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01/18/2018 00:57:40

01/17/2018 23:56:08

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Good Morning Friends Happy Thursday

johnny's blog

dreamies.de (qh02d290tkc.gif)

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01/17/2018 18:05:56







01/17/2018 17:10:01



You hold a special place in my heart,

I hope you feel the same way about me!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

ANNETTE HANSHAW: acc. by Phil Napoleon, t / Charlie Butterfield, tb /
Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Irving Brodsky, p / Dick McDonough, g / Joe
Tarto, sb / Stan King, d. New York. October 18, 1929.

Annette Hanshaw - If I Can't Have You



01/17/2018 16:50:14

Have a good evening & and a good night my sweet friend madhatter


01/17/2018 16:37:13

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Image result for smart sassy and classy pics

01/17/2018 16:31:31

Hope your day has been wonderful!

01/17/2018 16:28:48

01/17/2018 16:09:55

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 photo 3WEDNESDAY_zpssglfzwgi.gif

Enjoy Your Evening with Open heart Because this Particular Moment May Not come again. Share love and Show Care to those that Matters. Have a Good Night Dear Friend. Smiles & Prayers. "Chatty" Patty

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01/17/2018 15:17:18

Laugh when you Can,
Apologize when you Should,
and let Go of
what You Can't Change.

Kiss Slowly, Play Hard,
Forgive Quickly, take Chances,
Give everything and
have no Regrets.
Life's too Short to be
anything but Happy....

Have a Beautiful and
Gorgeous Day,
With you Love Ones
my Sweetheart..     .
♥ Nancy ♥

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01/17/2018 15:07:22

Ahh,the Myspace day's..this group I was in was a Blast

 Have a Great Hump Day 

01/17/2018 15:02:27

Knowing others is wisdom, 

knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

~ Lao Tzu ~

01/17/2018 14:06:38

01/17/2018 13:15:58

MadHatter wrote:
That's what I thought

kaylou wrote:

   That was me loking for you,lol

MadHatter wrote:



01/17/2018 13:03:15

MadHatter wrote:


01/17/2018 13:01:50

Did you get your wood moved today?

01/17/2018 12:57:40

This is our new puppy named "Stella". As most of you know my son's pit bull of 15 yrs or more died named Cosmo. I got this one for him as a Christmas present. She's a real pistol too. lol I had to put a bell on her collar just to be able to keep up with her.

01/17/2018 12:06:57

01/17/2018 11:22:53







01/17/2018 11:19:04


01/17/2018 11:15:53

Have a great Wednesday my dear friend and try to keep warm. Big hugs,  Yvette xoxo 

01/17/2018 10:54:28

hope all is well with you, and you are having a nice day....hugs

01/17/2018 10:41:37

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Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. 

 Stay warm my friend. Love ya!! 

01/17/2018 09:31:10

Good Morning  My Sweet Hanson. Wishing you a beautiful winter day, stay warm my dear friend.

01/17/2018 09:29:19

Spreading Touches of Wonder on Your Day my Sweet Friend...♥ 

gothicandamazing:“ Model, photo, styling: Absentiaheadpiece, skirt: @Veilcorset: Corsetry & RomanceWelcome to Gothic and Amazing |www.gothicandamazing.org”

sweetd3lights:“ © All rights reserved by Ben Simon Rehn”

silvaris:“elven, photo by Marketa Novak”

quiet-nymph:“ Photography by PLANTFOLK. apothecary”

andantegrazioso:“Frosted pink | shackirovajulia”

lady-of-faerietales:“ The beautiful @voiceofnature , who is such an inspiring spirit and light in this world.Watercolor and gouache, 2018.”


silvaris:“Old mill by Marketa Novak”

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