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All gifts for Lynda0777
From: QuietNature
Gift: Happy Birthday
Type: Public
Message: Have a very Happy Birthday this Friday Lynda
From: lindadudley
Gift: Best Friend
Type: Public
Message: hello lynda love u My friend Linda Lee
From: lindaspalace
Gift: Get Well Soon!
Type: Public
Message: hello hi My friend lynda I hope you are doing good.I hope you have A Happy Valentine's Day.God bless you.your friend Linda Lee.
Gift: Your Special
Type: Private
Message: The sender of this message wishes for it's contents to remain private.
From: Biggi
Gift: Big Hugs!
Type: Public
Message: It's nice that you're back. I missed you. Much Love Biggi
From: Engel54
Gift: Happy Easter!
Type: Public
Message: hello my friend
From: Engel54
Gift: Happy Birthday!
Type: Public
Message: Happy
From: Engel54
Gift: Teddy
Type: Public
Message: Hello
From: Engel54
Gift: Happy New Year!!
Type: Public
Message: Thanks

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