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67 years old
Backwoods of, Oklahoma
United States
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Old Bibles King James & older

woodcarving and any type of carpentry. Making people smile...And Pondering on the porch

Enjoy my friend.

Complete!Ready to go when Our Heavenly Father calls me,true love has come to share HeavensBackPorch..."We thank you Father God"

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Enjoying life in the wilderness with my lady and sharing the journey of our days with friends here on Boomers. Feb. 2019 will be our 8 year celebration of meeting here in the old chat room. We are very happy and thankful for the love we found. Most of my friends know the story, so if you are new to our porch, just ask...ken

Living a dream come true with Cheryl


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02/25/2020 19:29:58

Evening home from work  was another nice day,

but getting rain tonight into tomorrow, made chicken wings for dinner  with  rice on the side.  hope you had a great Tuesday can't believe this month is almost over., were does the time go.    Have a great night my friend.hugs  June

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02/25/2020 17:10:59

Hello.Just stopping by your page to wish you a very peaceful day with a little touch of "crazy fun" mixed in. On Tuesdays' the week-end can seem so far away and tonight politics will once again be center stage on television. Makes it a perfect day to put on my clown shoes.  I am trying my best to separate wisdom from madness and hear some proposals that I can rally behind. However, it is always better to keep my thoughts to myself because my opinions are still developing as we go. I've been making page design changes once again yesterday and today. Contest will be beginning soon, but I'm mostly having fun with it. I sometimes try odd themes and experiment. Tonight I quit playing and rest...Perhaps I will see you tomorrow. ~ Marcia

02/25/2020 16:10:52

Fantastic Week Angel picture

02/25/2020 12:30:53

02/25/2020 11:56:29

02/24/2020 23:19:55

HAPPY MARDI GRAS 2020 FROM LOUISANA, MY DEAR FRIENDS XOXO Image result for mardi gras picsImage result for mardi gras picsImage result for mardi gras picsImage result for mardi gras picsImage result for mardi gras pics

02/24/2020 18:45:07

evening  weather was great 50's was a busy day for me,  went to vote, dollar store, bj's and coffee plus drop of the census at city hall.  home  and not cooking  making popcorn for dinner.   hope you had a great  monday., and a fantastic new week.  hugs  june

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02/24/2020 13:02:28

It`s raining here today and it`s cold, at least my plants are getting a good watering. I`m staying indoors. Stay healthy stay happy and have  a lovely day friend.  Hugs!

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