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80 years old
In The Valley, Tennessee
United States
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Most of the music I share here is for the talent of these singers....

Nap Time for Bentley.

click on picture below to go to my Design Contest Page "QuietNature" I do not send out comments from that page

I enjoy all the comments from my friends and talking among one another, It's more of a friendship that way rather than pictures sent.

I love designing my own page,and if you have "ANY" questions please ask...

You are welcome to use the pictures I place in the sections.
Please do not take my header or background.

For premade Boomer layouts click boomer layout picture below.

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"Ally" Is my Online Name. It's Short for NaturesAlly.

I love listening to music , Love Nature and animals.
At one time I ran a Small Dog's Rescue, we were registered as a 501 non profit.and even took in dogs with medical needs and the elderly,

Friends or not you are welcome to message me anytime. If you have any questions
or need help feel free to ask....

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06/30/2022 19:59:08

Have a beautiful  evening,LV B. XXOO 

06/30/2022 19:22:51

beautiful day.,  went to lunch.,  no supper  to tired

have a great night., see you in the morning

06/30/2022 19:21:07

Just wanted to say good night to everyone and thanks again for the birthday wishes...Its been a long day and tomorrow morning I will finally be getting my A/C in...have had a few uncomfortable days so am thankful the company was able to get me a new one and put it in so soon..whew! So this older lady is tired and going to go to bed early..Will catch ya on here sometime tomorrow...Sleep well my friends...hugs and love..Wanda

06/30/2022 18:59:17

06/30/2022 18:24:05

Very pretty comment yourself Ally. Enjoy your night. I'm going to go relax now. Did errands again this morning. I need to adapt to the heat! LOL 

Have a good evening sharon. i loved your comments


06/30/2022 18:19:57

It,s a hot day here so I thought;

you need an icecream sweetie pie Ally    

06/30/2022 18:07:16

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06/30/2022 17:57:46




Have a wonderful Evening and good nights sleep, Ally. Tomorrow is Friday, one more day, and then the weekend will visit Us all. nitey nitez... clyde

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