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"No matter how cruel the world becomes You must never let go of your kindnes

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98 years old
In The Tennessee Valley, Tennessee
United States
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Thank you June for making me this and my dog
in headliner

Hello Friends. Thanks for visiting my page,

I enjoy seeing all the pages in the design contest, although because I work as part of the design contest team I choose not to compete with members at the site, and so happy we now have our own section

I love designing my own page,and if you have "ANY" questions please ask..Also I dont mind sharing any of pages please ask first.

My Online name is Ally. Short for NaturesAlly

I love listening to music , nature and animals.

Friends or not you are welcome to message me anytime. If you have any questions
or need help feel free to ask....

If your just wanting to say hello, talk about anything please do so.

My other page is "QUIETNATURE" I use that profile to work on backgrounds I do not send comments out from that profile, And ask for friends request to be sent here

People find it easy to.

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12/18/2018 22:53:12

My dear friend, its the last time that I`m here till
Christmas-Holidays. Wishing you a wonderful time with family and
friends, many happy hours and nice presents. Want to thank you for all
the nice and amazing comments. Hugs Trudy

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Christmas is Coming

12/18/2018 22:50:44

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12/18/2018 22:37:10
For those who are unfamiliar with the story of the "Alamo",
this might not be too interesting.
The Massacre of a small garrison of Texans & volunteers from many walks of life by the Mexican Army commanded by General Santa Anna.
They held on for 13 days against a vastly superior & well-trained force, finally succumbing to an enemy who out-manned them 5 to 1. There was No quarter given & the defenders were slaughtered without mercy in a final Battle that lasted barely over an hour!
Congressman & pioneer Davy Crockett as well as Gambler & re-known knife-fighter James Bowie were but 2 of those who lost their lives that day in one of the major battles for Texan Independence!
The words "Remember the Alamo" would forever be the rallying cry for those faced with insurmountable odds.
The Alamo, what's left of it, is quiet now, but it's walls retain within them those bloody events of a cold Winter in 1836!
The chapel, where some of the heaviest & bloodiest fighting occurred is a Shrine to those who believed in American ideals & were willing to sacrifice their futures for what they believed in.
Tour now in 360 degrees panoramic mode the places where it all happened.
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