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01/14/2022 10:50:34

Happy Friday anyway.

01/14/2022 10:05:20

Luv N kises Sarah... Maria xo 

01/14/2022 09:43:04



YaHooo, we made it to Friday  Let's shake it up to a great week-end! 

01/14/2022 09:04:52

01/14/2022 08:24:14

Hi Babes Smile!!! I've Got A Little Job To Do For My Club Like Dropping Off And Picking Up Hired Aircraft That Have Been Landed In The Wrong Place Such As Low On Fuel Or Mechanical Problems All Sorts Of Reasons As Members All The Pilots Take A Turn In Gathering Them Back To Wherever They Came From...I Love It The Experience And The Chance To Fly Different Aircraft And Get Paid For It Heaven On Earth I Would Do It For Nothing Lol...I Had A Feeling The Night Was Going To Well Only To Hear That One Of The Guyzz Spent The Night At A Naughty Girls Hotel Room And Got More Than He Bargained For Next Morning No Wallet And No Naughty Lady To Comfort Him Poor Thing ...The Girl I Mean Lol There's One Born Every Second Live And Learn A Babe...Ok Sweeettzz Sadie And Jackie Are Coming Over To Cook...God Help Me Hahaha...Just Kidding Don't Know What Yet But  It Will Probably Come From My Freezer... I'm Pleased To Say The Cave Is Calling But I've Sooo Much Work And Stuff To Do Here I'll Have To Put It On Maybe For Now ...Sooo Have A Lovely W/end Your Posts Still Inspire Me I'm Happy to Say Thank You ...See You soon 



01/14/2022 04:31:18

An Excellent Friday to You Dear Friend, Take Care ;)

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Ronnie Spector To Play London Show | Live | Clash Magazine

soundsof71:“Marc Bolan, T. Rex, vintage retro glam”

Elizabeth Taylor

hollywood-portraits:“Al Pacino photographed by Eva Sereny, 1977.”

retroetic:“Liv Tyler by Frederic de Lafosse (1995).”

01/14/2022 03:16:07

Happy Friday dear friend hugs Vanna

01/13/2022 23:15:24


01/13/2022 21:52:02

Good Morning Happy Friday Coffee And Roses Gif Pictures, Photos, and Images  for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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01/13/2022 15:39:21






Annette Hanshaw - Get Out and Get Under the Moon! Recorded 1928


What do you do in the evening,
When you don't know what to do?
Read a book, play a game,
Every night it's just the same!

What do you say if I tell you
How to keep from feeling blue,
My advice is good to take,
And it's easier to do.

When you're all alone, any old night,
And you're feeling out of tune,
Pick up your hat, close up your flat,
Get out and get under the moon!

Underneath the bright, silvery light,
You'll be feeling better soon,
Pick up your hat, close up your flat,
Get out and get under the moon!

Ooh-ooh! Look at those stars above!
Look, look, look at those sweeties love,
Oh, boy, give me a night in June!

I mean that, all you gotta do, any old night,
When you're feeling out of tune,
Pick up your hat, close up your flat,
Get out and get under the moon!

When you're all alone, any old night,
And you're feeling out of tune,
Just pick up your hat, close up your flat,
Get out under the moon!

Underneath the bright, silvery light,
You'll be feeling better soon,
So pick up your hat, close up your flat,
Get out under the moon!

Take your girl for an auto ride,
Make your girl cuddle by your side,
On a beautiful night in June!
--will make her love you!

You can park your car wherever you are,
And if she won't kiss you soon,
Just tell her this: "I'm sorry, Miss!"
Get out and get under the moon! "THATS ALL!"

01/13/2022 11:34:01

01/13/2022 11:02:03

Walking with a friend in the dark is better 

than walking alone in the light. 

~ Helen Keller ~

01/13/2022 09:59:19

I guess be careful what you wish for, but my area still needs more snow.

01/13/2022 08:37:08

Dritan Dritanalsela GIF - Dritan Dritanalsela Coffee GIFs



01/13/2022 06:14:13

Hi Babes Smile!!!Out And About Very Early A Two Mile Jog And Then On To My Gym For A Class With Ann-Marie With Wheelchair At The Ready For After Class With Ann-Marie I Defy Even The Fittest Of Gymnasts To Walk Straight After A Gym Session With Her...She Is Very Fussy Who She Takes On And Is One Of The Top Trainers In London I Only Got Booked With Her As She Is A Friend Of Jennys Daughter Sooo It's Not So Much What You know As In WHO You Know INNIT SMILE!!!It's A Beautiful Day I'm Feeling Very Happy Today Soooo I'm Going Flying For A Couple Of Hours Later On, And Out With A Few Of The Guyzzz I Jam With For A Few Beers And A Lads Night Out Which Could Mean Anything Goes And Usually Does Lol...Not A Problem Just Cab It As There Are No Volunteers To Be Designated Driver For The Night I Don't Blame Them They, Just Like Myself Like A Good Night Out Without Ristrictions Or Hassle It's Worth It In The End And We Are All Back In The Studio Working The Rest Of This Week On Some Of My Own Arrangements Anyway See How It Goes ...Ok Sweeettzz Have A Lovely Day It's All Gonna Come Good Sooner Than You Think One Way Or Another Youv'e Been Through The Worst And The Best Has Yet To Come ...



01/13/2022 02:52:58


01/13/2022 02:42:37

Have a great Thursday!! Dear friend hugs Vanna

01/12/2022 22:06:15

Happy Thursday GIFs - 50 Animated Wishes for Thursday

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01/12/2022 20:17:42

it’s another Magical Mystery Tour Wednesday. Enjoy

01/12/2022 12:34:27

Hope your staying warm,Love & Kisses       

01/12/2022 11:59:30

01/12/2022 11:54:00

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, 

not realizing that life is made up of little things.

~ Unknown ~

01/12/2022 07:11:48

Hi Babes Smile!!! Home Again For Now I Cant Begin To Tell You What A Lovely Week I've Had Very Busy Moving Around Cornwall Chasing Retailers For Goods Should Have Got The Girls To Set It Up The Furnishings I Mean Otherwise It's All Come Good At Last Deeds All Sorted Most Of The Studio Except For My Personel Channels Relayed To My Own Choice Of Venues It Cuts Out Copying Hackers Encryption Is Another  Form Of Code I Use And Thats Whats Taking All The Time It Will Be Good For Work And Pleasure INNIT SMILE!!!...I Want To Take Up Sea Diving Sometime In The Summer Great Exercise And The Chance Of Buried Treasure Wow!!! That Must Be Amazing To Discover A Sunken Galleon Laden With Treasure ...See How It Goes It's Gonna Take A Whole Lot Of Meeeee Time Up That I Havn't Got At This Point In Time...Ok Sweeetttzzz Youv'e Been Great Thankx For Your Lovely Posts And Messages I've Had A Problem Getting Back On Line And A Lot Of My Incoming Posts Have Gone Missing...My Own Fault ...See You Soon



01/12/2022 06:05:26

Enjoy a Delightful Wednesday my Treasured Friend, Love...

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fravery:“Japanese Maple Tree in Winter”

Butterfly veil | by stephania_photo

soft autumn | by naturey_moments


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ballet | by gargouillade

dolcesostenuto:“ petit fourFrench dessert name designating a bite-sized confectionery, glazed, iced or decorated tiny cakes covered in fondant or icing, such as small éclairs, madeleines, truffles,and tartlets. It litterally means “little...

01/12/2022 04:59:57

Boldog szerdát kedves barátom megöleli Vannát 

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