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05/26/2019 17:51:48

Evening,  hope your  having  a  great  holiday  weekend.,  our  weather  been  very  nice

but  rain  is  due.,  went  for  coffee  and lunch  today  with  a  girl friend.,  and  we  paid  our  own  way  yeah

i  did  buy  her  ice cream..  my  son  went  to  a  BBQ  with  friends  am  glad  he   did he  doesn't  get  out  much  working  6  days  a  week.,   sad  how  the  weekend  goes  by  so  fast  1  more  day.

have  a  good  night my  friend,  hugs  june

05/26/2019 16:57:54

Good evening, hope your weekend was all you wanted!  wishing you a great and happy new week. Hugs Trudy

05/26/2019 16:27:30

05/26/2019 15:16:24

°♥¸.¤ª ♥ “ª¤.¸°♥¸
Jeder Augenblick hat
eine besondere Botschaft
Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen
viele schöne Augenblicke.
und guten Start in die Woche, umarm Hertha ♥

05/26/2019 14:52:37

Good afternoon//Evening for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

05/26/2019 14:31:26

05/26/2019 14:15:08

 photo c6040_zps45671d7c.jpg photo j699_zpslj583ywb.jpg photo e55_zps00926ed2.jpg

05/26/2019 13:54:46

05/26/2019 13:36:22

05/26/2019 13:17:20

Enjoy your day, live, laugh and love!





05/26/2019 13:12:55



05/26/2019 13:10:40

       " You Don't have to say forever...   I will understand "

Hugs and Love


Bless Be

05/26/2019 12:59:28

05/26/2019 12:48:31

05/26/2019 12:41:41

~ Blessings ~


05/26/2019 12:31:49

Good Morning Beautiful Soul.Remember You must become the rock the river cannot wash away.Speak your voice. Dance!My Father is the Universe, My Mother Earth is the Sky, My Temple is Nature, My Friends are the Animals, The Forests and the Seas, and My Tribe is all of you... Creator Blessings and Love ..Happy Trails.. Carol Anne..

Three Bears (Lou Diamond Philips)..

05/26/2019 12:19:54

Image result for happy memorial day gif

05/26/2019 12:15:17


Hello, my dear friend! Have a beautiful rest of this weekend and have also a good start in the new week. Hugs! Liliane

05/26/2019 12:09:17

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05/26/2019 12:03:48

05/26/2019 11:54:33




05/26/2019 11:42:32

good evening

05/26/2019 11:26:05

Good Morning Beautiful  Soul..

It is not necessary to "prove yourself" to anyone.

Do your best. That's all you can ask of yourself. If you
did your best and things just didn't work out, you don't
owe an apology to anyone. And you certainly don't
need to feel 'bad' about it -- or, worse yet, guilty.
Stop beating yourself up. What happened is what
happened. You're not the 'villain' here, I promise. It's
just what happened. And there is a Soul Reason,
I promise you. Neale Donald Walsch.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Please remember this ...
"“We have to face the fact...that modern man suffers from a kind of poverty of the spirit, which stands in glaring contrast to his scientific and technological abundance; We've learned to fly the air like birds, we've learned to swim the seas like fish, and yet we still haven't learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters...” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Bring Light

There is some darkness in most human minds today, so there is a darkness component in most scenes and situations. Why else is there so much unhappiness and sorrow in the world?

So how much value can be given to someone who is able to bring light and lightness to a place or a moment, where others have brought their dark? Like a crown of sparkling jewels, their presence and their words are priceless. It may only be a gentle smile of comfort, an attitude of genuine interest, some words which diffuse an awkward moment.

Those who stay light in spirit while others weave their dark are both illuminated and illuminators. Watch out for such a moment today where you may illuminate. Make that moment momentous!

I think you're awesome ~

05/26/2019 10:31:08

Enjoy your Sunday


05/26/2019 10:27:54

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