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05/28/20 Is bullying and abusing people wearing face masks, or asking you to, to keep from spreading/getting covid-10 a 'freedom of speech' right?
05/09/20 What are you doing to protect yourself and country from spreading Covid-19 deadly virus?
07/18/19 Amy McGrath or Mitch McConnell in 2020 for Kentucky?
07/18/19 So Many! Best Democratic Primary Candidate
07/18/19 Favorite Actor in Original Startrek
07/18/19 Favorite Characters In Gunsmoke Series
03/27/19 The song Hey Jude by The Beatles was about
03/27/19 Which song lyrics by The Rolling Stones is the most humane
03/11/19 Pick One by Ohio Players
03/11/19 What was your favorite Disco Era song by KC & The Sunshine Band
03/11/19 Some guys are known to name their manhood. After a candy, which one of these would you name yours?
03/11/19 What was your favorite of these chewing gums in the 'old days'
03/11/19 Which direction do Tornados come from and go toward
03/10/19 If it is obvious one created a MBP page but only came once or so, good to delete? But if they were well known and loved, could a forum be made for a legacy they would like?
03/10/19 Favorite Beatles Movie
03/10/19 More Rock-n-Roll Musicals Movies
03/10/19 Alexander and Edward are drummer and lead guitar player for what band?
03/10/19 What were our forefathers mindful of in designing The US Constitution
03/10/19 What's name for White Russian with a twist
03/10/19 Who wrote the song 'Call Me The Breeze'
03/10/19 What band did "Long Cool Woman"
03/10/19 How Many Years Did The Original Star Trek Last?
02/09/19 When small, before your tweeny years ~did you like to imitate favorite rock groups in mirror? :)
12/07/18 Christmas in 21st Century
12/07/18 Favorite Main Holiday dish
12/07/18 What flavor makes best holiday sweets
12/07/18 Which is usually better to you for holiday sweets
12/19/17 Women: Ever alone as a young adult for Christmas?
09/24/17 How do you rake your Autumn leaves?
09/24/17 what is the First Sign of Autumn to you?
12/08/16 Now that Don Trump will be our POTUS and is already tearing down Carrier, lying, blaming Union Pres, hiring Exxon Pres for EPA cabinet, etc still happy or...
09/28/16 Today, Sept. 28 is 'National Cream Pie Day' i just heard on local news LOL!!! so i wonder, now, what is your favorite cream pie? ;D
09/21/16 Trump and Clinton are in a sinking ship and then their rescue inflatable capsizes in stormy sea ~who is most likely to survive?
07/20/16 Best Leslie Gore Song
02/03/16 Hard choice for those who like to rock but which is if you have to, your favorite song.
01/06/16 Which toy did you like better as a child
01/06/16 Which game, as a baby boomer child, did you play the most growing up, by yourself or with others
12/23/15 Who wrote the song "They Call Me The Breeze"
01/10/15 Mankind has evolved in technology and communication a lot in the past 20 years. Now, isn't it necessary for man to evolve away from allowing religions to continue their quest to be involved in laws of the land in order to evolve spiritually as well?
01/10/15 Could Pope Francis help all religions of the world see the value in getting their religions out of public policies and keeping them within the walls of their places of worship to promote world peace and end religious hate, promoting humanity's evolution?
12/08/14 Which song by The Rolling Stones do you like better 'She's So Cold' off Goats Head Soup or 'Shattered' off Some Girls
12/06/14 Your dancing up a sweat out on the dizzying disco floor to the disco songs of the 80s and a slow rock song comes on. The slow dance couples cozy up together and slow dance. One song could be Love Bites by Def Lepard. The other could be Love Hurts by Na
10/03/14 Which Crazed Stalker Woman Movie was the scariest.
07/27/14 Which old movie made you laugh more: The Absent Minded Professor, Son of Flubber, or the remake of The Absent Minded Professor starring Robin Williams "Flubber"
07/27/14 Which movie was funnier:
07/19/14 when the icecream truck came through your neighborhood when you were a kid, what did you usually get?
06/22/14 Do the lyrics of songs matter to you or just the sound of the music?
05/16/14 Are you for all Americans to control elections or for the 1% to control American Politicians?
12/01/13 If you could only choose one: crucified for sins or ressurection/ascention to prove his love and eternal promises ~which would you choose
03/09/13 Dog Person or Cat Person~ which best describes you~
01/28/13 Which best describes who Jesus Christ was:

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