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05/25/18 Which TV personality would you most enjoy, making them tap out in a MMA submission hold?
05/25/18 Which cartoon character is the most uncontrollable juvenile?
05/24/18 Is President Trump's hair real?
05/24/18 How do you react to constructive criticism?
05/24/18 Which dysfunctional family is even crazier than yours?
05/24/18 Inquiring minds want to know... which is the most alarming?
05/24/18 Have you ever faked the big "Ohhhhhhh"?
05/24/18 Do you consider yourself indecisive?
05/24/18 Besides their "Confederate Generals" hair styles, what bothers you most about hipsters?
05/24/18 Which famous cartoon dog is your favorite?
05/22/18 Which band made the biggest impact in reforming views of political/social injustices?
05/22/18 If you were locked in a prison on Xandar, which member of Guardians of the Galaxy would you find most interesting to share a cell with?
05/20/18 Which movie thriller caught you off guard most?
05/20/18 Which living dead girl would you want to bring home to meet Mom, and tattoo her name on your arm?
05/19/18 It's bed time. Which scary monster do you fear most in your nightmares?
05/19/18 What is your favorite mountain at Walt Disney parks?
05/19/18 if. you. found yourself lost... which one would you be?
10/17/17 Besides KISS, which musical artist(s) is most ready for Halloween?
11/30/16 Best old school slapstick comedy is....
11/30/16 Which college football fans are the most loyal, crazy and best?
11/30/16 Which is the best sports city in America?
11/29/16 Your ex husband skipped town and is behind on child support. Who do you send after him?
11/29/16 What's your favorite fictional lion?
11/29/16 Besides Speed Racer vs Racer X, whats the best auto racing rivalry?
11/29/16 Which movie theme music most sends chills down your spine, and your heart race?
11/29/16 You're on an expedition in Antarctica... frozen and starving. What do you do?
11/28/16 Who's your favorite German automaker?
11/28/16 Who's the coolest movie guy that you'd like to hang out with for the day?
11/28/16 What's your favorite British rock band?
11/28/16 What's your favorite Quentin Tarantino flick?
11/28/16 It's 3:00 am, your high and drunk... which movie do you re-watch?
11/28/16 Guys, in your cartoon past... describe your last partner.
11/28/16 Gals, in your cartoon fantasy world, which is your Mr Right now?
11/28/16 Gals, in your romantic cartoon past,,, describe your last partner.
10/29/16 Funniest Marvel movie moment...
10/29/16 Which old school arcade game would you like to add to your "Man Cave"?
10/29/16 What alien would you be most scared of?
10/28/16 Favorite band to cameo on the Simpsons
08/02/16 What is your favorite EPIC classic rock song?
07/30/16 What's the best Southern Rock album?
07/20/16 Outside of Pamela Anderson, who's Canada's sexiest import?
07/20/16 Besides Norma Bates in Psycho, who's the best imaginary character inside someone's head
07/16/16 What's your favorite mountain at Disneyland?
07/12/16 If you could "borrow" a 1970 Muscle Car for an hour, which one would you like to take for a joy ride?
07/12/16 What "27" club musician would have made the biggest contribution to music if they would have lived?
07/12/16 1991 was a MONSTER year for rock. What was your favorite album?
07/03/16 Best "tears in your beers", break up country song...
07/03/16 What is keeping you from complete happiness?
07/03/16 If your life was a movie... which one would it be?
07/02/16 Besides Jack Sparrow, who's your favorite Jack?
06/29/16 Who's the ugliest rock icon?
05/21/16 Which biker is the most bad ass?
05/21/16 Who's your favorite female law enforcer?
05/20/16 Who's your favorite science fiction, female role?
05/18/16 Who's your favorite movie director?
05/18/16 Besides Captain Morgan, which is your favorite Pirate?
05/18/16 Besides any Playboy Bunny... who's your favorite rabbit?
05/16/16 Which movie death broke your heart most?
05/16/16 What big screen animal death make you cry like a little girl?
05/15/16 Best DC battle cries
05/15/16 Best pop culture catch phrase
05/15/16 Best Marvel battle cries
04/16/16 Which actor was your favorite James Bond 007?
04/16/16 Which Austin Powers, groovy minx would you like to shag?
04/16/16 Which Keanu Reeves role kicked the most a$$?
04/15/16 Which X-Files episode is the creepiest?
04/15/16 Besides your health... what's the worst thing to lose?
04/13/16 In your opinion, which is the feistiest red head?
04/13/16 Which rock band seems to have unresolved anger issues?
04/13/16 Which band has the most creative name?
04/13/16 Which treasure hunter could find Lucky's pot of gold?
04/12/16 Which Mickey Mouse Club member became the most successful?
04/11/16 Which irritating voice makes you want to hammer a screwdriver into your inner ear?
04/10/16 What fictional Nanny would you personally hire?
04/10/16 What childhood cartoon couple was ambiguously gay?
04/10/16 What's your must have PMS craving?
04/09/16 If you could see an ex lover, what would you tell them?
04/09/16 When you reach on the front pocket of your old jeans, which do you find?
04/09/16 Which movie car would you love to have parked in your garage?
04/09/16 What Marvel hero are you most excited to see in Civil War?
04/09/16 Which irritating celebrity would you love to see violently dismembered in a slasher film?
04/09/16 In your "opinion", who's the most influential British band?
04/09/16 What's your favorite Disney dark ride?
04/09/16 What's the creepiest clown that scares the crap out of you?
04/09/16 What's your favorite Johnny Depp character?
04/09/16 Besides Elvira, Who would you enjoy listening to a scary bed time story with?
04/09/16 Fast food chain most likely to put you in a grave first
04/09/16 How do you feel about country music?
03/12/16 After a long day at work, what drink do you crave?
06/29/14 which bodyguard would you have to protect you from creepy, social media stalkers?
06/29/14 Which is the worst condition to be in?
06/29/14 Who's most likely to give out tainted candy to "trick or treaters?"
06/29/14 If you could hire one of these to read your kids bed time stories, which would it be?
06/29/14 which dream house would you enjoy living in most?
06/28/14 Which "slasher movie" villian scares you the most?
06/28/14 Which phobia would you most suffer from?
06/28/14 which haunted city would I most be terrified to be in at midnight?
04/13/14 Do you have your man trained?
04/13/14 Which type of food is your favorite?
04/13/14 Which country brews your favorite bier?
04/13/14 Which movie stalker do you hate most?
04/13/14 What kind of pet do you have?
04/13/14 who sings the best version of the song "Landslide"?
03/09/14 In your opinion, which of these video games is the most violent?
03/09/14 Which Austin Powers, sexy spy best describes you?
03/09/14 Which hip hop artist most needs psychological help?
03/09/14 What's your favorite Quentin Tarantino film?
03/09/14 What is the saddest TV deaths?
03/04/14 What's your favorite giant robot?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your lead singer?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your lead guitarist?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your back up guitarist?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your back up vocals?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your bass guitarist?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your drummer?
03/03/14 You're building the ultimate dream band on Guitar Hero. Who's on your keyboards?
03/03/14 Which actress plays the same role in EVERY movie they do?
03/03/14 Which actor plays the same role in EVERY movie they do?
03/03/14 The best heist in movies is....
03/03/14 Who was your favorite movie terrorist?
03/03/14 These actors died while filming their last movie; Which was most tragic?
02/24/14 What's your most memorable Alfred Hitchcock movie?
02/24/14 What is the most recognizable Danny Elfman theme music?
02/23/14 If i'm shipwrecked like Gilligan's Island...which one do I want to be stranded on?
02/23/14 Which master artist's work most inspires you?
02/23/14 Best Broadway musical turned into a movie?
02/23/14 Who's your favorite pirate? Arrrrrgh!!
02/22/14 If you had to give a criminal interrogation,,, which one would give you nightmares?
02/22/14 When you are lighting "one" up, which are you turning on?
02/22/14 The best way to a man's heart is...
02/22/14 Best city to have a romantic vacation in?
02/22/14 What Nicolas Sparks movie/book touched you the deepest?
02/22/14 Which Golden Age, horror ICON is your favorite?
02/22/14 Who's your favorite dead ICON?
02/22/14 What's your favorite Johnny Depp character?
02/20/14 If you got to spend 4 days at SD Comic Con with one, which would you chose?
02/19/14 When my mind wanders and "tunes out"... It goes to...
02/18/14 which scandalous cartoon character is the sexiest?
02/18/14 Which clown is the absolute creepiest?
02/18/14 What is your favorite book series to motion picture adaption?
02/18/14 Outside of the Beatles, who's the most influential British band?
02/17/14 Which Asian cuisine would most likely feed you a household pet?
02/17/14 What was the best surpise movie ending?
02/17/14 What's your favorite Tim Burton movie?
02/17/14 If you could pick one poet to speak at your wedding/funeral, who would it be?
02/17/14 As a child, what was your favorite Disney "dark ride"?
02/17/14 If you could sit at a bar talking phillosophy, who would you choose?

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