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10/20/2021 04:10:46

Hello Sweetness!

Good Morning Sweet Friend! Thank you for all the sweet messages,gifts and comments of condolences.I keep you close to my heart!You have an amazing day!Love always Janet!

10/20/2021 02:03:31

10/20/2021 00:51:58

Wednesday greets, dear friend.

Have a good one and enjoy your day.

Love and hugs 

10/19/2021 22:00:26


10/19/2021 21:55:09

Hello family I neededd9f8f1bb266d8285e90db8c7a3e61aca some time to myself.

10/19/2021 20:37:07


10/19/2021 20:03:54

~67 and sunny today~ Enjoying baseball~Enjoy your evening~ Hugs Lorribelle54

10/19/2021 19:11:50

See the source image

Have A Sweet Relaxing Evening

10/19/2021 19:07:44

10/19/2021 18:16:16

10/19/2021 18:03:41

Hello. Sun is sinking low early as it tends to do before the time change. Has been another very nice day here, though. I got a jury summons in the mail yesterday. They request my service on the very day my cataract surgery is scheduled. So irritating...now I have to contact someone and make some changes. I tried calling the courthouse this morning, but never got to talk to a human being, as per usual. Now have to wait for a call back. Some of the biggest annoyances in the world are these automated answering services that businesses use. I'll be trying again tomorrow if I don't hear back within 24 hours. I hope I won't have to reschedule my surgery again. My major project today was transferring all my names and addresses into a new address book. So many moves, deaths, and phone/internet changes in peoples lives that my old book was full of scratch outs and cross-outs.  I also had to change out one of my online mail accounts. I am fairly certain someone was tampering with it and trying to hack it. I called customer support and they could not do much. So that has been my day in a nutshell other than eating and sleeping. Hope yours was more enjoyable, by far. ~ Marcia 

10/19/2021 17:12:17

Hey Kiddo....How you doing?....another nice day here ....is Autumn ever gonna get here....trees aren't even changing yet here.....but it is getting a bit chilly in the evening and in the early morning.... so I know it's coming...ha...hope you had a nice day...not much going on here...just banging the keys here on this keyboard...ok you take care ...see you again...hugs and smiles...always~~~

10/19/2021 16:34:40

Wish you to have a beautyful day, and a wonderful night!  Stay safe and take care. Christel  LRE38jlyp3MH9OnBvoYArp4wolO49oZyIm-SkJLHYPn56i3Fq9ZWJnOAqarSdiOp.png a3MSNwyrpe7dvbbjbZBP9RSjV93UPAzM40ILT5TcBizEGdFOnF_ChSHt34wjM-ll.gifRy9kl9MAB10aKqdmC0TIHTFAePKsBm10CLZe85Ue4GvXUulZtJKgD0m25SgCqgTS.gifP_YsMn_r7blgGy8PwovHIu3gbokypJaTVOjQzoy10iQXfvh1nS1NRjxZ1VHwjOYH.jpga3MSNwyrpe7dvbbjbZBP9RSjV93UPAzM40ILT5TcBizEGdFOnF_ChSHt34wjM-ll.gifRy9kl9MAB10aKqdmC0TIHTFAePKsBm10CLZe85Ue4GvXUulZtJKgD0m25SgCqgTS.gifx3eciW0ex4mO0I1_D-kyPueB0RPnmt-fXmudP_4sAxhtSsXDSXMxXNYSpQLWcG3I.jpga3MSNwyrpe7dvbbjbZBP9RSjV93UPAzM40ILT5TcBizEGdFOnF_ChSHt34wjM-ll.gif Ry9kl9MAB10aKqdmC0TIHTFAePKsBm10CLZe85Ue4GvXUulZtJKgD0m25SgCqgTS.gif

10/19/2021 16:26:17

10/19/2021 16:26:02

Evening.,  very chilly  day  

just  went to the bank  and  coffee.,  home now

waiting for the red sox game...  hope you had a good  day ., see you in the  morning

going to check out the pages  in the contest.

have a good night

10/19/2021 16:00:37

The day automatically becomes better when we remember  how much  we have to be grateful for.  Im grateful to have a friend like you...Have a blessed rest of the afternoon....Much love and kisses...Rose

10/19/2021 15:31:07

10/19/2021 15:04:07

Goodnight Sweet Dreams  GG xx

10/19/2021 14:51:03
✫ My lovely Boomer Friend ツ✿)
I wish you and yours ...(◕‿◕)✿)
an Awesome Day....✿)
Peace be with you always.✿)
May Happiness Fill your Heart)

10/19/2021 14:48:25

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//evening!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!
ƸӜƷ ¸✫.•°*”˜ ƸӜƷ ˜”*°•. ✫**ƸӜƷ

10/19/2021 14:23:41



10/19/2021 14:17:10

10/19/2021 13:21:14

Enjoy your day
my friend 

With Love


10/19/2021 12:52:04

WHaT's ShAkInG ?

hApPy TaStY tUeSdAy

Still off of the caffeine and feeling


10/19/2021 11:52:46

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