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mem_staff ONLINE
80 years old
In The Valley, Tennessee
United States
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Thanks for visiting my page..

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01/16/21 Have You Ever Met A Celebrity

click on picture below to go to my Design Contest Page "QuietNature" I do not send out comments from that page

I enjoy all the comments from my friends and talking among one another, It's more of a friendship that way rather than pictures sent.

I love designing my own page,and if you have "ANY" questions please ask...

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My Online name is Ally. Short for NaturesAlly

I love listening to music , Love Nature and animals.
At one time I ran a Small Dog's Rescue, we were registered as a 501 non profit.and even took in dogs with medical needs and the elderly,

Friends or not you are welcome to message me anytime. If you have any questions
or need help feel free to ask....

If your just wanting to say hello, talk about anything please do so. that will be fine.

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01/27/2021 13:59:57


01/27/2021 13:48:35

01/27/2021 13:41:08

Hello dear friend Ally!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//evening!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

01/27/2021 13:04:54

01/27/2021 13:01:45

Something with watermelon?

Something with coconut ?

something with strawberries in it?

Or bottles like a Corona or a nice cold soda?

I know..bring cold bottled water ;)

01/27/2021 12:55:01

cat sunday GIFCat Flowers GIF by markoDisco Wednesday GIF by MOODMAN

01/27/2021 12:33:42

NaturesAlly wrote:
oh no...sorry to hear about poor Ollie..hope it's nothing serious!!!...don't know what you're in the middle of but YEAH to a new exercise maching (sorry it boke in the first place)...hope your day will get back on a better track now...hang in there!!

In the middle of it all taking care of my dog ollie who was sick. I broke my exercise  areo pilate machine and had to order a new one,, when it rain it poors

01/27/2021 12:03:25

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