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10/15/2018 02:24:34

10/14/2018 23:51:36

10/14/2018 23:31:44

10/14/2018 22:10:03



Remember, to come to my birthday party on thursday, October 18th!

I'll be waiting for you!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

A rare film of Annette Hanshaw now in the public domain. A hugely popular
jazz singer during the late 1920's and early 1930's.
She was one of those women who was beautiful by just being herself.
A very cool lady who epitomises the age of glamour perfectly.
There has been recently revived interest in Annette with the animated
film, "Sita Sings the Blues," which features performances by Annette. Go to youtube to see it for free!

During the Depression, Captain Henry's Maxwell House Showboat took
listeners back to happier times of the Old South. The show broke ground
for the way it combined fictional characters like Captain Henry with
real life cast members like Annette Hanshaw. Showboat was the most
popular program on radio from 1933-1935 and Annette Hanshaw, a regular
on the program, was America's Sweetheart and the nation's most popular
female singer. The show aired nationwide on NBC affiliates every
Thursday evening.

Annette Hanshaw ~ 1933 Film from Maxwell House Showboat-We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye



10/14/2018 22:08:01


10/14/2018 21:39:46


My daughter woke me around 11:50 last night. My husband and I had picked
her up from her friend Sally's birthday party, brought her home, and put
her to bed. My husband went into the bedroom to read while I fell asleep
watching the Lions game."Mommy," she whispered, tugging my shirt
sleeve. "Guess how old I'm going to be next month.""I don't know,
beauty," I said as I slipped on my glasses. "How old?"She smiled and
held up four fingers.It is 7:30 now. My husband and I have been up with her
for almost 8 hours. She still refuses to tell us where she got them.


by with yet another tale...Enjoy & have a great night out there on
your end dear friend...


10/14/2018 19:56:50
[url=https://www.dreamies.de/show.php?img=yr0s5eh5ey9.jpg] [/url]

[url=https://www.dreamies.de/show.php?img=nok0ob5pa1m.png] [/url]

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[url=https://www.dreamies.de/show.php?img=ddah2fjehsb.jpg] [/url]

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[url=https://www.dreamies.de/show.php?img=wlh0ayagmhu.jpg] [/url]

10/14/2018 19:31:13

Sweet dreams and goodnight my sweet friend I hope you have a great evening hugs love and kisses

10/14/2018 18:50:08





10/14/2018 18:41:54

10/14/2018 18:30:40

Image may contain: dog

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Image may contain: sky, tree, horse, outdoor and nature

Hey, my daughter took these of some of my favorite animal friends that I love!  Yes, she has her own photography business so I got the senior citizen Daddy discount!...lol  Have a great day and my buddies say Hi to you all!  hugs, Waylon!  :)

10/14/2018 18:17:42

Wish you a great weekend.






10/14/2018 17:57:40

10/14/2018 17:28:41

Have A Good Evening Friend, 

It's been a good day,

Hope yours has been good also, 

Good Night :))

10/14/2018 16:25:33

may you have a beautiful Sunday evening..hugs xo 


10/14/2018 15:47:36

10/14/2018 15:07:03

10/14/2018 14:20:39

Image result for Funny Halloween images

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Image result for Funny Halloween images

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I bought my candy 2 weeks ago but ..

Those dang bite size candies..

Just dissapeared on me.

Stocked up again today:))

10/14/2018 13:32:54

For some reason I'm feeling a bit nostalgic this Sunday!

I want to dedicate this comment to all those friends who were

kids in the Eighties! They were golden years... At least for me!

Have a great Sunday Dear Friend!







10/14/2018 13:22:02

Good afternoon//Evening
for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

10/14/2018 12:34:46

Hope your weekend is going beautifully my friend ;)

Kisses & Love,


10/14/2018 11:55:47

10/14/2018 10:50:03


10/14/2018 10:43:56

Have A Sweet Sunday-wg0730

10/14/2018 10:19:34

Снимка на Marian Vizante.

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