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My Polls  

10/20/15 Do you like the snow ?
10/20/15 Do you like the rain ?
10/20/15 What’s your favourite holiday destination
10/20/15 What’s your favourite season ?
10/20/15 What’s your reaction when you see a rainbow ?
09/27/15 Do you sometimes get to sleep with … ?
09/27/15 If you could travel through time, where would you go :
09/27/15 Would you prefer to have a rewind button, a pause button, or a forward button in your life?
09/27/15 Do you believe in fairies ?
09/14/15 Would you say you’re proud of what you’ve achieved in life ?
09/09/15 Would you say you make decisions with your head or with your heart ?
09/09/15 If you could know the exact time, date and location of your death, would you want to know?
09/09/15 Would you say that everything that happens to you in this existence has a reason ?
09/09/15 Do you think you had previous lives on Earth ?

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