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01/31/18 Below are just a few of the words or phrases that sorta irk me for some reason, although there are PLENTY more!
01/20/18 Hey Kids, it's the Cold & Flu Season! Have you had your flu shot?
08/14/17 Which of these do you fear most?
06/01/17 Do you make your bed every day?
11/28/16 Hershey's chocolate kisses were named for the sounds the machines made during production. What year were they first introduced to the public?
11/28/16 What year was the modelling compound PLAY-DOH released?
11/28/16 What year was the SLINKY introduced to the World?
11/28/16 Believe in or not but the FRISBEE started with a FRISBEE pie pan in the early 1800s. When was the TOY actually introduced?
11/23/16 TOOTHPASTE,..actually it should be TEETHpaste!
07/20/16 In an actual knock down drag out fight, who would be crowned Champions?
04/27/16 The eyes have ...or do they? Do you wear any type of corrective lenses?
03/30/16 What do you get when mixing root beer with ice-cream?
03/07/16 More Retro Games
03/07/16 Remember playing these? Which one did you really like?
03/07/16 Retro Games
03/07/16 Retro games - is a Family Favorite here?
03/07/16 Retro Toys/Games
03/07/16 RETRO TOYS - remember a favorite?
03/07/16 Which of these retro toys was your favorite?
02/07/16 Holidays in order of importance to you
01/25/16 70s Sounds, is a favorite here?
01/25/16 Seventies Flashback! (LPs)
01/25/16 Picafave
01/25/16 70s albums, pic a fave
01/25/16 Albums, pick another fave
01/25/16 Which of these albums did you like so much you even got the 8-track to listen to in the car?
01/25/16 Which one?
01/25/16 Albums of the 70s
01/25/16 If you could, which akbum would you listen to RIGHT NOW!?
01/25/16 Seventies Albums. You might have had them all, but which of these do you remember most?
01/25/16 Long Players 33 RPM
01/25/16 Is a favorite album here?
01/25/16 Once upon a Time..before there were CDs
01/25/16 Pick one
01/25/16 Albums, did you have a fsvorite?
01/25/16 More LPs(remember those), which one of these did you listen to until EVERYONE was sick of it?
01/25/16 Did you wear one of these LPs out?
01/25/16 Which of these did you play until the grooves wore down?
01/25/16 Which of the albums did you wear out?
01/24/16 Toilet paper, how do you roll?
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick a favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the past - pick your favorite
01/21/16 Hits of the Past - Pick a favorite
01/21/16 Which of these Mass-Murderers intrigues you more?
01/21/16 Pick a Fave
01/21/16 which of these ice-cream flavors can you eat a pint of without blinking an eye?
01/21/16 Which of these phrases do you use more?
01/17/16 Viewers of a 1967 popular police drama series watched as Detective Sergeant Ed Brown assisted his boss in solving crimes in a major city. Which police department were Sgt. Brown and his boss a part of?
01/17/16 Which actor was a Marine involved in combat on Guadalcanal during WWII?
01/17/16 What was Chuck Berry's first hit record?
01/17/16 he Famous nightclub the Copacabana nightclub was in which city?
01/17/16 What was Gary Glitter's earlier stage name in the 1960s?
01/17/16 What American DJ was nicknamed "Moondog"?
01/17/16 Decca Records, who infamously turn down the Beatles, were quick to sign what other British Invasion group?
01/17/16 Who wrote and sang the novelty hit Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, about Camp Granada?
01/17/16 What Canadian-born teen idol of the 1950s-60s wrote the lyrics to Sinatra's song My Way?
01/17/16 American DJ Robert Weston Smith was better known by what stage name?
01/17/16 What's the name of the motorbiker who dies in the Shangri-Las' hit The Leader of the Pack?
01/17/16 Which American rock'n'roll star caused controversy when he married a young teenager?
01/17/16 Who do you think is the Coolest person on in Boomerville!?
01/17/16 In Life most times we only get a single shot at getting things right. Do you have any regrets over something you should/would/could have done?
01/12/16 Are you a reue Baby Boomer - born between the years 1946 and 1964?
01/12/16 Like it or not, it IS going to happen to us all one day. So how would you like to go out?
01/11/16 Pick a favorite Bowie tune
01/11/16 Favorite David Bowie song of these four?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/09/16 Which of these Murphy's Laws can you directly relate to?
01/07/16 Who wrote the book of Love?
01/07/16 Have you ever experiented with a same-sex relationship...out of curiousity?
01/05/16 Natural Christmas tree or fake?
01/05/16 How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
01/05/16 You may have tried many shades through the years, but what is your natural hair color?
01/04/16 Your absolute favorite color is?
01/04/16 Shaved/Unshaved
01/03/16 Hey, what's wrong?
01/02/16 What would you do if you saw a ghost or aparition & you happened to be alone?
01/02/16 Ghosts ~ have you seen one within the past 5 - 10 years?
01/01/16 In keeping with the "find out a little more about your friends" series; are you right-handed or left?
01/01/16 What color are your eyes?
12/28/15 Wh was the Studio's first choice to play Forest Gump? (it later went to Tom Hanks)
12/28/15 Which of these actors turned down the role of Michael Corleone in "The Godfather"? (it went instead to Al Pacino)
12/28/15 Who was first choice for the role of Molly Jensen (Demi Moore's character) in the movie "Ghost"?
12/28/15 Which of these celebrities once employed staining & polishing coffins?
12/28/15 Which actor was at one time dressed as a chicken promoting a fast food chain?
12/28/15 Before Stardom hit, which actor was actually employed as a lion tamer for a spell?
12/27/15 Who was Leonard Franklin Slye better known as?
12/27/15 Who is Steven Victor Tallarico better known as?
12/27/15 Which song did a teenage Ted Nugent play on?
12/27/15 In the Bruce Springsteen song recorded by Manfred Mann, fill in the blenk "Blinded by the light, revved up like a _______, another runner in the night "
12/26/15 Songs by America, pick one
12/26/15 Is your favorite America song listed here?
12/26/15 are you a liar?
12/26/15 Can you do something that your friends can't do,..with your hands, fingers, mouth, etc.? Something that you're known for...
12/25/15 Guys, which of these type girls would be an ideal date?
12/25/15 Girls, your ideal date would be with a ________
12/25/15 Girls, what type of guy are you most attracted to?
12/25/15 Guys, which type of girl are you most attracted to?
12/25/15 In your Family are you known as the______?
12/25/15 In your Family(extended family included), which of these are you best known as?
12/24/15 How does Christmas usually make you feel?
12/24/15 It just doesn't seem like Christmas unless _________?
12/24/15 Eye Songs!
12/24/15 Have a favorite 'eye' song?
12/24/15 It just doesn't feel like Christmas unless ________?
12/24/15 Fruitcake - wonderful or not?
12/23/15 are you a...re-gifter?
12/21/15 Long cool woman in a _____ dress
12/19/15 Not counting hair or nails, do you still have what you were born with?
12/19/15 Who found his freedom on Blueberry Hill?
12/19/15 You've stepped into a Time Warp, which movie are you going to see Friday Night?
12/19/15 Lotsa Cool flicks during the 70s, is a favorite listed here?
12/19/15 70s Flicks - got a Favorite?
12/19/15 Which of these movies from the 70s would you really like to watch again?
12/18/15 Be honest, are you getting anyone a Chia 'something' this year?
12/18/15 It's beginning to look a lot like....
12/18/15 Pick another one
12/18/15 Pick one
12/18/15 "Who's Nuts..."?
12/18/15 Which of these Golden Oldies did you like best?
12/17/15 "Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I spend a long time on my hair and he hit it; he hit my hair. "
12/17/15 "You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder! "
12/17/15 Attica! Attica! ...what movie is this from?
12/17/15 Match the dialog with the movie..."Leave the gun... [pause].. Take the cannolis. "
12/17/15 In 1989, Jose and Kitty Menendez were killed by their sons. What were the sons' names?
12/17/15 The 1982 World's Fair, called Energy Turns the World, was held in what city?
12/17/15 Which car company was the first to sell a 'minivan'?
12/17/15 In the early 80s, which Kellogg's cereal used a porcupine for it's mascot?
12/17/15 Match the lyrics with the song,.."Thanks for the times that you've given me The memories are all in my mind And now that we've come to the end of our rainbow There's something i must say out loud
12/17/15 More lyrics match - poick the correct song. "Where did you come from baby? How did you know I needed you? How did you know I needed you so badly? How did you know I'd give my heart gladly? Yesterday I was one of the lonely people
12/17/15 Match these lyrics with the song, "You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal You can do whatever you feel ... "
12/17/15 Okay -->Eggnog, like it or not?
12/15/15 Match the lyrics with the song - "And now I'm feelin' better Cause I found out for sure She took me to her doctor And he told me of a cure "
12/15/15 The exodus is here The happy ones are near Let's get together Before we get much older. - what song do these lyrics belong in?
12/15/15 "Oh Baby, you're the only thing in this whole world That's pure and good and right And wherever you are and wherever you go There's always gonna be some light " - which of these songs do those lytics belong in?
12/15/15 The following lyrics appear in what song? - I see your hair is burnin' Hills are filled with fire If they say I never loved you You know they are a liar
12/15/15 The following lyrics are taken from what song? - I went from Phoenix, Arizona All the way to Tacoma
12/15/15 On what sitcom are you likely to hear the phrase "Hello, Newman!"?
12/15/15 Match the quote to the TV show: "There's no crying in the OR. That's what the ladies room is for!"
12/15/15 What is the name of the van on Scooby Doo?
12/15/15 The only girl on The Little Rascals was named...
12/15/15 What is Ralph Kramdem's occupation on The Honeymooners?
12/15/15 How many kids did John and Olivia have on The Waltons?
12/15/15 Which of these afflictions or manias would you choose to have, if you HAD to have one (you can look up the meanings later)
12/10/15 Phobias can sometimes be dehabilitating! They can even make it difficult or impossible to function daily. Pick one you might have.
12/10/15 There are literally hundreds & hundreds of phobias from the crazy to the unbelievable. but here are some of the more common ones. Are you afflicted?
12/10/15 As tough as we like to think we are sometimes, we all have our hidden fears! Which one of these terrifies you the most?
12/08/15 +*Holday Movies^+ Pick ome!
12/08/15 Who just can't get enough of Christmas movies...you may watch them all, but pick a Favorite
12/08/15 Have a movie you simply MUST watch for the Holidays?
12/08/15 Favorite Christmas or Christmas-themed movie. Some may harken you back to your chilhood, others are more recent
12/07/15 Seriously, will you be glad when the Holidays are over?
12/06/15 Have you ever personally met & talked to a Famous person. Someone we ALL would know?
09/04/15 There are so many more than/then these, but which of these faux pas makes you cringe the most?(when you see it typed)
09/02/15 The Zombie Apocalypse has begun.They're overrunning the Country, slowly eating their way towards your location. What will you do?
08/26/15 After a concert in 1970 in Birmingham, Alabama, which of the artists was officially pronounced dead from a drug reaction? ( he survived his death).
08/26/15 Tommy James & the Shondells,..is you favorite here?
08/26/15 Favorite Tommy James & The Shondell's songs
08/26/15 ♫OLDIES
08/26/15 Pick an ♫Oldie
08/26/15 ♫ Even More Oldies Pick a Fave
08/25/15 ♫ OLDIES - PIC A FAVE!
08/22/15 More Jimi
08/22/15 Of these 4, which is your favorite Jimi Hendrix song?
08/20/15 CCR
08/20/15 Creedence lesser known songs(for some) - Choose one
08/20/15 CCR - is a Favorite listed here?
08/20/15 Creedence Clearwater Revival Hits-Pick a Fave
08/20/15 CCR - pick your favorite of these 4
08/18/15 On the "Patty Duke Show:" starring PATTY DUKE, airing from 1963 to 1966, what was her Father's name on the program?
08/18/15 Beginning his career in Texas, Steven Haworth Miller, tsught a you Boz Scaggs guitar chords so he could join his HS band. Whare your favorites from Steve Miller?
08/17/15 Have a favorite "Lovin' Spoonful" song?
08/17/15 Of these characters from the "Wizard of Oz", which one has always been a favorite?
08/13/15 Who did Elvis Presley claim as one of his idols?
08/07/15 Movies from back in the Day(the 70s to be exact)
08/07/15 70s Movies, is a favorite here?
08/07/15 All these movies are hard to pick from, but just for the sake of this poll, pick a favorite
08/07/15 More 70s Movies
08/07/15 Seventies flicks
08/07/15 Pick a particular favorite
08/07/15 Movies - Pick one
08/07/15 Movies-Pick a Fave
08/07/15 A favorite in here?
08/07/15 Boomer era Films - Pick one
08/07/15 More Movies - Of these, which film did you like better
08/07/15 In a poll conducted on an online site geared towards Baby Boomers, which of these films came out on top as best exemplifying the "Baby Boomer Years"?
07/29/15 Which of these do you remember having?
07/29/15 Which State has the largest number of Baby Boomers?
07/27/15 Is this a poll?
07/23/15 On this list, who do you think makes the Best Batman?
07/21/15 How do you prefer your pudding OR pie to be served?
07/19/15 In what year did Saigon fall to Communist North Vietnam troops?
07/19/15 What year did the original Star Trek debut on TV?
07/19/15 In what year did East Germany erect the Berlin Wall?
07/15/15 What State was the Cartwright's homestead, "The Poderosa" located in?
07/15/15 On the air on CBS from 1965 until 1969, "The Wild Wild West" was still at the height of its popularity when it suddenly was removed from television. What caused it to suddenly cease from broadcast?
07/15/15 What was Agent 99s name on the show "Get Smart", in other words, her character's name?
07/15/15 The 1972 award winning series "M*A*S*H" starred Alan Alda as army surgeon Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce. Through the series, "Hawkeye" made numerous references about his home. In what state was Hawkeye Pierce born and raised?
07/14/15 You probably have done each of these at one time or another, but which on this list brings to mind a certain fond memory?
07/11/15 Well, I for pne can proudly say that I haven't taken a bath in years! How about you, is it a bath or a shower?
07/09/15 "Beach Guys"
07/09/15 "Beach Boys"
07/09/15 "Beach Boys" -is your favorite here?
07/09/15 "Beach Boys" Hits
07/09/15 More "Beach Boys"
07/09/15 "Steppenwolf" hits - pick your favorite
07/09/15 "Paul Revere & the Raiders" hits. Pick your favorite
07/09/15 Pick a Fave Monkees tune
07/09/15 More "Monkees" tunes
07/05/15 ust sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip That started from this tropic port Aboard this tiny ship..Okay, you're trapped, who do you want with you?.
07/04/15 Lovable Loons, Those cherished dimwits of days gone by. I'm not gonna list them all, some shows like "Green Acres" were sat urated with them. Of these 4, who was your favorite?
07/04/15 Which of these song titles best descibes you? (read between the lines)
07/04/15 Anyone remember the "Summer of Love"? You know the one that promised Free Love, endless music, happenings, sit-ins & Peace for all?
07/04/15 Do you feel as if you best years are.....?
07/03/15 More "Chicago", pick a fave
07/03/15 Is your favorite song by :Chicago" listed here? ...if nor just pick one
07/03/15 Before 1963 the nightly news telecasts on NBC and CBS were how long?
07/03/15 What film made from a Broadway hit won the best movie of the year Academy Award in 1961?
07/01/15 Which of these celebrities is not from Ohio?
07/01/15 Who had the starring role in the Walt Disney series "Zorro:?
06/30/15 Maybe you already have, I don't know, but would you ever pose nude for a photographer or artist(drawing/painting)?
06/29/15 Favorite Ambrosia song?
06/28/15 Who was Emmanuel Goldberg better known as?
06/28/15 In what year were 4 students shot & killed at Kent State University, Ohio
06/28/15 What first appeared in the New York World in 1913?
06/28/15 Do you spend more money on things you want or things you need
06/28/15 You may have seen or experienced them all, but which of these events stick in your mind/memory the most?
06/28/15 Who said, "Yippies, Hippies, Yahoos, Black Panthers, lions and tigers alike – I would swap the whole damn zoo for the kind of young Americans I saw in Vietnam"?
06/28/15 What 60s artist said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"?
06/28/15 Who said, "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes".
06/28/15 Often cited as the beginning of the Sexual Revolution, Freedom for women from the 'burdens' of unplanned pregnanies, the advent of the birth control Pill or simply 'The Pill", changed lifestyles forever. In what year what the birth control pill introduced
06/27/15 What year did Bruce Jenner, yes that Bruce Jenner, win Gold in the Decathlon?
06/27/15 What movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1969?
06/27/15 One of these Celebrities never appeared on "The Dating Game"
06/27/15 Who never appeared on Rowen & Martin's "Laugh In"?
06/27/15 Who was Perry Mason's opponant who never won a case?
06/27/15 Who claimed he graduated 6th grade so he could cipher figures for his uncle?
06/27/15 Choose your favorite
06/27/15 Who starred in the Television show "Have Gun Will Travel"?
06/27/15 Out of these, who is your favorite Magician?
06/27/15 Who was the Miner who stood six foot six and weighed 245?
06/27/15 Who was Running Bear's Indian maiden?
06/26/15 Who is your favorite James Bond?
06/26/15 Sometimes Celebrities have bee known to change their names to something other than their birth nam(I knw, SHOCKING!) What is Barbara Eden's real name?
06/26/15 In your eyes, who was more beautiful?
06/26/15 Who did you think was the prettiest on the show "Petticoat Junction"?
06/26/15 Can/do you play a musical instrument?
06/26/15 Who would you rather have play at your 25 year High School Reunion?
06/26/15 What was the 'bikini' named for?
06/26/15 How often do you Google the answers to Boomer polls before submitting your answer?
06/26/15 What was Wally & the "Beaver's" mother's name?
06/26/15 Which of these 70s Glitter & Glam Bands did you like better?
06/26/15 Have a Favorite Kinks song>
06/26/15 Might now be everyone's cup of tea, but what was.is your favorite Byrds song?
06/26/15 If you could do it all over again, would you?
06/26/15 Did you have a favorite Monkee?
06/26/15 In the show "Bewitched, Where did the Stevens family live?
06/26/15 Who do you think said the following line? "if any line got too much of a laugh, they'd take it out. They didn't want a big laugh; they wanted only chuckles."
06/26/15 How many years did the TV show "Leave It To Beaver" run?
06/26/15 In what year was the first James Bond Movie released in the United States?
06/26/15 In what year was the American U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers downed and captured in Russia?
06/25/15 Have you ever made an amateur 'adult' video?
06/25/15 Out of these 4 'tough guy' actors who was your favorite?
06/25/15 Who said this - The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes and switchblades.
06/25/15 Alec Ramsay was the master of what animal hero?
06/25/15 First U. S. astronaut to orbit the earth
06/25/15 "Leave It To Beaver" was a late '50s/early '60s sitcom that featured the Cleaver family, especially Theodore (the Beaver). One of his brother, Wally's friends, was a character named Lumpy. What was Lumpy's "real" name? (In other words, his character's nam
06/25/15 Okay, for this one, I'm going to name some of the less well-known characters of the show and I'll expect you to come up with the name of the television program. Ready? Here goes: Baby Puss, Hoppy, Arnold, Pearl Slaghoople, Perry Masonry. Hope that's enoug
06/25/15 Pic-a-Fave
06/25/15 Who played Bret's cousin Beau on the original 'Maverick' series?
06/25/15 In July of 1966 The Lovin' Spoonful topped the charts with what song?
06/25/15 what type of computer are you using?
06/24/15 Remember these? Which one did you really, really like?
06/24/15 TV Shows from days gone by
06/24/15 You know what to do
06/24/15 Shows from Yesteryear
06/24/15 More retro Shows, did you have a fave?
06/24/15 Retro Shows-Pick one
06/24/15 What was Gilligan's real name?
06/24/15 What was the Skipper's name on "Gilligan's Island"?
06/24/15 How many regular characters were there on :Lost In Space"?
06/24/15 What was Hoss Cartwright's real name?
06/19/15 Retro Comics - I'll admit I was never much of a Comic reader, but I did read/have my share. My personal favorites were Satirical & Parody, like MAD & Cracked & I STILL have some of those...packed somewhere
06/19/15 Well here's something we can all relate to, you know those things we read when we were really supposed to be doing something else- COMIC BOOKS! Have any faves?
05/29/15 well, with the majority of "Boomers" beginning to age & seeing silver, thought this one might be sorta appropriate. We're one of the World's most (over)medicated societies. There are pills for EVERYTHING now! So how many to you pop a day to maintain yours
04/29/15 Johnny Rivers (born John Henry Ramistella) seemed to have hit after hit during the 60s. & on into the 70s. Which one of these was a fave?
04/29/15 Remember these? You may have liked 'em all, but what was your favorite?
04/28/15 If you could, would you?
04/24/15 Even more Classic Dectective Shows.
04/24/15 Classic Dectective Shows..pick a fave
04/24/15 More Dective/Police shows from the past. Which did you watch faithfully?
04/24/15 Pick a favotite detective show
04/24/15 Think hard...then pick one
04/05/15 Another installment of the ever-expanding list of THINGS I HATE!
02/21/15 Just because someone doesn't believe in something, Des NOT mean it doesn't exist. I've asked this before, but it's been buried. Do you Believe in Ghosts/Spirits?
02/12/15 Nowadays Kool-Aid comes in so many flavor unavailable back when we were kids, going on 100 flavors now Worldwide. (copy/paste for more history Kool-Aid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Of these Original flavors which was your favorite way back when
02/12/15 which of these Instant drink mixes was your favorite?
02/12/15 Okay, if you had only 24 hours to live.,after all the special Goodbyes, hugs, etc. were given. How would you spend your remaining time?
01/27/15 with all the 'incidents' & bad press recently, the question is: Do you 'really' trust Law Enforcement nowadays the in the same way you were taught to as a kid?
01/23/15 Like it or not, we're all set to expire one day. How do you want your mortal remains to be treated?
12/10/14 But 'em by the box
12/10/14 More candy, sense a theme going on here?
12/10/14 Reto Goodies
12/10/14 Candy from days gone by, do you recall any of these?
12/10/14 Retro Candy
12/10/14 Retro Candy, choose what you like(d)
12/10/14 There were many types of candy we ate as kids. Some are even available today. Which of these do you remember having?
12/04/14 Motown artist the Late great Marvin Gaye had a career that spanned decades. Whether by himself or teamed with others like Tammy Terrell or Diana Ross his soulful voice soared over the airwaves with hit after hit. Not going to attempt to list them all, but
11/19/14 Remember these?
11/19/14 PikaFave
11/19/14 More Girl Songs of Yore
11/19/14 More Ladies
11/19/14 Motown Girls, From Girl Groups to Solor artists, there was Gold on the airwaves
11/19/14 Pick up the Slack Jack - More Motown Hits
11/19/14 Mo Motown, Barry Gordy discovered & signed so many Legendary artists that there are just too many to mention here. The Boxtops, The Temptations, The Miracles & so MANY more
11/19/14 Who could forget the Hits of Motown? Pick a Fave
11/18/14 What was your favorite part of the "Original" Mickey Mouse Club shows?
11/18/14 Hey Kids, It's Howdy Doody time! Who do you recall most?--(Trivia facts: William Shatner played "Ranger Bob" for one year & James 'Scotty' Doohan played "Timber Tom" on the Show for awhile )
11/18/14 Quite a few of you may remember "Captain Kangaroo" from the old days. Besides the Captain, who were some the characters you remember most fondl?
11/03/14 Motre Retro Drinks
11/03/14 Soft Drinks - Which of these do you remember fondly?
11/03/14 We've all had things in our past that we'd like to forget about. The hairstyles we chose at one time to be 'in'. You may have had more than 1 of these, but which will do you admit to?
11/03/14 Songs from days gone by....
11/03/14 Hits from Yesteryear,..have a favorite?
11/03/14 More Hits from Yesteryear,..pick a fave
10/31/14 Are you a.......
10/03/14 More words & sayings that have long worn out their welcome,.for me anyway
09/30/14 ENOUGH ALREADY - Just a 'few' of the many words & phrases around today that really make me Cringe
08/04/14 Why settle for one when Duos do it better, which ones were/are your fave?
08/04/14 More Duos, choose who you'd like to hear right now.
08/04/14 Okay, let's assume you already have. At what age did you lose your virginity?
08/01/14 More retro items, which did you have?
08/01/14 You may have hafd more than one of these back in the day, but which do you recall most fondly?
07/31/14 Don't really expect many to answer this, but the ones who do, answer Truthfully. The very first time I had sex was...
07/29/14 It may seem embrassing now, some of the Wacky things we wore to appear HIP, but we were young & foolish. Which of these do you admit to wearing?
07/29/14 Hey, let's not forget the Girls, they put out some GREAT music back then
07/29/14 More Estrogen Music, pick a fave
07/29/14 More Retro tunes
07/29/14 Retro tunes, you may have liked them all, but if you could hear 1 right NOW, which would it?
07/28/14 With Glen already having completed his Farewell Tour & his Final album, looking back over his career, what was/is your favorite Glen Campbell song?
07/24/14 Okay, you go to the State Fair,..what are you most likely to eat?
07/22/14 Bubblegum, remember these, which one did you like bestest?
07/22/14 More forgotten ditties, pick a fave
07/20/14 Time marches on for all things, can you still fit into any of your clothes from say, 20 years ago?
07/20/14 ..and who could forget these?
07/20/14 Hey Kids, 'member these?
07/20/14 Not necessarily One-Hit Wonders, although they were known primarily for that 'one song'
07/20/14 Tunes from back in the days
07/20/14 Sixties Garage band Specials. If you were a musician, then you're Familar with these
07/20/14 Even more Retro Tunes, pick one
07/09/14 Sounds from past - which one has the best memories for you?
07/09/14 Although some had a long career, their flirt with the Top Ten was unfortunately sometimes fleeting. Pick a memory
07/09/14 What's this? Yep, another one of those polls😃 Pick a particular fave from the past
07/09/14 😃These artists really showed some potential,..what happened?
07/09/14 More One-Hit & you're Out artists - Pick one you liked above the others listed😃
07/06/14 Choose a Favorite from these One-Hit Wonders
07/06/14 One-Hit Wonders
07/06/14 Goodtime Music from Days gone by - Choose a Particular favorite
07/06/14 One-Hit Wonders - Pick one
07/06/14 One-Hit Wonders of the Past
07/06/14 One-Hit Wonders - pick your fave
07/06/14 Yep, more One-Hit Wonders - gotta favorite?
07/06/14 Still More One-Hit Wonders..you know what to do
07/06/14 Even More One-Hit Wonders - pick your favorite
07/06/14 More One-Hit Wonders - Pick your fave.
07/06/14 The Music Charts are full of artists who Strike it BIG, with that one song. Unfortunately there are just as many who never seemed to recapture the Limelight again, becoming just a footnote or trivia answer. Although some acts do still continue on into the
07/06/14 The latter part of the 60s on into the 70s saw music heading away from 3-minte Pop fare into a more progressive form, utilizing drug-influenced imagery & sounds. The Beatles themselves helped initiate it as an art-form in itself with songs such as "Lucy i
07/03/14 Candy of our Youth, pick a Favorite
07/03/14 Retro TV, Out of these selections, pick your fave.
07/03/14 Out of these selections, what would you most like to have on Boomer?
06/29/14 I've noticed a LOT of typos in these polls, the vast majority mine! Of those who submit polls, would you like to see a larger area to type in rather than just a long, narrow single space?
06/29/14 How do you feel about taking part in these Boomer polls?
06/28/14 Even more Dynamic Duos from the Good Ole Days, I know it's difficult, but pick your Fave
06/28/14 More Dynamic Duos, pick a favorite
06/28/14 Some of our Favorite characters from the past had a side-kick with them. Here are a few, pick a pair that bring back the fondest memories for you.
06/28/14 More Country Rock, sometimes .with a bit of the Blues thrown in.. Choose one
06/28/14 In the latter part of the 60s into the 70s & beyond some Rock music began to have a Folk/Country tinge to it. Of these bands, which one was a particular favorite?
06/27/14 They were All really entertaining & enjoyable, but if you had to pick a Favorit, which would it be?
06/26/14 Straight off the covers of Tigerbeat, even more Teen Idols - Pick a Fave
06/26/14 One for the Ladies - Teen Idols, who did you have the Biggest Crush on.....& maybe still do?
06/25/14 Out of these selections, Who was your Favorite Universal Studios Monster?
06/25/14 Pick a Band who had songs you really, really liked
06/25/14 Have you yourself ever seen a Ghost?
06/25/14 There are so many things in the World that just can't be explained away with Logic, Reason or Common sense. Do you believe in Ghosts , the Supernatural & the Paranormal?
06/25/14 Pick a Fave Soft-Rock band
06/25/14 Pick a band, any band
06/25/14 Which of these bands were you most likely to rock out to?
06/24/14 More retro Game Shows, yep, pick one.
06/24/14 Game Shows - pick a Favorite
06/24/14 Choose a Show you couldn't wait to watch.
06/24/14 More shows from your past, choose one
06/24/14 Retro TV, pick a Favorite
06/24/14 More Retro TV Shows, choose your fave.
06/24/14 Retro TV Comedy Shows, pick one
06/24/14 More Music-related shows.from the past, pick one
06/24/14 There were quite a few shows that featured Musical performances by artists back in the day. Out of these selections which one did you enjoy most
06/24/14 Okay, my last one wasn't even complete & it launched. I asked whoever reads these things beforehand to just delete the poll, but they didn't. Do they actually READ them? Anyhow, I don't see mt replacement poll anywhere, so I'll try this againa. Which is y
06/22/14 Choose a Favorite
06/22/14 Musical Hodge Podge, choose one
06/22/14 More American bands, pick a Favorite from the list
06/22/14 Of these selections, which American band do you like most
06/22/14 You know what to do
06/22/14 I call this one the Big Five, pick your Fave
06/22/14 More British Invasion bands, pick a Favorite
06/22/14 Which of these British Invasion bands did you like better?
06/21/14 Pick your Favorite color, if listed
06/21/14 Your Favorite Beatles movie IS......
06/20/14 I like them all for different reasons, but what is your Favorite Beatles album?
06/19/14 Pick a Game from your Past
06/19/14 Pick a Toy from the Past
06/19/14 Pick a Favorite Toy you really had Fun with
06/13/14 If you suddenly developed a Super Power which one would you have?
06/12/14 Let's try this again, there's something Odd goin on, that last one up & Launched itself...AGAIN. Anyway, Pick a Favorite
06/12/14 You know what to do, Pick one
06/12/14 Out of these selections, Which is your Favorite Beatles song?
06/12/14 We all like different types of music & there's nothing at all wrong with that. That's what makes us Individuals. Out of these four Songs, which could you listen to Repeatedly?
06/12/14 What the Heck, That last Poll wasn't even Complete & it Launched itself, Which Show do you Miss?
06/12/14 More Shows from the Past,..pick a Favorite
06/12/14 Which of these TV Shows do you miss Most
06/12/14 Pick another Favorite
06/12/14 Pick a Favorite
06/10/14 Out of these selections, Which do you prefer for Dessert?
06/09/14 What's the Hottest thing a Girl can Wear?
06/09/14 In the past where would you have spent your Friday night?
06/09/14 Some may be Regional, but Which of these now defunct places do you miss?
06/09/14 What do you really miss on TV today?
02/01/14 What's your primary reason for being in Boomerland?
02/01/14 Bands from what Country had/have the best music?
02/01/14 I know you are, but what am I?
10/10/13 Who was your Favorite Beatle?
09/30/13 How do you sleep at night?

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