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02/22/2020 22:45:33

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02/22/2020 20:21:55

02/22/2020 18:35:23

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Hope you had an awesome Saturday. Sweet dreams and have a great Sunday.

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02/22/2020 18:27:13

02/22/2020 18:05:19

Enjoy Your Caturday Night Friend :)

Sweet Dreams !

02/22/2020 17:44:17

Love & Kisses Angelo/ Edoardo

02/22/2020 17:40:11

Evening my friend., was up early, then went to lunch  , coffee with friends

so tired not making dinner., just going to bed  early.

hope you had a great Saturday

see you tomorrow

02/22/2020 15:01:48

These simple secrets actually can help a lot of couples improve their relationship!

Let Peace begin with me!

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02/22/2020 11:50:49

02/22/2020 11:10:34


02/22/2020 10:38:54

Where there is great love there are always miracles.

- Willa Cather



Pastor John Boston was driving down the road when another car crossed the center line and came barreling toward him. The pastor swerved to miss the vehicle and struck a utility pole, sending a live transformer crashing onto his car. Immediately the metal and glass began to buckle on the intense heat from thousands of volts of electricity. His 4-year-old daughter, who was with him, was trapped inside the burning car. The seat belt was stuck and the door wouldn’t open. That’s when a scruffy looking stranger came out of nowhere and easily opened the smashed door. The man removed him from the car and walked him 20 feet away from the vehicle to safety before the car exploded in flames.

“He said my name is Johnny, the police are almost here and I can’t be here when they get here but you’re gonna be okay,” said Pastor Boston. “And then the man was gone.”

He said that people who tried to rationalize the situation thought the circuit breaker simply tripped and Johnny fled because of a sketchy past. However, firefighters say there are some aspects of what happened that defy logic, reason and science. Pastor Boston is convinced he encountered an angel that day..I believe in Angels !

Humility Reveals Truth


Humility comes from the understanding that the force behind whatever help you give to others comes not from you but from the power of love.

It is not true that if you are humble others will walk all over you. It is when there is no humility that you can easily be influenced by others and things seem difficult.

But when there is humility, there is also the power of truth. You know internally that you will achieve your aim, regardless of what others say or think.

A humble person never feels they are bowing to others. The head is held neither too high nor low - it just faces straight ahead, like an angel. Humility reveals your truth.

“Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant.
There will always be someone out there
that need what you have to give.”

Watch the Miracle of Transformation as brown, dead winter becomes vibrant, living springtime , and know that your soul will thus bloom again...Have a great weekend.Hugs Carol Anne..

02/22/2020 10:22:33

May your Weekend be Filled with Love & Joy my Dear Friend...♥ 




02/22/2020 09:47:06

02/22/2020 09:30:28

Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
     must be the one to do it herself, and you
     merely are there to quietly encourage her..Love & Hugs~Richard





02/22/2020 07:24:00

02/22/2020 05:45:50

happy caturday.much love...pandora

02/22/2020 05:41:56

In 1968 with the little friends of the 42nd Street neighborhood we played
that we were The Beatles. Julio and I motorized these fantasies.

When we assigned the roles, there was no discussion that Julio was
John, the leader of the group, but who would Paul be?

I assumed that this honor corresponded to me considering everything
that I contributed to the group, but Julio gave me an unbeatable
argument telling me: "Paul is the cutest of The Beatles and of us the
cutest is Alejandro" On the other hand I had always liked George, who
was "my Beatle" from that moment.

As I grew up and got to know myself and I also began to know my alter
ego, I concloud that the choice could not be better.

In the week of George I share this childhood memory, the only night
photo that Osvaldo took us, was a single shot because there was only
one lamp left in the flash cube of the Instamatic camera (the older
ones will understand this technical difficulty of those years)....

Have a wonderful day!...kisses...

02/22/2020 05:24:30


Que tengan un buen fin de semana xx

02/22/2020 05:21:34


Thank you friend, Have a good day :)

02/22/2020 04:57:04

02/22/2020 04:23:21


02/22/2020 03:31:28

Image result for gif sending love

02/22/2020 03:26:44

Happy Saturday and Weekend my dear Friend! Hugs...

02/21/2020 23:07:28

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02/21/2020 20:00:54

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