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65 years old
Birmingham, Alabama
United States
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Hello and Welcome to my home here in Boomerville.
I have been a member of My Boomer Place for
12 years now and have met many great people
from different areas of our small world. I
was part of the team who created Boomers with
the owner at that time, Tom Connor. Tom placed
Boomers on the web in October of 2005. We
opened it to the public on February 14, 2006. At
that time my profile name was Admin2. I realized
I wanted members to think of me as just another
member so back then we could not change the name
so I deleted that account and started my
WritterDeb profile in 2007. When you help create
something you form a very special attachment and
love to it. Time moves on and things change
but I would not give anything for the fun,
the hard work, the laughter, the tears, and most
of all the friendships made here.

It has been a joy to make long lasting friendships
and relationships
during my time here. Being blessed with the
opportunity to serve as an Admin and as a
Staff member taught me much. On the job
training, LOL I now enjoy just being a member
of our community and having fun.

Remember, people may hurt you at times but if
they really care, they will give what it takes
to know you better and reach out their hands
with no strings attached. They will
not talk about you behind your back and
they will take the time to ask you straight
to your face if they hear or think they
know something and want to know if it is
a truth, a fact, instead of passing it on or
believing a false statement, misunderstanding,
or out and out lie. I promise there and some
beautiful people out there.

Enjoy your stay and come back and visit
any time. I believe we are sent many
blessings and great opportunities from God every
day. Please stop and take a moment to
enjoy what is around you and reflect on
who you are and how you can pay it
forward to others. Treat others as you would
have them treat you. God's Golden Rule. It is a
life changing experience.

God Bless,

WritterDeb aka Deb

I have only had 2 accounts while here on
myboomerplace and that is more than
enough for me. I enjoy Alabama Football
and my grandsons playing baseball.
You can check out my sports musings here:
To view Deb's Musings click below.

Deb's Musings

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have some tips and hints you would like to
share click below and share with us in The
Profile Design Help. All are Welcome.

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04/23/2018 19:55:56

Evening, hope you had  a great  Monday

we had  nice  weather today.  finally and they  say  tomorrow  the  same. yeah  2  days  in  a row.,  no  red sox  game  tonight.

have a  great  night, see you  tomorrow

04/23/2018 19:53:41

Have a Beautiful Evening my Sweetie.
Love, Hugs & Smiles:))).

04/23/2018 19:40:47

May the love always find a big place in your heart

04/23/2018 19:14:01
Sending you Blessings of Eternal Love your Way
From my heart to yours
Always Leila 

04/23/2018 19:12:41

04/23/2018 18:49:00

04/23/2018 18:39:42

Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com

...think Teddy and I will put this windy and rainy day to rest and relax now...hope your day made you smile...kiss kiss!

04/23/2018 17:57:33

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Image result for funny Monday comment pics

Hope you had a Good one

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