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Loving The Small Town Life!

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Apache, Oklahoma
United States
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McLintock!, Good Burger, Paper Moon, UHF, To Kill A Mockingbird, Pleasantville, Cannery Row, The Grapes Of Wrath, and others.

TV Shows:

Old Reruns Of Classic TV Shows Such As The Lucy Show, Family Affair, Laurel And Hardy, The Brady Bunch, and I Love Lucy.

Classical and Easy Listening From The '40's Through The '80's.

Books By Dale Carnegie, Ray Bradbury, and Fannie Flagg.

Coffeehouses, Tea Rooms, Garage Sales, Antique Stores, and Taking Trips Down Memory Lane.

My name is Brenda and I live in Apache, Oklahoma with my cat, Rocky. I have chosen to do this page partly as a tribute to Apache as well as to the memory of my former friend, Debbie. (The name has been changed out of respect for her privacy.) Debbie and I used to hang out a lot back in 1992 to 1994. We would drink coffee and tell cute jokes while watching the morning sun rise in the eastern sky. We shared many of our life stories, went to garage sales, antique stores, and did plenty of reminiscing about what many refer to as The Good Old Days. Both of us just loved the small town life. Sometimes we would get bored, perhaps even a little blue, needing to go somewhere like Lawton or Oklahoma City in order to get a short break from Apache. (We would joke about this, calling it the "Apache Blues".) In April 1994, I moved to North Carolina where I stayed for seven years. In May 2001, I returned to Apache. Unfortuneately during this time, Debbie and I had drifted apart. Sadly to say things had changed between us. By a mutual agreement, Debbie and I felt that it would be best to cherish the memories of the closeness we once had and to simply go our seperate ways. It seems that we were like two ships passing in the night. Our friendship obviously wasn't meant to last for a lifetime. Six years later I still think of Debbie from time to time and hope that life is treating her well. Things haven't changed much here in Apache since Debbie was a part of my life. Although I still get the "Apache Blues" from time to time I still love my peaceful, quiet little hometown. I plan on staying in Apache for the rest of my life.

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Long lost friends and others who like the small town life.

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