and let it go. Move on.
~Les Brown

Power of Positive Thoughts

The positive is more powerful than the negative. The positive is innate. The negative indicates what is missing inside you. Light exists and its absence is darkness.
Never forget you are a human being who can decide the attitude you take in life. You have an enormous positive inner potential still to be discovered.

“We will discover the nature
of our particular genius
when we stop trying to conform to
our own or other people’s models,
learn to be ourselves,
and allow our natural channel to open.”
~ Shakti Gawain


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