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08/17/2019 18:23:57

08/17/2019 17:04:02


Love is not something that becomes your weakness, love is something that
becomes your strength. Let's not just fall in love, let's rise in love

Mohsin Ali Shaukat

08/17/2019 16:52:01

Wanna join me at the beach?

Waiting to go for a night out on the water..

Your welcome to join me on the night cruise:)

Bring your own blanket!!

08/17/2019 16:34:22

Excellent Weekend for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

08/17/2019 16:03:07

RIP : Peter Fonda, Aug. 16,2019 ... best know for the movie Easy Rider ... may you always be forever in our hearts and on my page ... wishing you a wonderful and safe day my friend

08/17/2019 15:59:34

Saturday Sensuous Seventy Love: At 70, Lionel Richie is still Handsome, Sexy, and Stylish. Lionel is dating a beautiful, wealthy, fine and curvy model entrepuenurer, age unknown but said to be half his age….




08/17/2019 15:59:13

hola te dejo mis mejores deseos para este sabado y buen comienzo de domingo que lo pases divinamente feliz lleno de alegrias y paz con todo mi cariño,y amistad,maria besitos cuidate

08/17/2019 15:22:06

Image result for august quote summer

Enjoy your weekend!


08/17/2019 14:42:30

Hi there my MyBoomerPlace friend. Just stopped by to give you an update on what happen over here. i was sick for a while but i am ok now. well i had window 7 on my laptop which is going to be turmanated next year like vista was. so i put windows 10 on my laptop by the grace of God. i got it off of ebay. it took all night to put it on my laptop and i also got new antivirus that is good for 2 years. so that it for now thank you for reading this message. you have a nice day with love as always your friend barbh58

Image result for have a blessed weekend

08/17/2019 14:26:24

Happy Saturday........enjoy!

08/17/2019 14:25:39

 photo Angel-1-1_zpsfxuyz5ki.gif

 photo God20Bless20You20Dove_zps6vqbgwwh.gif

“Head Up, Heart Open. To Better Days A Head!” Weekend 

 Blessings, Love & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo Angel-1-1_zpsfxuyz5ki.gif

08/17/2019 14:20:13

 photo G60v6cd3MslG_zpsojuxkcvh.gif

 photo 1718209DzZbqyY3_zps4ndqzdnj.gif

08/17/2019 14:17:01

Have a Lovely Afternoon/Evening my friend
Love and Hugs Don

08/17/2019 13:16:12

 photo d2ed39d9_zpsrr7yx8fi.jpg

Hugs photo HUGS.gif

 photo images_zpsywqoowku.jpg

Saturday photo saturday_5.jpg


08/17/2019 13:08:34

08/17/2019 12:55:42

08/17/2019 12:23:03

Hello my dear friend,

It is Reg,

A mild day today,

Sun just shining,

A slight breeze.

Have a wonderful,

Happy Saturday.








Love hugs,



08/17/2019 12:10:10

Image result for vintage movie stars and their cats

Hope you're enjoying a great Caturday

Image result for animated cat

08/17/2019 11:33:19


08/17/2019 11:28:58

Thinking of You photo 0037.gif

True Friends photo Comment-SendingsomeloveFriendsFootp.gif

 photo db-sat_dogwood.gif



08/17/2019 11:06:09

Hugs my friend,June

08/17/2019 11:02:22

Wishing you a super relaxing weekend,hugs,Di

08/17/2019 10:57:35

Just wanted to say hi!  I haven't had much time to be on!  My niece got married last weekend and am going to a Reba McEntire concert tonight!  I did write a blog last night though if you want to take a peek if you haven't already?  Otherwise have a great weekend!  hugs, Waylon

08/17/2019 10:51:13

Have a nice weekend  !

08/17/2019 10:45:59

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