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11/12/2019 19:25:58

their eyes meet, it’s like a touch …a spark.
Attraction…the touch of the eyes, as if, it was infatuation.
Love…the flame of her body is felt, his breath starts igniting.
Reverence…she touches him like a whisper, as if silence is blended in her eyes.
…He prays knelt down on the floor.
Prayer…he is entangled on her path, entangled in her arms…love turns into worship.
Addiction…his living is an obsession, his dying is an obsession, apart from this there is nothing.
Death…let him rest in the lap of death, let him drown his body in her soul....Love & Hugs~Richard





11/11/2019 19:02:14

The rain embraces everything I am
Without judgment’s callous gavel

The rain weeps for me in empathy
Inscribing the path my tears trace

She welcomes me into fellowship
I am speechless before her grace

Her caress brings life and renewal
I taste her cool kiss across my lips..Love & Hugs~Richard





11/10/2019 16:31:55

The wind may blow
as much as it likes,
but the flag
lays still.
It doesn't move,
as if it knows,
why we are crying,
who we are mourning.
It knows
all we have gone through
just so it may wave,
Yet it hangs still,
for them
to come home..Love & Hugs~Richard





11/09/2019 19:39:50

When time renders the soul to ashes,
and tears fade the brightest star afar, 
while the darkest shade of grey matches,
all your memoirs of deepest fears to scar. 

I will try and turn myself to your sunshine,
of happy moments and how sleepy nights are,
rest your head this moment on my shoulder, 
Little hazel eyes of my precious star.

Forget all the tears and the sorrows tonight, 
forget it all and leave it far away,
we are together, let's shine as bright, 
and smile at those memoirs to stay..Love & Hugs~Richard





11/06/2019 18:45:29

Your untamed soft hands touch me in ways I always crave for,
Tease me in sweet ways I could never prepare for,
Hold me in between like I am the only one,
And always distract me unexpectedly when we kiss..Love & Hugs~Richard





10/31/2019 23:30:35

Colors of rainbow,
Minor of black.
Major, strokes of

Strumming stings
Vibrating chords.
Splashes of summers sun.

Ebony wood
Beautiful keys.
Art of stories

Hollow tube
Silver holes.
Shimmering air
Of spring.

A painting
In itself.
Music flows
And colors splash.

Music is a painting
That you
See with
Your heart.

Eyes closed
Soul at

Music I surround
Music I inspire

Music...an endless art..Love & Hugs~richard





10/29/2019 18:19:53

All she breathes is you.

She fell oh so deep in love with you,

You stole her heart and left her,

Broke the only thing she thought was true,

And now, all she wants is you,

All she wants is you.

She could sing about what she's feeling,

Pray for what she is missing,

If only you were still around to understand the meaning,

If only you were listening,  

And now, all she wants, all she sees, all she breathes and all she needs,

Is you..Love & Hugs~Richard





10/26/2019 19:24:15

I fall to pieces
Every moment that is spent without you,
Here with me, by my side,
In my favorite place-
Lost in your arms...
An eternity until that very first time we met,
I had no choice;
Forever unable to say goodbye..Love & Hugs~Richard





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