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10/01/2020 08:35:42

10/01/2020 05:24:38

Welcome October coming in here with 9 days rain free,,,awesome..........Hope where ever you are,,you have great weather..Hard to believe it is October all ready..

09/30/2020 23:16:15

Happy Thursday - PicMix

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09/30/2020 22:05:34


the smallest step in the right direction

ends up being the biggest step of your life.”

~ Unknown ~

09/30/2020 21:23:08



09/30/2020 19:32:10

09/30/2020 18:24:24

Evening my friend

well i seem to be done now with the therapist  yeah.,

but have to still do the excercises on my own., sun came out this afternoon  was so windy and heavy rains this morning.,  i hope you had a great day  and  a wonderful night.

09/30/2020 17:16:00


You ARE so important to me!

Didn't you know?

I'll be waiting here, for you!


Love qalways, Annette, "That's All!" 

by Annette Hanshaw on September 22nd, 1931 in New York, NY for
Columbia and released on Clarion, Harmony and Velvet Tone. Acc. by
Mannie Klein, t / Benny Goodman, cl / Irving Brodsky, p / Eddie Lang, g /
Artie Bernstein, sb.

Annette Hanshaw, I Don't Know Why I Just Do...



09/30/2020 14:54:45

Giving JOY is the most BEAUTIFUL GIFT that

can be given to the person you LOVE.

JOY is the way to show LIFE that it cannot

beat us, and it is the best way to REMOVE

SADNESS.take care kisses....

  • Dar ALEGRÍA es el REGALO más HERMOSO que se puede dar a la persona que QUIERES.

  • La ALEGRÍA es la manera de demostrarle a la VIDA que no puede con nosotros, y es la mejor manera de ALEJAR a la TRISTEZA.cuidate besos

  • 09/30/2020 12:30:14

    Helen Maxine Reddy (25 October 1941 – 29 September 2020) R.I.P.



    09/30/2020 12:19:49

    09/30/2020 11:04:28

    09/30/2020 10:08:45

    09/29/2020 22:54:45

    HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!! MAY YOUR DAY BE FILLED WITH LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE !!!!  HAVE A NICE D… | Happy wednesday pictures, Good morning wednesday, Happy  wednesday images

    Glitter Graphics graphic | Purple flowers, Purple roses, Flowers gif

    09/29/2020 22:52:46


    09/29/2020 22:14:20

    “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

    ~ Unknown ~

    09/29/2020 19:49:13

    Evening  were  finally  getting heavy rain they say  tonight., my son came home  yesterday.,  but tonight  not coming home tonight .,  the therapist  didn't show  called and  said  tomorrow., oh well  hope you had a great day  was very  humid  today.  have a good night  my  friend  hugs

    09/29/2020 19:32:45

    Hope you have a peaceful night.                                                             Good Night 141      

    09/29/2020 18:21:19

    ...Hope you've enjoyed National Coffee Day for all you coffee lovers out there...seems I found myself 'speed walking' inside the house so think I'll switch it to just water now! have a great night with happy dreams when you get there...kiss kiss!

    09/29/2020 14:58:57

    Hello, have a special Tuesday, full

    of smiles, take care kisses,maria

    Hola, que tengas un martes especial, lleno de sonrisas, cuídate

    09/29/2020 12:53:14

    Good day everyone! Help! Thosands of people gathering to see our VP Pence! 2 miles from me on a farm!

    09/29/2020 11:53:14

    Hope your week is off to a good start.

    09/29/2020 11:49:37



    09/29/2020 11:16:01

    09/29/2020 11:02:10

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