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My Polls  

04/11/13 Have you ever hitch hiked?
10/22/12 How old were you when you stopped going Trick or Treating?
10/22/12 Do you hand out treats on Halloween?
10/15/12 Favorite Universal movie monster
10/15/12 Do you still have a VCR Player
11/23/11 Favorite Karate Kid movies.
08/30/11 Your signifigant other tell you either the Harley goes or I do. What is your response?
08/30/11 Could you have all your friends in one room without a fist fight occuring?
06/30/11 When eating Chinese food, can you use chopsticks?
03/24/11 When you work out Part 3
03/24/11 Where do you workout? Part 2
03/24/11 Do you workout? Part 1
02/24/11 If you are going to post a poll, you should.
01/19/11 Does anyone on here besides me hate NASCAR?
01/19/11 When you dream is it
01/18/11 Guys. How old were you when you started getting gray?
01/12/11 Anybody else here workout? Where?
01/05/11 Is there a real pic of you somehere on your page?
01/05/11 Should bearspirit and Peaches get a room already?
12/31/10 New Years Eve is amateur night.
12/29/10 Ladies. Do you ride or ride with someone?
12/29/10 Do the polls need the option to type in your own answer?
12/29/10 Do ya ride?

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