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06/19/2022 15:08:27

OUdDUoHh3cmKoc5yGbWQyL--hxLYrbJ6sei_nKlc5dxJJ_UbInl3p3zAjAkpD7HL.jpg Wishing you a wonderful Sunday & a great new week ahead hugs...

06/19/2022 12:47:12

I bet you never did anything like these images to you DAD 

06/19/2022 09:49:03

06/19/2022 07:11:07

Hi Babes Smile!!!Weather Cooled Down A Bit Last Nights Rain Left Everything Covered With Sand Did A Quick Carwash On The Way To My Flying Club Needed To Fly Up To Oxford To Drop Off Some Things That The Newly Weds Left Behind When The Visited Me For The Jubilee There And Back In Two Hours Couldn't Stay Longer As I Only Had Wings For The Morning And I'm Still Working On Material For Glastonbury Jenny Really Is Taking On To Much Business Which Means I Lose A Lot Of My Meeee Time ...It's OK  Once The Festivals Are Over And The Isle Of White Eases Up I Can Go Back To The Cave To Finish Off My Wreck Diving Course I Really Miss Cornwall And The Cave And The Pasties And The Clotted Cream Lol Not To Worry It Will All Come Good Just Have To Burn Some Midnight Oil To Keep Things Moving...Ill Be Working From Home For The Next Few Days See How It Goes...Ok Sweeetttzzz Take Care Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!...


06/19/2022 05:40:00

06/18/2022 22:11:51

Happy Sunday Gif - GIFcen

Flower Gif - IceGif

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06/18/2022 17:45:59

06/18/2022 13:46:50

06/18/2022 13:46:37

06/18/2022 11:05:15

06/18/2022 10:20:51

Time to play!

Have a Sassy Saturday my Friends 

06/18/2022 08:01:57

Enjoy a Purr-fect Weekend my Precious Friend, Love...







kywalda:“ mistymorrning:“ www.pinterest.ca”(^_^)”♥

06/18/2022 07:17:19

Hi Babes Smile!!!...The Good News Is Glastonbury Music Festival Is Open To The Public Next Week I've Got A Few Of My Arrangements Being Performed By A Very Popular Group Just Hope It Goes Well For Them...Well I Did Manage To Get A Few Hours Sleep But Woke Up Forgetting I Had An Exercise Class Waiting On The Heath For Me To Take Luckily One Of My Gym Buddies Started It Of Until I Arrived It All Went Well I Even Managed To Have A Lovely Swim In One Of The Open Air Ponds Still A Bit Chilly But Great After A Two Hour Exercise Workout And Jogged Back To The Farmers Market To Buy An Assortment Of Cheeses Stilton And Cheddar Are My Favourites, Gordon My Apple Man Wont Be There Until The End Of July Mores The Pity I Did However Buy Some Raeburns From New Zealand Not The Same Flavour As English Grown But Better Than Nothing...A Few Friends Are Coming Over For A BBQ Later On Today Just Hope The Forcast Of Rain Stays Off Until Later Tonite Ok Sweeetttzzz Enjoy Your W/end Take Care And Be Happy INNIT SMILE!!!



06/18/2022 07:09:46

I wish you a nice weekend 

06/18/2022 05:34:21

06/17/2022 22:22:05

Happy Saturday Gif - GIFcen

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06/17/2022 14:29:22

“I am so grateful for my troubles.

As I reflect back on my life, 

I have come to realize that my greatest triumphs 

have been born of my greatest troubles.”

~ Steve Maraboli ~

06/17/2022 14:03:04

06/17/2022 12:30:27

I AM MAD. !!!

06/17/2022 11:44:22


06/17/2022 11:15:11


06/17/2022 10:18:37

06/17/2022 08:47:34

Hello my Dear Friend.
Have a Great
Friday & a Happy & Fun Weekend.
Love, Hugs
& always Smiles:))).

06/17/2022 08:44:31

Finally it is Friday. My idea of a relaxing day after work. Hope you have a similar idea for the weekend.  Jazzsinger

06/17/2022 07:51:08

Hi Babes Smile!!!It's Been A Long Week And I Have Achieved So Much Starting Last Sunday With My First Wreck Dive ...It Started Out With Just A Fifteen Feet Dive With A Pro Diver Just Getting To Know How To Use The Diving Gear Air Tanks Wet Suit And Breathing Equipment A Bit Strange At First But I Soon Got Used To Breathing Properly And Began To Get The Feel Of Things I Love Doing It,We Stayed Down Under For Just Twenty Minutes Then Surfaced And I Booked Up For Another Three Days For Longer Periods But First I Had To Fly Sadie Back To London As I Had to Go Up To Glastonbury Music Festival To Arrange For Joey And The Boys To Finish Their Road Tour And Pay A Few Bills While I Was There It All Went Fine And The Roadie And The Boys Are Ok With Each Other And Are Going To Mexico For A Weeks Break Meanwhile Jenny Has Had Enquiries From A Few Record Companys As To Who Is Managing The Boys Which Is Meeeee So I Need To Sort Out Exactly What The Boys Want And Arrange  A Few Cotracts To Benifit Us Both It's All Good INNIT SMILE!!!OK Sweeetttzz The Newly Weds Have Invited Me Go To Oxford But I Will Have To Take A Rain Check On That As I Have Soooo Much Recording To Do Here In London See How It Goes Missed You As I Always Do Enjoy Your W/End Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



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