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04/11/2021 23:10:04


04/11/2021 20:02:12

Good night, sweet friend.

smiles and laughs around the world...makes me happy!!! / nature smiles!

04/11/2021 19:25:40

Evening  crazy day  weather wise  46  high  yesterday  was 70's    (30 degree  drop)

so its cold  again  this new week  only going to be  50's..  stayed in today., made nice roast pork bone- in  potato's  veggie  was yummy  for dinner.

Hope you had a great sunday.  and a great night..

04/11/2021 16:34:14

May you have a pleasant evening.

04/11/2021 16:12:28

04/11/2021 12:24:16


the cattle dog passed away in 2016 

She was adopted 30 years prior 

to her death but went to her owner 

without papers, so her exact age is unknown.

But she lived for more than 30 years, 

which makes Maggie the oldest dog on record.

I wonder how old she actually was??

~ Maggie ~

Happy National Pet Day :)

"Love 'Em If You Got


04/10/2021 21:56:52

04/10/2021 19:45:03


04/10/2021 19:06:27

Wishing you a nice cosy Satursay night....was another nice day here..was suppose to rain ..but must have made a left instead of a right..haha....ok..see ya again..take care.....hugs and smiles

04/10/2021 18:38:37

Evening  my friend.,  was a nice day when the sun was out  but kept playing  peek a boo all afternoon., its  cloudy now  expecting rain tonight into tomorrow. i meet the girls for coffee., that was it. hope you had a great  saturday and did all you had planned to do.   have a good night.  have a good night.

04/10/2021 17:12:40

04/10/2021 13:23:48

Happy Siblings Day:)

Me & Sis 

Have A Fun Saturday :)

I used to be a cowboy

ya know?


04/10/2021 11:40:20

04/09/2021 20:20:56

Hi, Boomtown. A little slow tonight, 

isn't it ...

Happy Freaky Friday :)

04/09/2021 19:32:51

04/09/2021 19:01:18

Evening.,  was a beautiful day high 50's  tomorrow they say we might hit 70.,  but all returnes  Sunday going to rain  and 50's  all next  week...  went to the bank,  bj's,  costco  and coffee today..,  my son brought home  pizza  for  dinner.

hope   you had a great  Friday

have a good night..

04/09/2021 12:57:54

“My past has not defined me, 

destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me; 

it has only strengthened me.”

~ Steve Maraboli ~

04/09/2021 10:45:23


04/08/2021 20:58:16

Evening, was a beautiful day,  60's  sun shining..  went to Macy's  for a few things,

then to the VFW for a meeting.. came home  and made  liver and onions for dinner,  my son wasn't home so i  can make it  he doesn't  like it.. hope you had a good day  and a fantastic night,


04/08/2021 19:46:11


04/08/2021 13:23:37

“When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. 

And when you think all is lost, 

when all is dire and bleak, 

there is always hope.”

~ Pittacus Lore ~

04/08/2021 13:03:19

Today is World Health Day❤

I hope that you are feeling good :) I have been 

feeling better.

I pray that God comforts friends 

and loved ones that are 

not feeling well. 

04/08/2021 06:20:39

04/07/2021 20:35:37

Evening., sorry am late  took a nap., went to the heart doctors  and my pressure is still low

106  ,  so he taken one of the pills away.,  told him it's  been months  and ,my pressure still the same.,  could it be my norm  so i go back in 2 months ., plus i went to the grocery store  and  BJ'S then coffee with the girls ( i got ice tea).  weather was nice  sun shining, then this afternoon got cloudy.,,  hope you had a good day. see you in the morning.,  hugs  june

04/07/2021 20:15:44

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