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12/06/20 What was your favorite board game as a youth?
05/29/20 Which Browser Would Be The Easiest For You To Manage.
05/09/20 Depending On Theme, Which One Of My Pages Would You Like To See In A Future Design Contest?
05/02/20 For those with an arthritic condition, the best food to take to alleviate the pain is:
05/02/20 Doctors and politicians have estimated that the Corona Virus will stay with us for the next 18 to 24 months. Are you mentally and physically prepared for this?
04/29/20 A North Carolina pug by the name of Winston contracted the Corona Virus from his owner and passed away on Tuesday. The first dog to die from the disease in the U.S.. Should social distancing apply to your pets as well?
04/23/20 What type of Boomer friend would request?
04/19/20 President Trump is planning on opening the public beaches by June. Do you think it's too soon, being social distancing is one of the reasons the Corona Virus death rate has gone down.
04/18/20 NY's Governor has passed an executive that all New Yorkers must wear face masks when venturing outside. Do you think this is fair?
04/17/20 Should President Trump Lift The Corona Virus Curfew The End Of This Month?
08/26/19 Your Favorite All Time Classic Movie Is................
08/01/19 Which Of These Four Pages Would You Like To See In The Halloween Design Contest!
07/29/19 Which Of These Pages Would You Like To See In The Halloween Design Contest?
05/05/19 Which Of These Pages Would You Like To See In The Next Open Jam Contest?
03/26/18 Which One Of These Pages Would You Nominate In The May Open Jam Design Contest?
02/04/18 Who was the first actor to get a percentage of the profits in the films they appeared in?
02/04/18 Who was the first actor to portray Batman on film?
02/04/18 Which horror legend portrayed Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and The Wolfman on screen?
01/29/18 Which Movie Was FX Wizard Ray Harryhausen "Not" Associated With?
01/29/18 Hollywood Legend Gary Cooper Was A 2 Time Oscar Winner. One Was For 1952's High Noon And The Other Was For...............
01/29/18 Which Actor "Never" Won An Academy Award For Best Actor!
01/25/18 The First Black Actress To Receive An Academy Award.
01/23/18 Which Movie Title Was Not Directed By Alfred Hitchcock.
03/23/11 If you were to see me for the first time, in public, what would come out of your mouth first? lol
01/13/11 The Best Late Night Talk Show Host Of All Time Is........
01/13/11 Which 50s Sci Fi Classic Advertised " 2 1/2 Years In The Making."
01/13/11 The Greatest Motion Picture Of All Time!
01/13/11 The Best Contemporary Actor Today is................
01/11/11 The Greatest Comedy Team Of All Time!

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