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78 years old
Midlothian, Virginia
United States
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Sleepless in settle,whileyou were sleeping, Titanic,you got mail,and so many Stepmom and Gone with the wind ,African Queen,Christmas Vacation, an This Christmas...Steel Magnolias....you got mail,I love the ones like Meg Ryan alsoThe Little Shop around the Corner! Bette Midler,and Diane Keaton.Goldie Hawn !The Wive sClub,The Family Stone and iane played in the Mafi amovies with Al Pancino.

CarlySimon,Bette Midler,CarolKING,Edie Gormie,PeggyLee,Bee Gees,Crosbys Stilland Nash an James Taylor,LionelRitchie,ConnieFrances,Perry Como,Andy Williams,DeanMartin Frank Sinatra,Bing Crosby and so many

I read alot of Auto bios.....Sounthern Living mag....coastal living mag...Barbara Walters the Audition.....family circle,and people,Coastal living a most,Southern Living and goodhouse keeping!I read Adriana Tiganis Big Stone Gap.her other books Cherry Holler.LuciaLucia,Macronifactory

Photography,blogging,reading,flower pollenation,playing with my pet catJosie

Jaydens music!Trinity also

enjoying my family,being agood Christian I had do not know much but going to the ocean and maybe askydive,trip ti paris.

I'm a Mother ,grandmother,and Great grandmother,Friend. Christian beliver,I belive we need more folks trying to help in getting peace....alsoI a breast cancer survivor since95.I value life...God is my saviour,I am a true beliver weneed to keep our house in order.....I was in retailing,I also was inrealestate...Ilove working.I traveled alot.I retired because of bad back,so now I am a caregiver for my great grandchildren..I have many blessings,meeting and makingnewfriends here smiles!

just knowing I'am Right withJesus,my Lord and Saviour,being Saved!

Those who just want to kill and be against all good

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03/21/2019 10:00:27

Confidence a word that can work miracles.

~ Unknown ~

03/20/2019 14:21:22

If you believe in dreaming then dream till that dream comes true 

There’s no limit to what you can do if you can push yourself & believe.

~ Unknown ~

03/20/2019 00:23:22

Got my color pencils, my eraser.....now where's my adult coloring book?                                                                    Colorful Zipper - A photo by Anamaria at PhotoClassical.com     

03/19/2019 14:55:48

Everyone has the ability to make a difference in this world 

all you have to do is believe you have power to do so.

~ Unknown ~

03/18/2019 14:53:35

Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor. 

Every ending, leads to something more.

~ Unknown ~

03/17/2019 15:28:06

03/17/2019 12:14:37

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03/16/2019 18:52:33

My Birthday Wish  For You Is That You Continue To Love And Never Stop Dreaming...May Beauty And Happiness Surround  You; Not Only On Your Special Day But Always...Carol Anne..

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