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08/19/2018 22:25:47


08/19/2018 21:05:23

Have a Good night
Love Mia ♥

08/19/2018 20:41:34

08/19/2018 19:39:48

 photo friendshipforyou.jpg photo e58_zpszchehlo9.gif photo bisous-1.gifgood night sweetie....

08/19/2018 18:28:59

08/19/2018 17:51:20

good evening.. i hope you had a lovey sunday..the weather today was like a fall day.. i got spoiled .. tomorrow the heat is back ,and its monday..  enjoy tonight.. hugs judie xoxo stay safe and sleep well

08/19/2018 16:40:31


Have a blessed day... Creator Blessings... Carol Anne..xx

Elder’s Meditation of the Day

“If a child hasn’t been given spiritual values within the family setting, they have no familiarity with the values that are necessary for the just and peaceful functioning in society.”
–Eunice Baumann-Nelson, Ph.D, PENOBSCOT

When we are born, we start with a beautiful empty mind ready to be given our beliefs, attitudes, habits and expectations. Most of our true learning comes from watching the actions of others. As we watch our family or relatives, whatever their actions and values are, so will be the children’s values and acts. If we see our families living a just and peaceful way of life, so then will the children. If we see our family shouting, arguing, and hateful, so will it be for the children. The cycle of life – baby, youth, adult and Elder is all connected. If the older ones have good values, it will be connected to the children.

Oh My Creator, If There Are Values I Have Missed, It Is Not Too Late. I Can Get Them From You. Teach Me Today Your Spiritual Values. Respect, Trust, Giving, Honesty, Wisdom – Teach Me These....

© Don L. Coyhis - Th Four Seasons

The Piqued Buffalo-Wife

Once a young man went out and came to a buffalo-cow stuck fast in the mire. He took advantage of her situation. After a time she gave birth to a boy. When he could run about, this boy would go into the Indian camps and join in the games of the children, but would always mysteriously disappear in the evening. One day this boy told his mother that he intended to search among the camps for his father. Not long after this he was playing with the children of the camps as usual, and went into the lodge of a head man in company with a boy of the family. He told this head man that his father lived somewhere in the camp, and that he was anxious to find him. The head man took pity on the boy and sent out a messenger to call into his lodge all the old men in the camp.

When these were all assembled and standing around the lodge, the head man requested the boy to pick out his father. The boy looked them over, and then told the head man that his father was not among them. Then the head man sent out a messenger to call in all the men next in age; but, when they were assembled, the boy said that his father was not among them. Again the head man sent out the messenger to call in all the men of the next rank in age. When they were assembled, the boy looked them over as before and announced that his father was not among them. So once again the head man sent out his messenger to call in all the young unmarried men of the camp. As they were coming into the head man's lodge, the boy ran to one of them, embracing him, said, "Here is my father."

After a time the boy told his father that he wished to take him to see his mother. The boy said, "When we come near her, she will run at you and hook four times, but you are to stand perfectly still." The next day the boy and his father started out on their journey. As they were going along they saw a buffalo-cow, which immediately ran at them as the boy had predicted. The man stood perfectly still, and the fourth time, as the cow was running forward to hook him, she became a woman. Then she went home with her husband and her child.

One day shortly after their return, she warned her husband that whatever he might do he must never strike at her with fire. They lived together happily for many years. She was a remarkably good woman. One evening when the husband had invited some guests, the woman expressed a dislike to prepare food for them, he became very angry and, catching up a stick from the fire, struck at her. As he did so, the woman and her child vanished, and the people saw a buffalo-cow and calf running from the camp.

Now the husband was very sorry and mourned for his wife and child. After a time he went out to search for them. In order that he might approach the buffalo without being discovered, he rubbed himself with filth from a buffalo- wallow. In the course of time he came to a place where some buffalo were dancing. He could hear them from a distance. As he was approaching, he met his son, who was now, as before, a buffalo-calf. The father explained to the boy that he was mourning for him and his mother and that he had come to take them home. The calf-boy explained that this would be very difficult, for his father would be required to pass through an ordeal. The calf-boy explained to him that when he arrived among the buffalo and inquired for his wife and son, the chief of the buffalo would order that he select his child from among all the buffalo calves in the herd. Now, the calf boy wished to assist his father and told him that he would know his child by a sign, because when the calves appeared before him, his own child would hold up its tail. Then the man proceeded until he came to the place where the buffalo were dancing. Immediately he was taken before the chief of the buffalo-herd. The chief required that he first prove his relationship to the child by picking him out from among all the other calves of the herd. The man agreed to this and the calves were brought up. He readily picked out his own child by the sign.

The chief of the buffalo, however, was not satisfied with this proof and said that the father could not have the child until he identified him four times. While the preparations were being made for another test, the calf-boy came to his father and explained that he would be known this time by closing one eye. When the time arrived, the calves were brought in as before, and the chief of the buffalo directed the father to identify his child, which he did by the sign. Before the next trial the calf-boy explained to his father that the sign would be one ear hanging down. Accordingly, the calves were brought up for the father to choose, and he again identified his child. Now, before the last trial, the boy came again to his father and notified him that the sign by which he was to be known was dancing and holding up one leg. Now the calf-boy had a chum among the buffalo-calves and when the calves were called up before the chief so that the father might select his child, the chum saw the calf-boy beginning to dance holding up one leg, and he thought to himself, "He is doing some fancy dancing." So he, also, danced in the same way. Now the father observed that there were two calves giving the same sign and he realized he had to make a guess and he did so, but the guess was wrong. Immediately the herd rushed upon the man and trampled him into the dust. Then they all ran away except the calf-boy, his mother, and an old bull.

These three mourned together for the fate of the unfortunate man. After a time the old bull requested that they examine the ground to see if they could find a piece of bone. After a long and careful search they succeeded in finding one small piece that had not been trampled by the buffalo. The bull took this piece, made a sweat house, and finally restored the man to life. When the man was restored, the bull explained to him that he and his family would receive some power, some headdresses, some songs, and some crooked sticks, such as he had seen the buffalo carry in the dance at the time when he attempted to pick out his son.

The calf-boy and his mother then became human beings, and returned with the man. It was this man who started the Bull and the Horn societies, and it was his wife who started the Matoki

08/19/2018 15:54:10

08/19/2018 15:48:12

hola que tengas un buen comienzo de semana especial con amistad maria muchos besitos estoy un poco ausente por problemas personales

08/19/2018 14:04:42

08/19/2018 13:56:18

08/19/2018 13:41:56

Have a wonderful day..


Today’s Affirmation: I re-frame my thoughts for positive action


 May Good  grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, a moon beam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you... Laughter to cheer you... Faithful friends  near you...And  whenever you pray...Heaven to hear you"
~An Irish Blessings...Have a Blessed day...Stay Safe.. Angel Blessings and Love...

I will greet this day with love in my heart.
And how will I do this?
Henceforth will I look on all things with love and be born again.
I will love the sun for it warms my bones;
yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit.
I will love the light for it shows me the way;
yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.
I will welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart;
yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul.
I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due;
yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.
- Og Mandino


A mind that perceives
What can rationally be.
A spirit that sees
Innovative possibility.
A heart that is open to
Both beginnings and ends.
A firm hand that fits readily
To the reach of a friend.
- Mary Anne Radmacher


08/19/2018 13:03:49

Happy Sunday my friend, enjoy it!!

08/19/2018 12:56:45

08/19/2018 12:39:57

The Sun has risen. The darkness has disappeared and a new day has started.  A bright Relaxing Sunday is waiting for you. 

 photo 16232956RdockGnZ_zpss6kin7l7.jpg

 photo 16232849WCFFBIP3_zpsptzfnho3.jpg

 photo 16232915NOHLLXbv_zpswy35flgy.jpg

 photo 16232732AEBYQwAe_zpspiovi2gh.jpg

 photo 16233159pDEwZNxn_zpsswp2omjy.jpg



08/19/2018 12:18:55
Mounting created Bloggif

Mounting created Bloggif

08/19/2018 12:09:24

It has been a trying weekend for me but looking 

better for today! As usual it is hot outside! I slept in 

and i don't do that often so i have to watch my plants so

the heat doesn't get them! You have a Wonderful Day &

hope you laugh sometime today Sundays are family day's

here, so we will be playing board games! Smiles & Hugs!

08/19/2018 11:16:49

08/19/2018 10:32:37

08/19/2018 10:28:35

08/19/2018 10:21:35

 photo summersnack.jpg photo beachsandsunglasses.jpg  photo a458-1.jpg  photo a407.jpg  photo f629_zpsa8857249.jpg  photo d2011_zps0924d245.jpg

have a great day friends*

08/19/2018 08:51:21

Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp

« immagine »  I vampiri del web  Si aggirano di giorno e di notte….. non hanno orari prefissati, ma tendono a colpire nelle ore di maggior frequentazione.   Diversamente dai vampiri ematici, quelli del web non temono la folla anzi la cercano.  Sono innamorati dei numeri e delle statistiche.   Si es...



born-inlatex: “Latex ”


Bianca Beauchamp

good morning sexy gif - Google Search

Mwah;) Belle

08/19/2018 08:21:31


08/19/2018 07:26:42

I,ll go out with a friend today my sweetie pie taryk  

08/19/2018 06:53:04


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