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07/30/2022 13:19:18


Perfect weather for staying in bed all day!

It's raining cats & dogs out there


07/29/2022 17:51:10

Evening my friend., going to be another warm weekend  90's and humid....

just went to the bank, and grocery store., hope your having a good day

see you in the morning....

07/29/2022 13:58:45

I just knew you would look:))) just knew it!

Enjoy the last weekend of July 


It's a long weekend in


07/28/2022 20:24:39


BOBBY IS BUYING:))) definitely gonna have what

blondie is having! 

07/28/2022 18:09:41

Evening/. yeah tomorrow Friday

was a humid day  they say all next week high 90's again.,  its  fine  its  summer time

Went to lunch with a girl friend., then the phones store., hopefully its working better.

have a great night my friend..

07/27/2022 17:11:21

Another nice day., tomorrow they say humidty  will be back  yuck

went to the dentist got a prescription filled  for my blood  hope it helps  maybe i wont't be so tired.

have a great night see you tomorrow

hugs  june

07/26/2022 21:47:34

We have been having a heat wave also.....Hope your doing ok......Hugs Lorribelle54

07/26/2022 18:12:40

evening  was a nice day  cool in the 80's

went to the doctors  have to get a precription tomorrow.,something wrong with my blood.

had a slice of pizza for supper.,  tomorrow morning i go to the dentist  just for a cleaning. then the store,  and to meet the girls.   hope uou had a great day and night.

07/26/2022 13:54:07



Now can you believe it? 

After only five years of playing football,

I got a college degree. Mama was so


07/25/2022 20:01:33

Evening my friend.,  was another 90's  day but they say tomorrow  80's went for  ice tea with the ladies...  had a peach  for supper. i'll be on later tomorrow  have a doctors  appointment, have a good night., hugs june

07/25/2022 14:50:04

Did you really think I'd be away for National

Hot Fudge Sundae Day?

Bon Appétit Everyone:)))


07/24/2022 19:17:37

Evening  another misserable humid night  hope yours is better   they say 1 more day  of 90's   tuesday  will be in the 80's.,  hope you had a good weekend/.  i had watermelon  for dinner my son will be home tomorrow night but late.

see you in the morning my friend,,

07/23/2022 19:19:31

Evening  just went to the pharmacy today  to hot for anything else., its's 91  degrees at 8 pm . to hot to cook

hope you had a good day., see you tomorrow  they say will be 100 or higher

07/22/2022 18:21:50

Evening  another warm day  96  tomorrow they say 105 and sunday

oh well.,   went to lunch with a friend today  then ice tea  with the girls., hope your having a nice day..  see you in the morning.

happy weekend

07/21/2022 20:34:55

 humid today it's 9 PM  and the temp  is 90  degree's  I made a big mistake  today., was looking for UPS store i new it was down the square to i parked the car  and walked ., it wasn't  were i thought it was ., i asked people i walked over 3 miles or more when i found it  the man was very nice  saw i was indestressed  and gave me a bottle of water., thought i was going down for the count. then i had to walk back to my car.  couldn't wait to get home.

hope  you had a better day  and a good night

hugs  june

07/20/2022 18:59:17

Evening it was  95  today  and as  7.45 pm  and still  93   so humid

going to be like this  untill Sunday  they say.,  to hot to cook  so i had some cheeries and ice tea for dinner.,  home your day  was better.,  i just went to the coffee shop.

have a good  night.

07/20/2022 16:12:05

The kids & I are flying to Edmonton, Alberta to check 

out the world's 2nd largest indoor waterpark:)


I'm WAY more excited than the 

kids are! LOL:)))

07/19/2022 20:04:04


There is always something to celebrate!

Right :))) 

07/19/2022 18:09:15

evening  another  90's  day

and very humid., hope your day better and evening, went for ice tea and it slipped out of my hand  what a mess

see you tomorrow, hugs june

07/18/2022 18:47:54

so very hot and humid  today

just went to the grocery store  and tea

have a good night

07/17/2022 17:45:47

Was a very humid day  today.,all week going to be 90's

my son came by  and cut the hedges  etc., but gone for a week now house sitting., i just stayed home  and was reading my book.,  had some watermelon for dinner.

  have a good night.

07/17/2022 13:33:29

I ended up at a classic car show yesterday:)

I wish you could have been there 


07/16/2022 16:39:34

Afternoon  nice day 80's  but very  humid

went to the phone store  the clerk was very nice hopefully my phone  ok  now.,  then went for coffee with the girls,  hope your having a great day....

my son said he'll be by tomorrow to trim the hedges yeah.,  he's house sitting.   have a good night

Hugs  june

07/16/2022 13:21:49



It's gonna be another blazing hot day!

Stay cool any way you can


07/15/2022 18:43:55

Evening   beautiful day  tomorrow  the same  but humid

just went to the grocery store and coffee with the girls., my son working his second job a concert tonight at Fenway

hope you had a  great day  Hugs June

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