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01/23/2022 18:51:37

01/23/2022 18:49:48

01/23/2022 18:29:48

Hello My Dear Friend
Unusual Friends...

Hope Your Day Is Going Well Sugah
Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day...
Always Loves And Hugs,

01/23/2022 18:17:05

See the source image

I hope you are doing well and keeping warm. Have a goodnite and my all your dreams come true.

01/23/2022 18:04:38

01/23/2022 18:02:27

01/23/2022 17:53:16

Evening., another day i stayed in., not feeling well

weather was in the 30's today but dropping expecting light snow tonight. not sure what i'll have for dinner tonight not feeling hungry.

hope you had a great day.  see you in the morning. 


01/23/2022 17:38:00


01/23/2022 16:25:05

CuppycakeSprinkles wrote:

Have a beautiful Sunday full of love! 

01/23/2022 16:24:38

 GG  xx

01/23/2022 15:46:27

Hello. A quiet Sunday afternoon. Still cold and dreary. Like a typical Texan, staying indoors and at home is the best way to handle the coldest temperatures. Snuggle in, cook warm meals, be lazy, and hibernate until it's over. LOL Have new neighbors across the street now.They have been moving in all week long. Haven't taken an opportunity to meet them, yet, but hope to soon. I do notice they have 2 dogs. Be fun to meet them, also. A sad event yesterday...My youngest son lost a dear friend, female, from suicide. Sadly, it was the young lady who sent me flowers from her garden after I lost my husband, even though we had never met. She was recently divorced, but noone knows what, for sure, her motivations were. She never appeared clinically depressed, had a home, and a good job, friends, hobbies. She had 3 dogs. I told my son that if her ex or family didn't want to take in all 3 dogs that I would be willing to take in one. Such things are beyond heartbreaking. This is friend # 2 for my son to lose like this. Very difficult, sad times. Friends are gathering from out of town today...hope they can rally and comfort one another. My son needs a mental boost rather badly. So sorry. Didn't mean for this to take such a morbid turn. Life is what it is at any given moment. I share life and thoughts with you all. Maybe I should hold some things back, but some issues deserve more open dialogue and discussion in order to raise awareness.There are some harsh realities out there. Many are self-medicating to try to cope, others are self destructing. keep an open heart and always be kind. ~ Marcia

01/23/2022 15:24:09

 GG  xx

01/23/2022 15:15:08


01/23/2022 14:57:45

   GG  xx   

01/23/2022 14:53:17

I thnk slippers  they are to  hot for here also. BTW I seen a gal with Mike Lindels slippers on shopping at publix here the other day..

01/23/2022 14:50:03

Take a break from thoughts - enjoy the moments …

Have a nice evening

01/23/2022 14:36:15

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//evening!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!
ƸӜƷ ¸✫.•°*”˜ ƸӜƷ ˜”*°•. ✫**ƸӜƷ

01/23/2022 14:31:09








01/23/2022 14:23:26



01/23/2022 14:19:44


01/23/2022 13:55:21

Valerie sent me that photo:))

it has me cracking up because it looks so much like my backyard!

The weather is very nice, and my doggy is waiting for her afternoon walk:))

Enjoy the sun, Sharon... I'll save you a burger:))

01/23/2022 13:52:33

01/23/2022 13:44:02

01/23/2022 13:22:12

   Hope your Sunday is filled with peace  and blessings  sharon. another nice comment

01/23/2022 13:03:52

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