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05/31/2023 07:37:07

05/31/2023 06:25:02

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Wishing you a better future and a better you everyday Wanda.  Have a wonderful Wednesday. Bill xoxo

05/31/2023 06:00:32

I wish you a great hump day..Hugs and kisses ! smiley-surprised.gif

05/31/2023 05:09:07

Good morning Wanda, may your Wednesday be filled with smiles.

Colorful spring flowers oil painting by Vali Irina Ciobanu Painting by Vali  Irina Ciobanu - Pixels
Blessed Be my dear friend.

05/31/2023 05:05:43

05/31/2023 04:19:44

Good morning! Enjoy your visit with April today!  Talk soon xoxo 

05/31/2023 01:19:53

Good Morning

Happy Wednesday

05/30/2023 23:48:41
Plein de calins pour toi ma douce Wanda........Joachim

05/30/2023 22:53:02

05/30/2023 22:51:04


Sweetdreams and may you alway have

peace in your heart.

Luv and a big hug to you.


05/30/2023 22:22:06

Hiya! The bugman is coming at some point this week, but not sure when...hopefully soon, as I keep bumping into these darn bins in the middle of each room lol. I saw your call but was laying down with a banging headache...not sure if it's allergies or the constant weather changes..it's been cold at night but in the 80's during the day, so I'm either cold or or sweating lol. Have a great time tomorrow! xoxo

05/30/2023 20:44:29

05/30/2023 20:28:19

Good night sleep well sweet dreams, hugs and love kisses xoxox


05/30/2023 20:17:36

Goodnight Wanda, I love the blue.

05/30/2023 20:01:51
Have a good night wanda, I'm watching a true story on ID about a little adopted girl from Ukrane

05/30/2023 19:39:23

05/30/2023 19:38:41

WandaM wrote:
 Yes they are.

05/30/2023 19:27:32

05/30/2023 18:41:15

05/30/2023 18:31:04

I feel kind of out of place after so any days without been here but our vacay was one of a kind and so fantastic that we didnt want to come back hahaha...but its time go come back to the routine once again...I wanted to thank you for your nice comments on my page and especially a DOUBLE THANKS to those friends who left me a birthday greetings...i really appreciate that so much....you guys are AWESOME and always in my heart !...

05/30/2023 14:21:51

05/30/2023 13:56:57

have a great one, enjoy the sun wanda... smiles

05/30/2023 13:35:47

The color of sunshine...
yellow brings out joy and happiness!  

05/30/2023 12:53:10

Have a great day!

05/30/2023 12:28:27

Wishing you a Lovely Tuesday, Dear Wanda .. with Love!  XoX

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