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05/05/18 Jumping the gun? I'll wait but my post, let's be lenient time of posting
05/05/18 A just new study, only 7% are cheating their spouses
03/23/18 Music we post comes from (mostly)?
03/23/18 What master password app you use? I use Last Pass
03/05/18 There are 2 sounds that confuse with at home or on TV
02/17/18 Taken from Movie lines: FATE has a way of circling around upon you
02/17/18 Are your children safe at school?
02/03/18 Watching the SuperBowl tomorrow?
02/02/18 Families, children adults move, new careers, live apart by many miles from parents. Would online ease the distance?
02/02/18 Most influential
02/02/18 Children, not teens, what are they 'into' most likely? (excluding smartphones)
01/26/18 Twins. Have the same?
01/25/18 In this ingratiating age of smartphones, what makes you choose a new app?
01/24/18 We're a 'family' here. What places you are most faithful to check when online?
01/24/18 Tribute bands certainly have their place. Ideally? We like performers to look as much like the original performers, play like them, have the same stage mannerisms. Outside of that and all those elements are in performance with a tribute band, what is most
01/23/18 What makes it a real connection
01/23/18 Two have a sense of humor, much alike, best suited?
01/23/18 Are men more conservative committing to a mortgage, 15 or 30 years?
01/21/18 Cars with braking sensors lead to insurance discounts?
08/31/17 I definitely need a new smartphone
01/05/17 Yes or No. Anyone got tech related for Christmas?
01/01/17 DAY 1 so any resolutions or so not that?
10/29/16 How many would say Halloween is their favorite holiday?
10/04/16 Trump 'using' Pence in a chessmatch?
09/01/16 Weird jokes not understood
08/13/16 Have Netflix?
01/14/16 We all have one favorite browser. But what is your second, fall back one?
12/12/15 Best place you di or what to fall in love? Choose closest.
11/29/15 Christmas lights up?
11/23/15 Does anyone burn DVD's anymore?
11/14/15 With regard to the Middle East, should the US
11/05/15 How many tabs do you run customarily in your browser?
08/28/15 Wonder what women think. Already know what senior men think. Should senior men, graying, or as in my case, going almost white, lol, should they color their hair? What would women think of that? Insecure?
08/27/15 Ashley Madison
08/20/15 When 'it', whatever it is, won't load, you waited ?
08/16/15 Windows 7 user, skipped the 8 upgrade. How many have 10?
07/19/15 Lost in a sea of what?
07/12/15 Summer is coming. Midwest, South and West. Hot. What is the normal body temp our bodies try to maintain?
07/08/15 If granted a second life, what most among these would you want to come back as?
06/07/15 Don't evangelical families produce rebels?
05/07/15 When going to pages, do you want their music to autoplay or not? Simple yes or no.
04/17/15 Clear cut and short: Do you think tats attract you?

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