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Heartbreak Hotel
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06/19/2019 14:37:29

Good morning my Friend
I hope you have a good week
I'm sorry, I'm always in late...
Sending some Love your way

06/19/2019 14:33:22

Hello Sweetness!

Happy Day to you sweet one!

06/19/2019 14:11:50

Hope you're having a pleasant Wednesday my wonderful friend (hugs)

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06/19/2019 14:07:22
mes tubes

You have this one life.
How do you want to spend it?
Apologizing? Regretting?
Questioning? Hating yourself?
Dieting? Running after people
who don't see you?
Be brave. Believe in yourself.
Do what feels goo.
Take risks. Make yourself
proud of this one life....

Have a Beautiful
and Safe Time,
with you love ones!
my sweetheart. ...

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06/19/2019 13:58:04

A man's friendships are 

one of the best measures of his worth. 

~ Charles Darwin ~

06/19/2019 13:50:55

Late morning post.  Early appointment with Dr.  Done having to wear my cast.  Still have to keep the binder on my two fingers for a while yet.  That was a long eight weeks..!   It's been raining and the temp is droping.  Tomorrow the sun will be out, but my morning is taken up again with signing out of my last day of therapy, yay...!  Now I can do the wash I didn't do yesterday.  That's about it for now..  Hugs, love ya and God bless...., Barbara  :-))

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06/19/2019 13:34:40

06/19/2019 13:28:31

Good afternoon//Evening for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

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