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Somewhere over the rainbow about to fall off

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57 years old
St.Louis, Missouri
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Old Cars,fast cars,Music, Art,Antiques,Animals,Internet. Camping,reading,anything old. Trying to grow my own veggies,camping,4 wheeling,taking pictures,going to NYC.Paranormal, lots more but all for now:)

be back for this too:)

Mom of 1 son who is my world,Widow after 32 years,learning about my new life.

Have to think.....

bossy people,lots more for later.

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07/20/2019 23:53:33

have a great week

07/20/2019 20:27:59

What a day.  First 91 degrees and humid.  Then strong winds and heavy rain.  Then the sun for a while, then it gets very dark and pours again.  The temp drops to 70, but now the humidity is terrible.  Time to put the air back on again.  Hope tomorrow is better.  I have a wedding shower to go to.  Take care my friend and stay cool.

Hugs, love and God bless...,  Barbara  :-))

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07/19/2019 07:25:32

A very hot day ahead.  Already 82, but going up to 94 here.  Heat index over 100.  Take care and drink plenty of liquids.  I'm not going out until tomorrow, but hope the temps drops a bit by then.  Not supposed to though...   Take care and stay cool.

Hugs, love and God bless..., Barbara  :-))

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07/18/2019 21:38:25

Hot, but not as bad as they said it would be, until tomorrow that is.  I stayed in today and really didn't do much.  Had left overs, so not any cooking.  Got more watermelon from my brother, so that helps cool me off.  Tomorrow will be a scorcher..!  Take care and keep cool.

Hugs, love and God bless..., Barbara  :-))

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07/18/2019 08:12:08

Woke up early as usual and behind the blinds it looked so bright outside.  Not sun though.  Now rain, thunder and lightening.  Very dark outside now.  Not going anywhere today..!  It's going up to 91 today, but even hotter tomorrow.  Have a good day my friend.

Hugs, love and God bless..., Barbara  :-))

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07/17/2019 20:29:14

Got some things from the store today before the temps go up into the 90's.  Hope I got everything I need because I won't be going out until Saturday.  Just keep cool and drink plenty of liquids.  I'm not good at that, so this is a reminder for me too.

Hugs, love ya, and God bless...., Barbara  :-))

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07/16/2019 21:53:58

It was hot today, but being close to the lake helped as I never had to put my air on, just a fan.  Now tomorrow might be a whole lot different.  Supposed to be in the 90's..!   Take care and stay cool.

Hugs, love and God bless..., Barbara  :-))

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07/15/2019 07:39:09

Good Monday morning.  It's going to be a hot day and a hot week.  Have an early appointment this morning, so just stopping by to wish you a good day.  Stay cool.  Time for breakfast..!

Hugs, love and God bless...., Barbara  :-))

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