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02/26/2020 06:48:58

Made with GlitterPhoto.net

Made with GlitterPhoto.net


02/26/2020 06:35:56

Have a nice day dear my Friend.

02/26/2020 06:11:44

02/26/2020 06:10:31

Rest house at the farm..almost finished.
Very hot day today, didn't stay long at the farm.
Happy Wednesday, dear friend.
Enjoy your day.
Love and hugs

02/26/2020 06:03:44

Hello My Dear Friend

How Are You Doing?

Have A Wonderful Midweek

Much Love And Hugs


02/26/2020 05:45:00

Image result for good morning images with pets

Image result for good morning images with pets

Image result for nice wednesday image with kitten

Image result for nice wednesday image with kitten

Image result for nice wednesday image with kitten

02/26/2020 05:32:25

Hope your day is a good one friend  :)

02/26/2020 05:19:07

Good Morning


02/26/2020 04:58:59

Be a rainbow in someone cloud.. Good morning . Kisses

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02/26/2020 04:57:59

happy hump day.much love...pandora

02/26/2020 04:51:31

Guten Morgen...

02/26/2020 04:37:33





02/26/2020 04:37:04

A Touch of Magic on Your Wednesday my Precious One...*♥*

02/26/2020 04:24:00

Good Morning Friend :)

Wishing YOU a Good Day..

02/26/2020 04:06:48

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Wednesday!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

02/26/2020 04:01:07

Hello my dear friend,

It is reg,

Had snow in the night,

The sun is shining now,

Nice blue sky no clouds.

Have a fabulous and a,

Exciting Wednesday.


Wednesday comments


Wednesday comments


Wednesday comments


Love hugs



02/26/2020 03:56:53
Wednesday February 26, 2020
where it asks reply/delete at the bottom of your comment that is where one is entitled and instructed to reply a message received
having your own XTHML doen't matter.
why else would reply delete be there.
oh, i get it its so you could delete the block you sent.
if that be the case then "myboomerplace" perhaps need to make it
clear of the etiquette of responding on other members page.
Have a good Wednesday anyhow CaptainCelluloid

where does one (me) get XHTML code(s)?

02/26/2020 03:37:11

Hump Day, Wednesday, Cat, Kitten, MySpace Comments photo HappyWedCat.jpg
 photo 7c57fcae384c212658a8e5emf9.gif

Happiness is when what you think,
what you say and what
you do are in harmony.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

 photo 99445.gif
 photo ChristmasEveAngel773z_zps6dfddc35.jpg

This month is almost
history and weather
here has been really nice.
Wind and sunshine
for several days.
We also got a bit
of rain. I do not
remember any nicer
winter. Have a great
Wednesday and enjoy
the rest of this month.
Hugs, and
thanks for the

02/26/2020 02:56:31

02/26/2020 02:44:39

02/26/2020 01:50:56


02/26/2020 01:35:34

Good Morning

02/26/2020 01:23:32

Just to thank you for everything you've sent me and for your friendship. Details that make all the difference at Carnival 2020, Brazil. Love & kisses & hugs!!!...Danny





02/26/2020 01:20:00

Good morning, my dear friend! Although I'm not in a joyful time 'coz today it's being 2 months that my Granny has passed away, I'd like to wish you a happy new week and joyful moments in your life. Sending you a big hug & sweet kisses!...Danny





02/26/2020 01:08:06

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