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57 years old
Houston, Texas
United States
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Sam gives Frodo hope to go on

Steve | Myspace Video

My fave is horror, but also appreciate a good comedy now and again. Marvel has come out with some movies I thought were close to the comics, other than too much profanity. The Matrix, like the truth, was stranger than fiction. Don't keep up with celebs, I do believe we tend to idolize them. Also thought the Lord of the Rings trilogy was good.

Jazz Trumpet Pictures, Images and Photos

Little bit of everything. Jazz and Classical mainly, but appreciate all forms even, dare I say it, rap and hip-hop.


The Bible, it has proven to be the lamp unto my feet, Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises, my gardening books, history- as a subject, poetry. The Hobbit, have read all of Tolkien's fantasies in my teens, and even though they are anti-industry, I still like his works.

Am turning my backyard into a patio style herbal garden. There is a limmitted amount of sunshine in my small back yard, so its a bit of a challenge to grow herbs and other plants.

Apologetix has really good video, they are a Christian parady band. Will get around to posting some of their vids here, and hopefully get them to join boomer...

bible study
herb garden

Am a 52 year old warehouse stiff born and raised in Houston Texas. Spent most of my life here, was stationed at Fort Meade MD for the three years I served in the Army. Jesus is my best friend, and even though I am not much of a Church goer, I enjoy conversations with like-minded Christians.

Women who are submissive, Bible oriented, and are honest.

People with poor manners, excessive foul language.

I do not date women with tattoos, who smoke, and have their cell phones glued to their ears 24/7.

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Friends are Angels Sent down to Earth to Make good days and Help us find Our Way. *Thank You For being A Friend*  Have a Good Week. Blessings, Smiles & Prayers!

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Whatever You may be facing, Keep going, Keep moving, Keep Hopeing. Keep pressing on. There is always Victory on the other side. Love, Hugs & Prayers! Patty 

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