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10/29/2020 18:22:21

Happy Friday, may you have it full

of happiness, and full of smiles,LAUGH when

you're SAD You know that you are on the right path 

when at every step you feel the JOY of

LIVING, take care of yourself kisses,maria

Feliz viernes, que lo tengas lleno de alegría y lleno de sonrisas,

RÍE cuando estés TRISTE

Sabes que estás en el camino correcto cuando a cada paso sientes la ALEGRÍA de VIVIR, cuídate besos,maria

10/29/2020 18:22:10


10/29/2020 18:08:21

10/29/2020 18:07:04

I seem to be running in circles! But do try to get by an say his at lest ! This year has been crazy for every one I think! Nothing normal about it for sure ! But pray things settle for us all soon Have a good day night or what ever it is where you are enjoy sending hugs an prayers 

10/29/2020 18:06:24

10/29/2020 18:04:41

10/29/2020 18:04:39


10/29/2020 18:01:49

10/29/2020 17:59:28

10/29/2020 17:56:36

Thank you sweet Ally  for your caring thoughts,
I'm feeling much better! 
Hope your Wednesday rocked! (you remember, her name was Wednesday?)

Love you Linda-Lu






10/29/2020 17:36:24

Hello. Thursday afternoon. It has been a cooler day here, but no inclement weather. Just tryin to keep my feet warm. LOL  Has seemed really quiet about the house. Trying to make sure the outside faucets are covered in preparation for Winter temps and checking out the heating. Made a large pot of soup yesterday and it was mighty tasty again today. My neighbors got a second dog...a sweet little pup. I've tried to play with it some through the fence yesterday and today. It's a yapper and the deer that tend to hang out in my back yard seem to capture it's interest and set it off. Can get quite comical. Just a minor irritant to the deer. Any deer hunters among you would love the huge many pointed buck that is the protector among the bunch. He's rather magnificent. Just a few days from Halloween and I see few signs of it about the neighborhood. I guess with Covid it is hard to generate much enthusiasm. Doubtless we will not be seeing trick or treaters. Glad to see the cheerful graphics and pages about Boomers. The spirit is alive and well here. It's always nice. ~ Marcia

10/29/2020 17:35:50




Hi my sweet and lovely friend sending  Thursday wishes your way take care and keep safe luv and hugs Caz xxx

10/29/2020 17:31:18





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10/29/2020 17:24:11

Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time | NASA

10/29/2020 17:21:32

10/29/2020 17:19:02

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10/29/2020 17:02:05

10/29/2020 16:22:11

Hope you are enjoying your day.....soon the ghost  and goblins will soon be out running from door to door for there candy.....can't wait to see there costumes...Have a good evening/night....take care....Big smiles:):):)

10/29/2020 16:14:47

10/29/2020 16:08:49

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10/29/2020 15:59:43




10/29/2020 15:42:45

(56) hi5 - jamel alsher’s Profile

10/29/2020 15:32:45

10/29/2020 15:25:12





10/29/2020 15:11:43

Have a great day.
Lotta xoxo

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