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I Am Who and What I am and I'm ok with that

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58 years old
United States
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Love westerns,
Yes ,, I guess I'm ole school, Clint is my favorite

traditional and Classic Country Music and Country Gospel is My Favorite, Although I do like and play some classic rock, I cut my teeth on songs like Mama Tried and Hungry Eyes, you know the good stuff, My favorite is Our Biggest Country Music Legend Merle Haggard, A man that forgot more about country music in one night than most will ever learn in a lifetime, Country and Country Gospel is not just what I do,, It's very much apart of who and what I am.. I've mastered a few trades in my lifetime but MUSIC has always been and still is my passion.

Don't read much, but I'd have to say the Bible

Every picture tells a story, Every book has a new chapter, Every good friendship has them both,

Horseback riding, Fishing, Camping, Bonfires, Grilling out, Enjoy working my Veg. garden, Dining In, and Dining out, spur of the moment get aways and having fun, laughing, enjoying life, And of coarse I enjoy listening to music, I love to play and sing for others

In Honor of Hag, I've closed everyone of my shows with this song ever since Hag passed, This song took on a whole new meaning to me since Hag passed, RIP Friend, Mr. Merle Haggard 4/6/1937 - 4/6/2016..

My Bucket list is pretty simple, but fun, that list is in my bucket everyday, And I most of the time I make them happen.......... One other thing that was on my bucket list though, But that never happen and will never happen, That was to ride that bull again that nearly killed me when I was 32, I road 8 more years after I got over that hurt, But never could draw that bull again to ride ..... Can't have it all I guess.

I'm a cowboy, Not a want to be or a coca cola cowboy, I have a right to wear my hat and I wear it, Enuf Said
I'm also a singer/songwriter/performer, A Country Music Artist, Singer and play Guitar, I have done Concerts with some of our best legendary artist, Have had a # 1 Indie World Chart Hit, 2 different Amazon Best sellers and a # 1 Reverbnation Hit, I've top 10s in 6 different country charts, I'm a hard worker, Down to earth, But can cowboy up with the best, Loyal, Honest, Not a saint, Not prefect, That bout sums it up

Honesty, I think if someone was to ask what people are really wanting the most this day and time I would have to say honesty, being honest with oneself and one another, Living simple, real and down to earth, Yep, That turns me on

Drama of any kind,, I will NOT be apart of it are will I be around it....

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