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Faceless (film) 1987
Directed by Jesús Franco
Produced by René Chateau
Written by René Chateau
Jesus Franco
Michel Lebrun
Jean Mazarin
Pierre Ripert

Starring Helmut Berger
Brigitte Lahaie
Telly Savalas
Christopher Mitchum
Stéphane Audran
Music by Romano Musumarra
Cinematography Jean-Jacques Bouhon
Maurice Fellous

Edited by Christine Pansu
Release date
22 June 1988
Running time
98 minutes
Country France
Language English

Faceless is a 1988 French slasher film directed by Jesús Franco. The
film is about Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger) and his assistant Nathalie
(Brigitte Lahaie) who lure unsuspecting victims to use their skin to
perform plastic surgery on the doctor's disfigured sister - a plot
reminiscent of Franco's first film, Gritos en la noche (1961). Hallen
(Telly Savalas) is a New York businessman who hires private detective

Sam Morgan (Chris Mitchum) to find his missing fashion model daughter
Barbara (Caroline Munro). Other elements of the story include a Nazi
doctor (Anton Diffring) and a chainsaw/power tool tormentor who are
called in by Dr. Flamand. Plot: A former patient of Dr. Frank Flamand
(Helmut Berger), a disfigured Mrs. Francoisis (Tilda Thamar) seeks revenge
for a botched operation by throwing acid at him but she misses and catches
his sister, Ingrid (Christiane Jean), full in the face, resulting in severe burns.

At a photo shoot in Paris, the doctor's assistant Nathalie (Brigitte
Lahaie) drugs and kidnaps Barbara Hallen (Caroline Munro) and
locks her in a room in the basement of Flamand's clinic. Whilst
checking on other kidnapped girls, a scuffle starts with Natalie
and Gordon (Gerard Zalcberg), who lives in the basement chops
off the girl's arms.

In New York City, Barbara's father Terry Hallen (Telly Savalas) is
desperately awaiting a news of his daughter and hires a private
detective, Sam Morgan (Chris Mitchum), to go and find her. Once
in Paris, Morgan visits a morgue with Brian Wallace (Daniel Grimm)
of the Paris police to see a decapitated body, but knows it is not
Barbara due to a missing mole.

Flamand and Nathalie go to see a surgeon Dr. Orloff (Howard Vernon)
about an operation to amputate Barbara's face and attach it to his
sister's Ingrid's face. Orloff tells them to track down Nazi doctor Karl
Heinz Moser (Anton Diffring). They return to find Barbara's face has
been badly cut by Gordon. Morgan interviews Barbara's photo
director Maxence (Marcel Philippot) and gets some information
through intimidation before Maxence's bouncer, Doudo (Tony Awak),
forces Morgan to flee.

Meanwhile, Flamand has kidnapped another woman, Melissa, to use
for the face transplant. Morgan updates Terry with information on
Barbara - that she was a prostitute and that she left with a gold watch.
Moser arrives for the operation, but destroys Melissa's donor face due
to complications and Flamand and Nathalie seek a replacement. At a
club they find an actress (Florence Guerin), trick her into going to the
clinic, drug her and hide her body.

Morgan traces a credit card belonging to Barbara Hallen to the Paris
suburb of Saint-Cloud, and to Flamand's clinic. At the clinic Morgan
sees a watch Natalie is wearing and later sees this in pictures at his
hotel as belonging to Barbara and decides to return to the clinic.

A nurse at the clinic enters the basement and finds all the girls locked
up. She is caught and killed by Gordon. At this moment Moser,
Flamand and Nathalie remove the actress's face and show it to Ingrid.

Morgan returns to the clinic and is attacked by Gordon but manages
to impale him on some hooks. Morgan finds keys and locates the girls
and Barbara but is locked in Barbara's cell with her by Natalie. Flamand,
Moser and Nathalie then brick up the cell. Barbara and Sam find them
selves trapped and gasping for air. Sam though has sent Terry a message
saying Terry, I traced Barbara to this clinic in Paris.

I'm going in tonight to look for her. If I don't leave a message in 12 hours,
send in the marines, Merry Christmas. Terry says to his office executive
Jenny, get me on the first flight to Paris!, in hopes to rescue the two.
Alternate ending: The original ending of the film involved Sam success
fully rescuing Barbara, and arresting Flamand, Nathalie, Moser, and
Ingrid, with Terry going to Paris to pick them up.

Jess Franco wanted a slightly different touch to make it different, so
while switching the ending around, this time it is mentioned that Terry
Hallen is going to Paris to the clinic, but it is left open, if he gets there
in time to save them or not.

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