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11/17/2022 19:47:39

Evening  another windy and cold day.,

not looking forward to snow., feel it in the air.

went to lunch with a girlfriend., then home...

hope you had a great day.  see you in the morning

finished my xmas shopping., just have to write my cards  will do that  next weekend.

hugs june

11/17/2022 03:28:29

❤️ Good morning have a fabulous Thursday

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/17/2022 00:07:29


"Thankful Thursday" Here's To A Blessed New Day. Always Be Grateful, Enjoy Every Moment. Wherever You Go Carry Peace, Love & Harmony In Your Heart." Peace & Prayers.


11/16/2022 19:53:50

Evening  cold and rainy day

hope your having a good day... went to coffee meet some friends, and wegemans for a few items to make pasta fagilo.,  have a good night., see you in the morning,

11/16/2022 03:49:06

💛 Good morning have a wonderful Wednesday 

love and hugs xxx 💛

11/15/2022 17:06:59

Evening., very chilly day  low 30's., plus  rain

went to the bank today.,  and coffee., hope to go to bed early  tired go to be late.

hope you had a better day.

11/15/2022 03:40:31

❤️ Good morning have a peachy Tuesday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/14/2022 23:37:44

Welcome Everyday With A Smile. It's God'S Gift To You. Have A Good Tuesday. Smiles, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

11/14/2022 19:22:27

evening  very  windy  and cold day in the 30's

got my hair cut today., 50.00 and she didn't even wash my hair . ouch  my son came by to take out the trash and stayed awhile., hope you had a great start to a new week.,  hugs  June

11/14/2022 14:51:57


11/14/2022 03:47:55

❤️ Good morning have a Magical Monday 

luv and hugs xxx ❤️

11/13/2022 19:13:57

another rainy day and chilly

didn't go out today 

hope you had a good day., see you in the morning

11/13/2022 13:25:36
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11/13/2022 08:02:52

❤️ Good afternoon have a chilled out Sunday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/12/2022 19:06:30

Evening. was a nice day., i was lazy  and did nothing

see you in the morning

11/12/2022 14:22:51



"Nothing Brings More Warmth To The Heart Like The Sunshine Of A Friendly Smile. May God Richly Bless You & Your Loved Ones. Faith, Hope, Love & Prayers. Patty Ann


11/12/2022 09:45:13

11/12/2022 08:39:07

💜 Good afternoon have a super Saturday 

love and hugs xxx 💜

11/11/2022 17:54:19

Evening was a nice day  warm  but cloudy.,

were having rain now.,  my son came by and rake the leaves  for me.

yard and the front look  nice.., hope you had a good day see you tomorrow

Hugs June

11/11/2022 03:34:17

❤️ Good morning have a fantastic Friday 

love and hugs xxx ❤️

11/10/2022 18:39:56

Evening., went to lunch with a friend.had pizza, then met another for coffee

tonight had a VFW meeting  can;t beleve am still awake... my son has off tomorrow  veteran day and will be by to rake the leaves.. hope you had a good day,  

hugs june

11/10/2022 03:21:58

💛 Good morning have a fabulous Thursday 

love and hugs xxx 💛

11/09/2022 15:42:28

very windy and cold day.,   just went  to Aldi's  and  coffee

it's early  but am so tired am going to bed..

11/09/2022 03:35:10

💛 Good morning have a wonderful Wednesday 

love and hugs xxx 💛

11/09/2022 02:03:34


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