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10/16/2018 09:36:53

10/16/2018 09:25:35

Happy day for you

10/16/2018 09:22:09

'Safe Travels' Designing Girl, Wherever Those Tuesday Traffic Lights Lead  Xx

10/16/2018 09:17:25

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10/16/2018 08:55:43

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thinking of you 3 photo thinking4.gif

hugs photo 33.gif

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10/16/2018 08:37:30

10/16/2018 08:35:25

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10/16/2018 08:28:47

10/16/2018 08:21:56

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have a happy day...hugs

10/16/2018 06:48:07

The ego is who we're living through in the flesh day by day as the character...

Letting go of the ego is painful at first because your mourning what
you've become so familiar with in the mirror & accepting this is not
truly you...

The body is all we've ever known our entire lives
so to have that leg supporting the ego kicked out from under us seems
TERRIFYING at first however it's what gives you your wings...

YOU don't awaken from the dream until you've come to the realization of
self & that your only awakening & realizing the central self
yet again in a different veil...

& this is why we're born
naturally having questions... to remember who we are but again. We're
infinite through taking a form in the skin & reincarnating into all
the characters to play the game of self realization all over again to

THERE IS nothing truly exsistent or non existent beyond the central self (center point).
All in the dual state of being is imaginary.... including the one your seeing in the mirror....have fun with it.

We create our struggles and pains by getting SO consumed by the
character we're living as & putting out for the world but your not a
person experiencing the universe your the universe experiencing a

Our greatest misconception is that we're "HUMAN".... We
aren't humans were energy awakening to a human experience. There is
actually a HUGE distinction between the two & one must realize this
to realize self.....

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10/16/2018 06:17:39

Have a
Wonderful Day
my Dear Friend.
Love, Hugs &

10/16/2018 06:02:35

Excellent Tuesday for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

10/16/2018 06:02:00

10/16/2018 05:42:58





10/16/2018 05:34:30





10/16/2018 05:29:19





10/16/2018 05:23:35





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10/16/2018 05:10:52





10/16/2018 05:02:42





10/16/2018 04:58:54





10/16/2018 04:54:05

enjoy your tuesday.love and hugs

10/16/2018 04:49:45

Wishing You A Good Day Friend

10/16/2018 04:41:59

Hi Babes Smile!!!Working From Home Today Got An  Arrangement To Do For A Music Publisher In La  In The States Just A Try-Out To See If They Like My Stuff Could Be Good For Future Work See How It Goes INNIT SMILE!!!...Had My Flu Jab So Thats Good No Reaction Glad I Did It's Sooo Easy To Pick Up The Virus You Just Have To Touch Something That Someone With The Flu Has Touched Easy Done If You Mix With A Lot Of People...Must Get An Hour In The Gym A Nice Relaxing Massage And A Swim And You Feel Like You Can Take On The World So Thats It For Today Take Care Be Happy See You Later...



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10/16/2018 04:39:35

Hope your having a wonderful Tuesday.Hugs Belle xo

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